Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Days of Christmas part 2

Continuing on with our Christmas fun...
Christmas light scavenger hunt in our pjs with cookies and hot chocolate is always a staple.  

Christmas Game night which also included cookies was a big hit this year with Jace.  He cheated a little when he wouldn't draw the card that he wanted, but Dane was a good sport.  

Home Alone movie marathon night with pizza and ice cream like Kevin does in the movie.  Home Alone movies are a huge favorite of Dane's.   He thinks the bad guys getting beat up is hilarious.  Jace enjoyed the movie too this year.  

While I was in NY Kevin took the kids to our church's Kids Crazy Christmas Show, and to the big christmas kid event that included snow ball fights and train rides.  

Our church sets up these huge train displays during Christmas time that the kids love.  This year they had storytime at the trains which was a super cute event.  We went with Jace's bestie from school, Samuel.  The kids decorated cookies, looked at the trains, drank hot chocolate and then listened to a story told by one of the pastors.  

Yogurtland had a night where you could go and make a bag of reindeer food and enjoy a cup of yogurt with as many toppings as you wanted for $5.  

Our nursery director hosted a Favorites thing party which was super fun.  We each brought 3 of our favorite things and drew names to see who won our items.  We all went home with 3 fun things.  

Dane celebrated his bestie's 10th bday at a go cart place.  

One of our favorite things to during the Christmas season is watch all the Christmas movies.  We have a pretty big collection we have collected throughout the years.  

Another hospitality event at Dane's school.  This month was Christmas treats, which always seem to be the easiest events.  Parents are super willing to bake, so we get tons of donations and it's an easy set up on the day of.  We decorated it in kind of a tacky christmas theme which turned out super cute.  

Dane's 4th grade Christmas Party before the holiday break.  Nothing like filling up on sugar at 9:30 in the morning.  

Think Dane lost his calling in decorating cookies.  Geez... can you get a cookie to go with all that icing and candy.  

Jace had a PJ book exchange party at his school.  But, parents weren't invited to this event, so we took some pics beforehand in his cute pjs.  He loved the book he received.  

Jace's Christmas concert was probably the cutest thing I have ever witnessed.  I wish it didn't take years to upload videos on this blog, bc he was adorable.  I had no idea how he would do.  There was a chance he would see us and cry, but little booger did perfect!! Adorable performance.  

Swim lessons for Jman are still going on.  He enjoys going, but it's been a slow process.  

When I had gone to the Chi Omega Christmas Market I found this shop that sells the best smelling soap and scrubs.  It smelled fabulous!!!! So, I ended up getting all the teachers a bar, a scrub and a really soft lufa for their Christmas gifts.  

A letter to Santa from Dane.  I heart it.  Notice that he wrote Jace has been getting into mischief and there is scribble all over the paper.  HAHA.