Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Birthday Celebration Part 1

Tomorrow is my wonderful hubby's special day. Kevin will be turning the BIG 33!! Where has the time gone? When I met my sweet man he was still in his 20's!! He is getting on up there!! :) I have to work tomorrow, so decided to have our family over tonight to celebrate his birthday. After eating cake and ice cream we played a little bit with Kevin's birthday present, Nintendo Wii. Even though Kevin is in his 30's (he likes to say early 30's to make him feel better haha) he is still a kid at heart!

This weekend, we will be having Part 2 of his birthday celebration. Granny is going to watch Dane Saturday night and Sunday so Kevin and I can have a weekend date! That is the best present of them all!!

Happy Early Birthday My Love!

Monday, October 27, 2008

When is Daddy Getting Home?

That is what I kept asking myself today. Dane wore me out today, not because he was bad, but because he was VERY VERY VERY active. And when I say active I mean getting into EVERYTHING! I had all the doors shut to every room, but he still managed to find trouble!! :) With all the activity today we managed to get a few more BO-Bo's. Dane got into another fight with a window seal today and lost again, and then decided he would try to get into the fridge when I was putting stuff away and managed to fall and hit his cheek. It is hard to keep his little face so pretty, since he is such a BOY already! Kevin says it will make him TOUGH!! I hope so, in the meantime it's giving me heart attacks on a daily basis! I guess the saying is true...Boys will be Boys!

Lots of funny moments today:

Is this a hint that you want to go for a walk? Or is it just something new to play with!

Whatcha Talking About Willis?

Raise your hand if your sure (this is new...he does this now just randomly)

This is also new...his tongue has now become a permanent fixture to the outside of his mouth
Why He thought he had to get on all fours & raise his tooshie in the air to see the door stopper... Beats Me!

In my old t-shirt because I needed a quick fix until I could go upstairs

He didn't like the shirt. Managed to get his arms out through the neck of the shirt!

OH YEAH!!! Daddy is HOME!!!!!

Dane was so excited to see his Daddy! So was I!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Halloween Festival

We just got home from our Church Halloween Festival, or Fall Festival as the Baptists like to say. I think everyone imagined that since it is the end of October it would be a nice cool evening...the truck's thermometer read 85 degrees as we pulled into the parking lot. We had a good time even though we were sweating to death. Kevin helped out at one of the kiddo booths while Dane and I rode a little train, sat in the shade with some friends, and walked around. Unfortunately, Dane was not able to be in the costume parade that they had because his costume is made out of a very heavy and warm material, and I didn't think he would appreciate the fact that it was so HOT!! So this week I will have to put him in his costume and take some pictures just around the house. :( I was really looking forward to revealing what his costume is tonight...but we will have to wait until later this week!!

As we were driving to the carnival I looked back at Dane to find him having a small snack!!

Seriously how sweet is this picture?? These 2 boys are what I live for!!!

Mommy's LIL Cowboy

Saturday adventures

Saturday Dane and I ventured off to the mall with only one thing on my for Dane. His little trendy shoes that I love so much are getting a little snug on him. I wouldn't have to worry about putting shoes on him if he wasn't such a sock lover, but since it is getting cooler (well, 75 degrees), and Dane will not keep his socks on shoes are a must. Dane slept pretty much the whole time we cruised around the mall. I passed by KB toys and a guy handed me a 75% off coupon that could be used for any of the sesame street toys and was only good for that one day!Oh what the heck....might as well go check out what they have. I was really excited to find this Elmo doll because I love Elmo and because it doesn't make any annoying noises that some of them do. Then I was really excited to find out that I only had to pay $5.00 for it!! Woohoo!! So when Dane woke up I gave it to him. He was so cute with Elmo. He kept trying to pull his eyes off, and he would get a big ol smile when I would pretend that Elmo was going to eat his nose! But my luck ended there...couldn't find any shoes!

Saturday evening we headed over to Telge Park for a chili cook off with our Sunday School Class. Kevin was the chef for our group...his chili ended up winning best overall! He was rewarded with a trophy with a huge package of Rolaids on it!! Hilarious! Way to Go honey! I knew I married you for a reason!! :) We had a great time hanging out with everyone. We were all hoping that it would have been cool that evening, but no such luck. It stayed in the 80's the whole time and towards the end we did get attacked by a swarm of mosquitoes! But, it was fun. Dane had a great time swinging and flirting with all the women that were around!

Busy Busy Busy

Where has this week gone? I can not believe that it is already Sunday. Our evenings have been pretty occupied with getting Dane to bed, so I guess that it why I feel like I haven't communicated with the outside world in forever. The last 3-4 weeks have not been good in the sleeping category. Before these past few weeks Dane was sleeping from around 7:15p.m to 5:30 or 6:00 am. He would sleep through the night with no problems, and we never really struggled to get him to fall asleep either. I'm not sure what caused the change. Every night we blamed it on something new, from teething, to coughing, to scared of the dark, to missing his mommy, to everything you could possibly think of. He would wake up every couple hours and would only go back to sleep if one of us were holding him. So whoever was less tired that night would end up in the guest room with Dane. Not good!! We know!!

But now we have started doing a new method, one that I was comfortable doing and didn't feel guilty about (THANK YOU TABITHA!!!) and it has gotten so much better! He has slept through the night 3 nights in a row. The first night was rough (for me mainly) and it took a while, but then the 2nd night was much easier and then last night was just as good. So anyway, it is looking up! And Kevin nor I have had to sleep with him!

sorry no pictures for this post...Can't really take a picture of him sleeping at night without having to worry about the flash waking him up! :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sock Thief and Tu Tu Grabber

The top 2 pictures are just some random pictures I took of Dane before church Sunday. Speaking of church the last 2 times we have gone we have gotten some rather odd comments from the nursery teachers. A couple weeks ago when we went in to pick up Dane the teachers told us that Dane has an obsession with socks. Kevin and I both looked at each other and laughed because we already knew that was true. But apparently, he wasn't able to get to his own socks because he was wearing shoes so he would crawl over to a little girl who had socks on and try to pull her socks off. They said this happened over and over. They would move him away from her and he would continuously go to her and try to take her socks off! Who knows maybe our little guy has a foot fetish. Then this past Sunday the teachers told us that there was a little baby wearing a tu tu skirt that was real fluffy and Dane kept trying to lift it up. It was actually odd how they mentioned it to us. It was almost like they were trying to say that he kept trying to look under her skirt, like he knew what he was doing. This strikes me as funny considering he is only 8 1/2 months old, but that is how the teacher described it. The mother of the tu tu baby happened to be standing there when she talked about it, so afterwards we were both cracking jokes about how Dane is really mature for his age. I guess we need to have a talk with him and let him know that is not acceptable behavior. haha

First time Dane has seen the washer going...very intrigued today!

A Poopie Morning


I created this blog to share what happens at the Wittschen household, and to keep everyone updated on our little man. So why just share the cute, warm and fuzzy stories? This blog needs to show the good, the bad and the ugly, and well the poopie stories!! And besides, this will be funny to look back on and of course use as blackmail when Dane gets his first girlfriend.

So let me set up the scene for you. Dane was siting in his highchair in just a t-shirt and diaper, and had just eaten a jar of baby bananas, which he loves by the way. I needed to sweep the kitchen floor, so decided to leave Dane in the highchair so he wouldn't be in the way. I gave him a sippie cup filled with water to play with and see if he would figure out how to use it. Side Note: I will take pics of him and the sippie cup soon to put on here. Everything was going fine, we were both in great moods, I was being productive. Thats when the grunting began. And when I say grunting I mean loud hard core grunting. Yes..I'm being detailed, but it is the only way to get the whole effect!! :) Not to sound insensitive, but it was quite funny! I just kept thinking My Lord Dane! What Is Happening? Well, a few more minutes passed, and I was trying to make sure that he was finished before taking him upstairs to change him.

So I had moved over to where the highchair is to sweep that corner. I can not even begin to describe how bad it smelled!! And that is when panic mode began to set in. As I was sweeping, I noticed something on the floor...what is that I thought? As I got closer I let out a big ol squeal!! Yes it was poop!! Oh my gosh!! There was poop all over the side of the high chair. I began to frantically look around at Dane. He was sitting in a big pond of nasty poo!!! This story gets better. I started to pick him up when I noticed that his sippie cup had poo on it as well, which means what...his hands must have it on them. Yep!! So by this time I'm freaking out, thinking that maybe he could have put his hands in his mouth. But, luckily poo was not anywhere else. Not on his shirt, or on his face. So I had to carry him face down with one leg up in the air so more poo did not fall out of his diaper onto the floor. This is when having on gloves could have come in handy. Dane got hosed down in the bathtub, and then got to do some extra cleaning in the kitchen. Oh where is my wonderful husband when I need him...this would have been a good job for him since my gag reflex had kicked in. When I was cleaning Dane I had no problems, but for some reason having to clean poop off the floor and chair was a hard job!!! I was struggling to say the least!!

Oh what a morning!!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

To Go Box

Saturday night after we visited the pumpkin patch we went over to the Texas Land and Cattle to have dinner. The waiter brought us a to go box, and before we knew it Dane had gotten ahold of it. We had the whole area of the restaurant laughing because Dane was going to town on that box. He was slamming his hands on it, picking it up, waiving it in the air, moving it back and forth on the table, and squealing and laughing so loud. He acted like we had just given him the best gift imaginable! It was hilarious! The next time we go out to eat and he is fussy we know what to ask the waiter for!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pumpkins Galore

Today we headed over to the pumpkin patch in Spring to take some pictures with the hundreds of pumpkins. At first Dane was not as cooperative, or happy as we had hoped for. He just was not feeling the pumpkin thing, and he was in desperate need of a nap (it has been one of those days). On the way there he was a big ball of fussiness, and so I knew right away that this trip was not going to be as fun as I had imagined! But, I did manage to get a few cute shots. The beginning wasn't looking too promising, but once we found a little wagon that we pushed him in for a bit he seemed to start acting like his normal self. I don't think he knew what to think about all the big orange balls (pumpkins) that surrounded him! What really caught his attention was all the kiddos that were running all over the place. I love this time of year because all the holidays are right around the corner!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Growing too fast!

These are just random pics from this week.

Look how grown up he looks!!! And not to mention look at his rolls on his legs!! CHUNKY!!!!

This is so much fun!!

I love playing with Daddy's truck keys!

Give me that camera mom!!

An actual mohawk now

I'm not really all that into mohawks on adults, but I love to make Dane's hair into one after his bath with the help of baby lotion. And now, his hair has actually grown enough to make a real mohawk, and you can actually see it in pictures. It cracks me up, so it has beome a very common thing at out house.

Dane likes his hair too! :)

Check out my halloween pj's...too cute!