Wednesday, November 28, 2018

5th Grade Field Day

So many Lasts in this school year.  Little hard on my mommy heart.  
5th Grade Field Day... aka Dane's last Field Day. How have we done 6 field days already?!?!?! Just crazy how fast the elementary years have flown by for him.  


 These 3 below are cheering on their siblings Dane, Sara and Elise that are in the above picture.  

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

November little things

 A few things...

Jace celebrated his buddy Logan's 5th birthday at his Ninja party.  

Great week for the Danester.  He made all A's on his report card, had a bring it to me Friday where he was able to bring an assignment that he did fantastic on to show the principal and APs, and also got a sweet card in the mail from another teacher.  We let him pick where we would have dinner to celebrate.  He chose MOD Pizza! 

This is my Wednesday evening view.  When we tried out Matt Swanson's School of Golf I secretly hoped that Dane would hate it, because it's a good little hike to get there, plus is a bit pricey.  But, it's been so fun for him, and he has improved tremendously.  He loves the coaches, especially Coach Matt who totally gets his personality and encourages and challenges him.  It's been a great experience, and Dane looks forward to his lessons on Monday and Wednesdays all week.  

This kid.  Sleeping in just isn't his thing.  Sigh.  This particular morning he was up at 4:45 ready to conquer the day.  Major eye roll.  I had to warn his teachers, because I knew that by lunchtime he was going to be a hot emotional tired mess.  I picked him up and he was asleep in the car before we even left the parking lot.  Couldn't even make it the 1.3 miles home after school.  Sigh.  

He has gotten so funny lately with the things that he says. Here are just a few examples that had me cracking up.  
"Hey Sugar, you'll be all fine"
"Hello my precious old lady"  (yes, he said that to me)
"You are my sweet little lady"
"Let's make a deal.  I wanna piggy back ride and you say sure sunshine"

Love him and all his crazy things that he says.

Bitter Sweet Day!! When Jace started the speech program last September he was quite, shy and timid in public.  Dane would generally speak for him ( shocking I know) since he couldn't speak for himself.  He did terrible during his initial evaluations.  HE couldn't pronounce anything that he was questioned about.  I remember Mrs Morrison telling me that it was great that he did so poorly so he would qualify for the program.  But, man it was so hard on my mommy heart.  I wanted everyone to be able to understand him like I could.  I thought for sure that he would be in speech for a very long time.  But... here we are a year and couple months later and he is officially graduated from speech.  His speech has exploded, he has exceeded all of his goals and is all caught up.  He speaks exactly like a 4 year old should now.  We are so grateful for Mrs Morrison and the program at Ault.  She helped him tremendously with not only his words but helped him to build confidence.  He has come out of his shell and is quite the chatter box now.  We are so happy, but sad it's over since he loved Mrs Morrison and spending time with her.  Our Thursday mornings just won't be the same! 

Another hospitality event for the teachers.  Thanksgiving feast right before the break.  

A fun night out with girlfriends to see the Cat & Nat show in Houston.  

Jace's last soccer game and a party to end the season. 
We couldn't have asked for a better team, coaches, parents etc.  It was such a fun season watching the six pack improve each week.  We ended the season with all 6 getting a goal during the last game, which was incredible and so exciting.  Jace loved soccer, and was sad that it was over.  We will be back next Fall for more! 

We had our party at Frey's Backyard Grill.  The kids ran around and played, we had yummy food and cupcakes and the team were given their trophies.  

 We had to change out of the bulky jacket so he could "run faster".  :)

We were missing Logan for this picture.  

Dane's school had a Fundraiser awards private party at Urban Air for all the kid's who raised at least $300 to go towards the new playground.  Dane and Andrew were happy to be there and bounce out all their crazy spastic energy.  HA! Fun night celebrating how much the school had raised!! 

 Dane trying to be taller and Andrew trying to be shorter... the story of their life.