Monday, March 24, 2008

There's a new Sherrif in Town

Dane and I went to Orange for the first time for a very short trip to visit family. We had a couple mishaps in the beginning. David was feeding Dane and I guess it didn't settle well with his tummy. Dane threw up all over David, which by the way was pretty funny, just because it was David. :) My mom had to wash a load of laundry on the spot for Dane's jeans and blanket. Not too long after that I was changing Dane in the back bedroom and mishap #2 occurred. I wasn't quite fast enough with the diaper and Dane had an accident all over the comforter. So needless to say my mom had extra laundry to do while we were there. After all that was over the day calmed down. We went over to Pappy and Nannaw's house so everyone could take turns holding Dane. We even got Patrick to hold him! Way to Go Patrick! It is always great to see my family. We had a really good time. Dane did really well considering how long he had to ride in the car and do without his usual long naps.

Dane wore his sherrif shirt just for David!

After mishap #1...

Yeah Patrick!!!

Notice any similarities? :)

Dane would not take his eyes off the ceiling fan

Be Careful David...we dont want mishap #1 to occur again


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