Sunday, November 30, 2008

10 months!!!

Today is the last day of the month! Which means what? Dane is having another month birthday today. I just cannot believe that he is 10 months old. It seriously makes me so sad that he is growing so fast! It feels like just yesterday that Kevin and I were driving to the hospital ready to be induced! Yesterday, I spent a couple hours looking back at all the pictures I've taken over the past 10 months, and trying to figure out how to go about printing all of them (one drawback to digital just hang out on your computer and are never put into albums). I had a little moment of sadness as I watched my little man get bigger and bigger in the photographs. I never would have thought his life as a baby would move so quickly.

Anyway, enough sappy what are we doing at 10 months?

We are easy to make smile

We throw everything we get our hands on

We love to walk around the furniture while holding on

We are still not good at naps!

We love to play with boy toys

We love to walk while holding onto someones hands

We throw temper tantrums when we don't get our way

We make silly faces

Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

Black Friday is the busiest shopping day during the year. You would think since everyone knows this, that no one would want to attempt to do it. But still millions do every year, including me!! I don't know what it is that makes it so thrilling, but I love trying to find the best deals and the best gifts for everyone on my list. Now, I'm not the girl who will get up at 3:00 a.m to sit in a parking lot for hours hoping to be the first one in. I don't think any bargain is good enough to lose sleep over. My morning usually starts about 7:30 or 8:00 a.m and I only go to stores that I already need to go, usually with certain things on my list. I felt very accomplished today once I got home. I was able to check off about 90% of my shopping list in about 3 1/2 hours, and saved a lot of money while at it. I love Black Fridays!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Thanksgiving is a time to count your blessings!! I have so many things to be thankful for!
A Lord who loves each and every one of us
A wonderful husband,
the sweetest baby,
A loving family,
great friends,
A job that allows me to only work 3 days a wk,
comfy house,
a wonderful church,
etc etc etc this list could go on and on!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

2 generations of BFF's

We got to meet up with my favorite person in the world, Tabitha, while in Orange. Dane and Gage hadn't seen each other in forever, so we were excited to see how they would react to each other. Dane is 5 weeks older than Gage, so we already have it planned that they will be best friends forever like their mommy's! I didn't have much luck with getting the boys to look at me while I was taking the pictures. They were off in their own little world! But that's ok, it was so good to see them and it was still cute to watch them together.

Side Note: Tabby Tab, please send me the picture that you took with them both looking up at the camera. I didn't get a single picture with them looking at the camera! :)

Dane sharing his toy with his buddy Gage

Hey!! Where are you going Dane?

Brotherly Love!!

Us girls looking at the camera and the boys got distracted by Callie, the cat

Once again Dane and Gage had no interest in the camera, just the cat!! haha

Baby in a Box

Granny Love

My mom and I always joke that since we are the two always taking pictures that we never end up in any...

So once we got to Granny's house I made sure to capture some Dane with Granny photos. So here you go mom...this blog is dedicated to you!!

Granny showed us all how she can carry a tune, so Kevin now knows where I get my wonderful vocals from. Song of the Day: Old Mac Donald had a Farm
Every time she would sing it Dane would sway back and forth like he was dancing! Too Cute! But, apparently Old Mac Donald only has a couple animals on his farm; a cow, a duck and a cat. I think it is time to freshen up on the kiddie songs! Next time let's add a pig, horse and a dog. :)

Captain Peck and Lieutenant Dane

Wednesday, once we got in Orange, we decided to surprise Poppy at his job. He was so excited to see our little guy. The guard that let us in told us in a sarcastic tone that Captain Peck was very busy today...meaning checkers on the computer! :) So Lieutenant Dane gave Captain Peck something to do. Dane sat on Poppy's desk and played with the keyboard, and tried to clean off his desk by moving his hands back and forth and was into everything!! I think they made a great team!

Captain Peck's new assistant

I have my book, now put me to work

Telling Dane the rules

Still got some smiles...

Even though Dane had kind of a rough week, we still managed to have some good times as well...

Sick Week

It has been a bit of a rough week at the Wittschen household. One of Dane's top teeth has decided to start showing it's pretty white face. This makes tooth #3, and it has been just as much fun as the last 2 that came in. :( We are hoping that we will only have to go through this with the top and bottom 2, instead of all the teeth that he will get. Wishful thinking I know! Just when we had Dane sleeping through the night again this decided to happen. Then on top of that Kevin and Dane both have had stomach issues. We thought maybe it was a 24 hour bug that they had both caught, but Kevin's went away and Dane's re-appeared last night. We did change Dane's formula recently, and hoping that this is the reason for all the stomach problems. I think I might have jinxed Dane and his sleeping patterns when I blogged about Dane getting on a schedule and sleeping well at night...never again! :)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Just Chill'n

Dane has gotten to be so funny lately. His little personality is really starting to shine through, and I think it is just the cutest little thing! Today, we were playing with Dane's car that is filled with balls. He was sitting in the car and decided to lay all the way back with his back flat on the bottom of the car. Kevin begin to cover him up with balls. He just layed there all still with the balls all over him. Hilarious! And when we started laughing at him, he then started laughing also! The more we laughed and carried on, he would laugh more and more. He is just too stinking cute!!

Then later on in the day we put Dane in our papasan chair while he drank his bottle. After he was done he just layed in the chair, without moving and with his legs crossed for a good 10 minutes or so. He was just chill'n after a good fulfilling meal. It reminded me how old men after eating thanksgiving dinner will just lay back and relax in their lazy boys. It was so cute. The harder and louder that we laughed at him, the more giggly he would get as well. Dane was in a laid back mood all day today.

O Christmas Tree

It's official! Our tree is up and decorated! Kevin and I waited until the little guy was nice and asleep, baked some cookies (tradition that my mom always did when we decorated), turned on some Christmas music and a way we went. We will have to put a few final touches to it in the next few days before it is a final project, but it is looking pretty already. I need one more set of lights for the bottom, a few more ornaments because I feel like I only have ball ornaments, and maybe some ribbon to go around as well. And yes...there are already a few presents wrapped under the tree. I'm so on top of it this year!! It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!

Banana Puff Break In

This morning as I was rushing around to get everything together for church I heard Dane saying hmm hmm like he was eating something...OK here we go again I thought!! :) The night before I had sat his diaper bag down on the ground in the dining room. Dane saw the container of banana puffs and managed to not only get it out of the diaper bag, but he also managed to get it opened!! I walked around the corner to find him just sitting there contently digging in the snack container and eating as many little puffs as he could! I immediately yelled for Kevin to come look and ran to get my camera...of course. Hilarious Baby!!

Please excuse how mismatched my little man is dressed...this is what happens when Daddy gets Dane ready for bed!!! :)

We decided to baby proof all the kitchen cabinets except 1, so Dane will have a cabinet that he can play with. I put some plastic bowls and spoons in this cabinet for him to play with, and to help keep him entertained while we are doing work in the kitchen. It's pretty funny to watch him try to find his cabinet. He crawls over to each cabinet and will try to open it, and gets pretty frustrated when he can't. So then usually we will go over to his and open it for him, he immediately gets excited and crawls over to his cabinet! He likes to play with the door more than the stuff inside the cabinet...he will open and close open and close open and get the picture

Christmas Market

Saturday I got to do a little Christmas shopping at the Chi-Omega Christmas Market with my girlfriends. Chi-Omega, (Hootie Hoo!!) which is the sorority that we were in at Sam, host this market every year to raise money for several charities. We had so much fun. We shopped and shopped and shopped some more, ate at the cheese cake factory, took a picture with Santa, and just had a great time hanging out! We did have 1 missing link on this gathering! We missed you ZAB!!! It wasn't the same without you! Dallas, our photographer for the day will be sending me some pics soon, and then I will put a couple on here!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Ok so things are starting to click inside Dane's little brain. He learned how to play peek-a-boo today. While I was changing his diaper he was playing with Kevin's hat to keep him occupied. Well, he put the hat where it was covering his face and just sat there for a minute with it covered. So I said "where's Dane?" and he pulled off the hat and started laughing!! I imediately said Peek-a-boo. He laughed and laughed. He did it probably 3 more times while I continued to change him. I tried to get him to do it later, but I guess this new little trick will only be done when it is his idea!! He only did while on the changing table, even though I kept giving him Kevin's hat later on in the day to see if he would do it again. No such luck! So my little man is getting so smart! Momma is so Proud!! :)

It's christmas time....almost

Christmas is my favorite time of the year! I'm one of those people who will listen to Christmas music over and over and never gets tired of it. I just love everything about this holiday... the church services, the food, the decorations, the shopping, the weather etc. I have been so excited this year, hence the early shopping, and have been begging Kevin to let me decorate early this year. Usually the day after thanksgiving is when we pull out the decorations and put up the tree. Kevin kept saying let's just wait until thanksgiving... until I saw Christy and Tiffany's blogs!! They had both gotten a early start...which helped my case with Kevin!! Thank you girls for being early birds with the Christmas decorating! I told Kevin last night...Everybody is starting early this year, so we should too. He was quick to inform me that "everybody" was not starting early...I only knew 2 people, but my sweet hubby gave in and got the decorations out of the attic for me. So I started today...the tree won't be up until Sunday, but my fireplace is starting to look very festive!! I am still in the process of looking for Dane a stocking. Having a hard time finding one that I am crazy about!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Reasons to Celebrate & Dane's latest tidbits

1: Kevin finished his 1st seminar for his masters program yesterday! WOOHOO!! 5 more seminars to go and my sweet hubby will have his masters! He has a 2 week break before he starts the next class, so I'm trying to get him to do as many honey dos as I can possibly think of while he is off. He has worked very hard, and has been so busy with reading and writing papers, but it will be all worth it once he is done. I already got him to do some handy-man things around the house today since he was done with school, and because I have been so very patient. :) He hung some things on the walls for me, put together our new formal dining chairs, and started baby proofing the cabinets, which has become a #1 necessity.

Trying to break into the cabinet that has the child proof latch on it.

2: I have finished Christmas shopping...well, for Dane that is!! Yesterday Kevin had to finish his 25 page paper that was due at midnight last night, so I got Dane out of the house so Kev could have peace and quite. So, that part of my shopping list is done!!! I had fun shopping for him, and had to keep reminding myself that he is a baby, and for me not to go over board...which I did a little...but, it's his 1st Christmas so what can I say. A couple things that I got won't be here for a little bit, because I bought them online. has really good deals, by the way. I found some things that I was already going to get him there cheaper than in stores.

3: Dane has learned how to throw...well not sure if we should be celebrating this one!! haha He throws everything from his pacifier to books to shoes...anything that is in his hands that he doesn't want anymore. He has a pretty good arm already according to daddy, but after picking up whatever he has thrown 100 times we wonder if we are happy he learned how to toss! Hopefully, he will grow out of this little phase sooner than later. Dane also likes to stand up in the bathtub, and still doesn't know the word "no". I probably tell him 500 times during the duration of his bath to sit down and no Dane don't stand up. I've even caught myself saying "if you stand up one more time then you are getting out of the bath tub! HA!! Yeah as if you didn't guess...that doesn't work!


If Dane was a girl... had to do it!!! We have a bath toy that looks like a pink bow and I put it on his head all the time, and he never knows its there!! It's hilarious!! Kevn doesn't like it when I do this...but it cracks me up!!

Drinking the bath water!

4: Dane has also started eating table food a couple weeks ago, and is loving every minute of it! He loves chicken, rice, mashed potatoes, enchiladas, bread, beans etc. He has turned into quite a beggar. If you even look like you are about to eat, he immediately starts kicking his legs, moving his arms and saying mmm, mmm over and over. And 1-2 bites will never satisfy him either...he wants every single drop!! It looks like he is definitely going to be like Kevin when it comes to eating and not be a picky eater like me, which I was worried about.

5: Not only has Dane gotten really good at cruising around anything that he is holding onto, but lately he has figured out how to balance himself for about 3-5 seconds not holding onto anything before either falling down or putting his hands down to balance himself. He is also learning how to climb. He figured out how to stand up in his car seat before he is buckled in. But with this accomplishment comes more bo bos! Dane got a busted lip this morning while I was getting ready for church. He was standing up holding onto the bath tub and started laughing, let go and hit his lip on the edge. He recovered well, so I guess he is going to be one tough cookie.

Standing in his carseat

Cruising around the couch, and so excited when he got his hands on the tv remote

His bo bo today on his lip

30 minutes later once dressed for church and has totally recovered from injury!

Dane has started making the indian noise with his hand...