Monday, December 28, 2009


Tonight the Aggies played Georgia in a bowl game for their last football game of the season. I got home from work to find my 2 favorite people both dressed in their AGGIE jerseys. Kevin has been trying to get Dane to say GIG EM, or WHOOP or AGGIE for 2 years now. Well, he finally said something... WHOOT!!! Close enough! hahaha And he is so cute when he says it. Daddy was so proud!

I think the Aggies are getting beat actually. :( I had to walk away because it was getting ugly, but Kevin will watch till the end. There is always next year right!

Total Gym

is what was in the BIG BIG BOX. Kevin has been complaining that he isn't getting to work out as much as he wants to, so I brought the gym to our garage. Total Gym is made by Chuck Norris, and no weights are required. You only use your body weight to work out. I researched it quite a bit, before buying it, and saw that it got great reviews. Well, Kevin really likes it, and has used it every day since he opened it. And every time he uses it, he says that it was a great workout, and he has even gotten sore the day after. There are a zillion different exercises that can be done on this machine. It is pretty cool! So, this is Santa left for the big man! I guess he was good all year too!


Dane is loving all his new toys!!! I think we can say we got a HOME RUN with what Santa brought!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas 2009

Christmas morning finally came!! My parents drove in early that morning to see Dane do the Santa thing. They got to our house a little after 8:00, and to their surprise Dane was still asleep!!! I had closed the door to the room that had all the gifts in it just in case Dane woke up before they had gotten there. He is still too little to get the whole Santa thing this year, so he had no idea that he would wake up to lots of new toys. He will next year I bet. While we waited on the little man to wake up I fixed a coffee cake and an egg, cheese and sausage casserole.

I went in the room with the camera ready, and when they opened the door Dane went nuts!!!!! He saw the basketball goal, and immediately screamed with glee and ran and grabbed a ball that was under it and threw it in the basket!! It was the best reaction I could have ever asked for!

He was so excited, and then saw the truck and ran over to it while laughing and showing so much enthuasiam. He was a bit overwhelmed I think with all that was there. He didn't know what to play with first. He would get into the truck, then run to pick up something else. He saw his friend Handy Manny and immediately got excited and picked him up. It was so much fun watching him get so excited about his new toys!

He was all over the truck, climbing inside it, in the bed, under it etc. I think he liked it!!!!! He would get in the truck and want someone to push him. So, Granny did all over the house. She was cracking up because he was waving to pretend people and saying hi. He was having a blast.

Inside his stocking Santa left some fun things too. His favorite were the thomas the train choo choo bath toys. he opened a couple presents, and then it was time to eat breakfast. He did not want to leave his toys, so he played while we ate. He was just so excited, and so over stimulated!! :)

After a couple hours of him playing with what Santa brought we got ready for him to see Granny and Poppy's present to him. We already had it, so Kevin could put it together. So, it was all together in his play room covered up, so he wouldn't see it. Kevin and I went upstairs with the cameras ready, and Poppy brought Dane upstairs. Dane saw it and immediately knew what it was about half way up the stairs and began getting excited and saying CHOO CHOO! They got him a train table/set. There is one at Barnes and Nobles that Kevin takes him to quite often and he loves it, so I thought getting him would be something he could play with for years. Dane must have been pretty good this year to get all this neat stuff. Well, he did go through a lot this past year so he deserved every minute of it. I do have a small confession... as Dane was playing with his toys I realized that Santa maybe went a tad bit over board, so some of the presents he hadn't opened yet, I took and put away for his birthday presents. He didn't know to miss them, so it worked out since his birthday is in a month.

Once Dane was tired out, he went down for a nap and we had a BIG Christmas lunch. Then granny and Poppy went home to have a relaxing christmas evening. We had a great Christmas, and are so lucky to have so many blessings in our life!!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Cookies

We got back from Orange Christmas Eve evening, and got to work making Christmas cookies to leave for Santa. Dane got his second wind, and decided that he wasn't ready to go to bed quite yet so we let him stay up later than usual. He didn't quite get the whole concept about Christmas this year, and what was going to happen. We let him help us put the cookies on the cookie sheet, but he had no idea that we were making then to leave for Santa and that Santa would be leaving presents. He did understand about opening presents this year, but the whole idea about Santa was like talking to him in a different language. Anyway we were baking fools. Kevin and I had a good time listening to Christmas music, and baking cookies and then decorating the sugar ones. We baked for several hours.

Some things I did learn on this Christmas eve...
1. Santa only needs a couple cookies. Making 9 dozen is a bit overkill. It just seemed like the batter would never end.
2) decorating cookies with gel is a bad idea... icing is the way to go. This was my first time decorating cookies, so I didn't really know. But the gel is gross, sticky, and does not decorate well. Next year icing all the way.
3)having only 1 cookie sheet makes for a long night. we will be investing in a couple more cookie sheets soon.
4) i should keep my day job...baking is not my forte

We left the cookies out for Santa, put Dane to bed and then got the room all set up and ready for Christmas morning! I was excited to see Dane's reaction when he saw his new toys!

Christmas Eve

We spent Christmas eve in Orange as well. My mom always cooks a big Christmas lunch and my sister and family come over so we can eat and do the gift thing. Mom always works so long and hard on the meal, and then we devour it in a matter of minutes. It was good mom! Then the kids open presents, and usually the rest of the day is spent relaxing.

Dane didn't get a nap, and so when it was time to start eating we looked and found Dane had passed out while watching tv. We didn't want to wake him up to move him to the bed, because chances of him staying asleep is slim to none. So, we left him there, and he slept for about an hour and half! Silly Goose!

David got a snuggie this year. It was suppose to be like a joke, but really I knew that secretly he would love it, and use it very often! Also, every year he gets a gift card from Academy. That's all he wants every year, which makes it easy, but also I find a tad bit boring. So, the last few years I have spiced it up with being creative with how he gets the gift card. I usually tend to go with something big that has happened to him in that year. The first year I hid it in a box with a fake snake. He is deathly afraid of snakes, and will nearly kill himself trying to get away from one. So, when I found that out I knew that I had to play a joke on him. Because David is the king of playing jokes. His reaction to the snake was by far so much better than I had thought it was going to be. At first he saw the tail of the snake, and thought it was a belt. And then when he turned the box around and saw the snake head he freaked out!!!!!!! freaked out is a total understatement with what he did! He threw the box up in the air, screaming at the top of his lungs like a little girl, and a few choice words came out as well. HILARIOUS!!! I nearly died. Last year he had a little accident with him falling out of a boat and getting stuck in quick sand, so I used that as his gift card idea. I got a container and had the gift card at the bottom and filled it with sand, and had a little man sitting in it. So, in order to get his gift he had to find it in the sand. On top of the container I had written At the bottom of this sand could have laid a big big man. funny. Then this year I went with him running for judge, so I made a ballot box, and had about 500 cards in it with Peck checked like people had voted. So, he had to find it in the votes!

So, that's how we do it. :)

We ended driving back to Houston Christmas eve night to wait on Santa. We had a gorgeous view driving back!! The sunset was amazing!

64 years going strong!

I just want to give a shout out to my grandparents. On the 22nd of this month they celebrated their 64Th wedding anniversary!!!!! WOW!!! They are such an awesome couple, and I only hope that one day that my grand kids can say the same about me and Kevin.

I have never met a more loving and devoted couple who is so Christ like and who puts their family first. They have never met a stranger, and always make every person that has stepped into their home felt like part of the family. They are an inspiration and an example of what every married couple should hope to be.

I love you NANNAW and PAPPY!!!! Happy Anniversary!!!

Eve of Christmas Eve

We got home from New York on Monday evening and were pretty tired. Tuesday I had to get up early and go to work, and Dane had to go to physical therapy. While we were in New York the medication that Dane had to take for his ear infection caused him to throw up every time that he took it. So, after physical therapy Kevin took Dane back to the doctor to see about getting a different type. Well, we ended up finding out that Dane not only has an ear infection in both ears, but he had a mild case of bronchitis. Basically, he called it a wheezing bronchitis, and prescribed breathing treatments until it gets better. Dane seems to feel fine though, and this isn't slowing him down.

Wednesday, we packed up and headed to Orange for the Ellis side of my family's christmas. It is always pretty crazy when we get together. We had it at my grandparents house, and for the 1st time in several years my grandmother actually had a christmas tree. Well...with the help from my aunt. ha ha
My aunt Darla made gumbo which was delicious!! And everyone just sat around and chit chatted, and of course had lots of laughs. My uncle Dan and David are always going back and forth with each other, constantly playing jokes on one another, and scheming with each other about how they sneak out of family functions. Well, the joke was on David this time. Dan wasn't there yet, so David was getting a little ansy that his partner in crime hadn't come. Well, David started texting him to hurry up and get there. Well Dan was able to sneak in without David seeing him, and everyone knew he was in the kitchen behind David. They texted back and forth, and David would tell everyone what Dan would say, and it just turned into this hilarious shin dig. David was being all cocky, and then lo and behold Dan was there and heard everything. It is really hard to explain now that I'm trying to write about it! HAHAHa But, it was hilarious when Dan finally came around the corner, and David realized he was there! David got supicious when I was taking pictures of him, and at one point asked why I kept taking pictures. Everyone got a great laugh out of it. It made for a great night.
While we were there we decided to interview my grandfather, and video him telling about his life. It was awesome to do this. We learned so much about him as a child, an adult, how he met my grandmother etc. It will be a video that we can cherish for years.
We all had a great time. Dane was in a playful and silly mood and was being the ham of the party. We had fun taking pictures of everyone. We did a grandchild/great grandchild picture which only had about 1/4 of them in it. We had lots of people missing this year. Kevin and Patrick were jealous that they weren't in the grandchild picture so we did a spouse picture as well. haha The pictures of my mom with her sisters and nannaw and pappy cracked me up. We did some real ones then made them do a crazy picture. My pappy looks hilarious is one, and then my nannaw totally made me laugh out loud. She didn't know what to do, so she would just shrug her shoulders and then sigh. It was too funny, so she looks unhappy in it. SHe is just so cute! Anyway, we had a great time celebrating christmas with this side of my family! Lots of memories were made!