Saturday, October 21, 2017

Pine Wood Derby

Dane had a lot of fun working with his dad and grandpa making his car for the pinewood derby races.  He went to Hobby Lobby with no real sticker requirements for his car, just picked something that he liked.  So, we thought it was funny when Dane got awarded Most Political Car.  Ha! Not what he was going for, just ended up being the stickers he liked.  He actually had to ask us what the word political meant.  :)  Anyway, the races went great.  Dane's car didn't end up in the final 3, he was a little disappointed with that but all the boys loved watching their cars race so all in all it was a good time. There were several little brothers there so Jace had some kids his age to play with.  

4th Grade Fun Run

Another school year, another Boosterthon Fun Run.  This year we had bad weather a couple days before the event and the fields were super muddy, so the run was moved into the cafeteria.  Parents weren't allowed to go due to there not being much space.  But, thanks to being yearbook co-chair I was able to sneak in to get pictures.  I took hundreds and uploaded to a google site so all parents could get on and view pictures from the event.  This fun run was definitely not ideal.  The laps were very small, and it was crowded, loud and chaotic.  But, the show must go on.  The school uses this event as a big fundraiser for the school.  One more fun run for Dane and then he will be in JR High!! EEK! Hard to believe!

Saturday, September 30, 2017

September Stuff

 This is a crazy long post of just randomness in September.  

 A swimming play date with some friends.  

 Check out Dane's swim shirt.  He kept sitting in front of the bubble thingie and doing this.  Hilarious. 

 Pondering deep thoughts

Another first for Jman... Jace got accepted into the speech program at Dane's school.  He attends once a week, and absolutely loves getting to go to the big school and his weekly session.  Ault's speech teacher is great and has a fun personality.  He started going the first week of school in September, and we have seen huge improvements in the short 4 months that he has been going.  

Golf lessons started back up once everything died down from the hurricane issues.  

Jace watching for Dane's bus

Once school was back in session we made a visit to Memorial Mall's playground to burn some energy.  

Jace and his buddy Landon at church one Wednesday night.  

This towel is getting a bit small, but it brings great joy to the little man. 

Kevin took Dane to the Cy-Woods homecoming parade.  We usually all go, but Jace was super tired and cranky and needed to go to bed early so the two of us passed on going.  I told Kevin to take some pictures for me and he sends me these two...
No words.  Insert eye roll.  

Another day at swimming lessons.  

See you at the Pole at Dane's school. 
Check out the rainbow that was over his school that morning.  Pretty incredible! God's promise!! 

A special guest came to Ault for an assembly for the 4th and 5th graders to teach about healthy eating and exercise.  
I was able to sneak in to get pictures for the yearbook.  It was a super cute program, and that even included a couple "phone calls" from a Texasn cheerleader and a couple players... one being J.J. Watt.  Let's just say the crowd went wild when he came onto the screen.  
 Can you spot Waldo looking at me?

I had lunch with my 4th grader that day as well! 

School wears him out! They don't take naps in the 3s, so he gets home and I find him passed out in all different places these days.  

Super happy waiting on his speech teacher to come get him from the front office. 

Fun at the Woodlands Children's Museum

Jace's first homework assignment.