Sunday, March 16, 2008

Prettiest Yard in the Neighborhood

My mom came into town to help with some landscaping in our front yard. Let me rephrase that...she did our entire front yard by herself with little participation from me besides being her chauffer to all the garden centers. Kevin helped alot with the tilling, spreading the dirt and anything else my mom needed. Our yard looks amazing! Wow...what a difference it makes to a house when the yard looks beautiful. I can't wait for the bushes to grow and the flowers to bloom. Thanks MOM! We really appreciate all that you did! Here are some before and after pictures of the house. These pictures do not do it justice because it really looks great! I wish I would have taken some before/after my mom because she was worn out afterwards! :)



This is what Dane did while everyone worked in the yard...

Lounged in his swing and took a few cat naps!
And lounged in his papasan chair and once again snoozed!


The Jarmons said...

The yard is beautiful!! I love those flowers. Great job :) Can she do mine??

Anonymous said...

i am randals friend carolyn,i have 1 coment.

can i have that little one in my yard ? he is adorable.