Saturday, January 31, 2009


More pictures coming soon!!!


We had a great start to the weekend on Friday night. Tabitha & Chad came in from out of town to help us celebrate our big boy's 1st birthday. So we went out to eat at Chuy's with them and the Gonzalez Familia. Of course, we had a blast, and it was so much fun to see the babies together. All 3 babies definitely likes to eat! I don't think a single one of them stopped wanting to eat until the waiter took the plates away!

Gage & Dane

what's up Gage!! How have you been?

The 3 little piggies

The Boys + Princess Sophia

Friday, January 30, 2009

Different View

Dane is seeing the roads in a different way now! He is now old enough to ride in the big car seat facing forward, and he loves it! He has been riding like this for about a week now, and I really think he enjoys getting to see us and what we are doing!

A Year Ago Today

So here it is a day before Dane's 1st birthday, and I am filled with so many different emotions. It is a bitter/sweet moment for me.

Anyway, I decided that I wanted to share what exactly happened the day before Dane came into this world, because I figured that most of you didn't know all the details. So let's just back up one more day to get the full story.

January 29, 2008

I went in to my Doctor's office for my 38th week checkup, hoping and praying that Dr. Cook would say you are having this baby today! As many of you know, at this point in my pregnancy I was completely miserable, and had had enough of this whole pregnant thing. I was having a really difficult time at night every night. The nights usually consisted of me hugging the porcelain thrown for hours at a time, while my content hubby slept through it all. Dr. Cook pretty much said that my body was rejecting the pregnancy, and the only way that all the problems would go away was for Dane to come out. He felt that since he was totally healthy, and was a good size that it would be ok to induce me 2 weeks early. SWEET!! So he got me set up with the manager who schedules the inductions. So, I left the office with instructions to come into the hospital the next date in the evening, and I was to spend the night and then be induced on the 31st.

We began to make all the needed phone calls to our family, friends, and jobs. I was set. Dane's room was ready, all his clothes were washed, everything was in its place.

January 30, 2008

Kevin went to work, but planned on getting off a bit early, so he could help me pack up the car and do all the things we needed to do, before driving to the hospital. Well, around noon I receive a phone call from the supervisor of the labor and delivery department. She informed that I was going to have to make another induction appointment, because they had several pregnant ladies come in the night before, and there was no longer enough beds for me on the floor. Obviously, people who are in labor take rank before induction patients if their is no emergency. I was extremely upset. The lady that called could hear in my voice the shaking, and could tell that I was trying to hold back tears. She apologized to me over and over, and really felt bad that I was so disappointed. I had finally seen the light at the end of the tunnel for my pregnancy, and now I was having to wait another week to get an appointment. So many things had already been done...I had already started my maternity leave, my parents had made arrangements to come into town etc. All I could was cry! My emotions really got the best of me. I was so disappointed that what I hoped to be the day would not be. I called Kevin that he didn't need to come home early, and called everyone else as well. Kevin tried to comfort me, and make it known that it was going to be ok. Of course, I was thankful that I had a healthy baby, and that the problems I was having were not life or death. But, I was tired of feeling miserable.

Kevin got home at his normal time, and I was still just bummed out. So we thought we would go ahead and make the best of the situation, and go out on a date, and have my favorite...Mexican food. Well, here comes the interesting part of the story...

On our way to the restaurant my cell phone rings, and I almost didn't answer the phone because I didn't recognize the number. But, after several rings I decided to answer it. the conversation went something like this:

Jayne? This is Dr. Cook, How are you?
I'm ok (confused why he was calling)
I just heard that you weren't able to come into the hospital tonight, because of the beds being full. So I feel so bad about this, so what I want you to do is come in anyway.
What? How?
Wait until about 8:00 tonight and come into the hospital, and tell the labor and delivery staff that you think you are having contractions, they will put you in a room to monitor you, and then they will call me, and I will have time to get there and I will get you in tonight.
So you want me to fake contractions? but wont they know? (Shocked by what I was hearing)
By the time they get you registered and hooked up I will be there...I'm going to get you in, don't you worry!

So, I hang up the phone, tell Kevin, and he is a bit skeptical. He is not sure if he wants to drive all the way to the medical center, for them to find out that I'm faking contractions and to be sent home. Obviously, this wasn't Dr. Cook's first time doing this, so I was able to talk Kevin into it, so we drove home got all of our stuff, and decided that we didn't have time to eat at a restaurant, and made a quick drive through Taco Cabana.

We get to the hospital, and I was very nervous about acting like I was in labor. Kevin went up to the window, and told the lady that he thought his wife was in labor, and I kind of hid around the corner. They got me in, and started registering me, which by the way took forever! I don't know how women sit in that chair for an hour, answering millions of questions if they are really about to have a baby! Maybe they could tell that Dane wasn't coming any second, so decided to give me the long version. After they registered me they put me in a room, hooked me up to a monitor, and began to ask me several times If I could feel the contractions. I said yes every time, knowing that they probably knew I was lying. At one point I even heard a nurse tell another nurse under her breathe that she hates when Dr. Cook does this!
oh Dr. sneaky you are!

Well, couple hours later, they told me that they have a room ready for me, and I was going to be admitted. So we had to start making phones calls again, for the thousandth time, and confirm that for sure I was going to be induced on the 31st!! Once I got to our room, they hooked me up to a baby monitor, and began to do all their poking and proding, which was not fun. It was a long night for both Kevin and I. Any time I moved a nurse would come in and wake me up to move the baby monitor back into its place. Kevin slept on a window sill that had a cushion on it, and I had nurses coming back and forth in the room to check on me and Dane, and to give me medicine and fluids through my IV. I slept maybe 2-3 hours, and was awaken bright and early at 6:30 the next morning!


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Morn'ng Sunshine

Dane is doing so good with our new bedtime routine. I know this post might jinx our progress, but I'm just ecstatic that it seems to be working, and it wasn't near as hard as I thought it would be. When we put him in his crib at night, he immediately starts crying, but now, it is only taking us going in at the 5 min mark one time, and then he stops crying and is sound to sleep. Last night he did wake up once around 1:30, but we waited to go in to his room to see if he would just go back to sleep. He cried for 2 minutes, then was back asleep until 7:00 this morning! Since we started this process, he seems to be so much more rested and so happy in the mornings. Kevin and I are also feeling more rested. It was getting a bit frustrating for us because we were switching off every night with who would end up sleeping upstairs in the guest room with Dane. I wish that I hadn't been such a softy, and did this when he first started having trouble sleeping at night. Oh well, you live and learn... I'll be a pro if we have a 2nd.

when we walked into Dane's room this morning he had 2 pacifiers in his hand! We thought he went to bed with 1, but I guess he hid one in his bed the night before...he wanted to make sure that he was totally prepared for bedtime!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Dallas!!

Today is my good friend, Dallas's birthday. So to celebrate we met her for lunch at Joe's Crab Shack along with the Gonzalez familia. Dallas lives in Weimar, a small small small town, that really doesn't have much to dine at. So the last few years they have been driving to the big city for her birthday lunch. We really enjoyed getting to see them, and hang out over lunch. It is always a blast to get us girls together. After lunch, we hung outside and let the big kids, Danielle, Abigail, & Zach play on the playground. Sophia and Dane enjoyed getting to stand up at the rail and watch the big kids play. Heres to another year!! Happy Birthday Friend!

Bye Bye Mullet

We took Dane to Cool Cuts for kids today to get the back of his mullet chopped. I wasn't really sure how it was all going to play out, and figured Dane would be hard to keep still during the cut. But, he actually surprised Kevin and I, and was extremely good and sat still while the lady wet, cut, dried and styled his hair! It helped that he got to sit in a little car, there was a movie playing, and there were so many other kids to look at. All the distractions worked!! He looked so grown up once she was finished with the hair cut. The stylist gave us a Polaroid picture of Dane with his hair cut, and a little envelope with the hair in it. Ahh what a big milestone we accomplished today!

Mommy's lil man is growing up!!

check out how long his hair in the back had gotten!! If only his hair on the sides and top would grow!!

Friday, January 23, 2009


One of my favorite house decorations got broken by my sweet little man. I had this huge pot/vase thingy sitting by our fireplace, and Dane tried to use it to pull up, and it just tumbled to the ground, and broke into a million pieces. When I saw Dane trying to pull up with it I immediately went running towards him and it happened in slow motion, but I got there too late! NNNNNNOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! I was so sad that he broke it, but I know the poor little thing didn't do it on purpose, and he really had no idea what happened. He just sat there staring at it for a while, then just turned and crawled away like no big deal.

Dane has also been using my cell phone to make phone calls! He has gotten a hold of my phone 3 times now and pushes buttons and ends up calling people!! He has talked to a couple of my girlfriends, and recently has called my boss!! He just blabs and blabs, and then the person he has called figures out that it isn't me calling, and it is him. Hilarious! He is into everything right now! You can't leave him alone, not even for a second!!!

So sad

I'm sorry mom!

who do I want to call?

haha I got your phone Mom!!

Not sure what he was looking for!

Trip to the mall

Wednesday, after we went to Gymboree I needed to run to the mall to get a baby present, and return a couple things. I was kind of in a hurry when we were packing up, so instead of grabbing our big stroller that we use most, I grabbed the little one instead. Mental note: do not take Dane in the little stroller to run errands. First of all, something happened to the front wheels, or maybe after pushing it all over Boston the wheels were ready to just give out. Seriously, I would walk like 20 feet and then the wheels would turn sideways, and I would then have to kick it with my foot to get it to roll again. Very frustrating! And of course I parked on the wrong side of the mall and had to walk through the whole place to get where I needed. So I would go for a minute, then stop, kick and then start again! If Dane wasn't so heavy, then I would have thrown the thing away and just carried him, but I would have broken my back in the process! :) So about 45 minutes into our adventure, Dane decided that he no longer wanted to be in the crappy stroller. He became a little wiggle worm, and was trying desperately to get out of the stroller.

At one point I stopped at a bench, so I could take him out of the stroller for a little bit. He was so excited to be free!! Behind the bench there was a little pool that had a ceramic frog fountain in it. Dane was so funny when he saw it. He started laughing and pointing at it. He would even squat down and look at the frog through the holes of the bench. He is just the cutest little thing! But, hopefully this isn't a sign that he is going to love frogs!! Momma doesn't like frogs or critters for that matter!!

Get me out of here!!

Look at the frog Mom!!!

8 days in counting!!

Yeah!! Our Internet got fixed today! How did we ever do it without it? I feel so lost when It is out...

Anyway, Can you believe that we are 8 days away from Dane turning 1? It is definitely a bitter sweet moment for me. So things are going pretty good now, and much better than when I wrote the 26 days left blog. Dane has totally mastered the sippie cup thing. He is still using his bottle, but he is ok with drinking from the cup as well. So we can check that off my anxiety list.

So here is the latest on the sleeping issues. We have started in the last few days, to try to get him to fall asleep on his own in the crib without us rocking and patting and cuddling, and pretty much spoiling him. We are doing a "cry it out" technique, but instead of just letting him cry we are going in every 5-10 minutes and laying him down, saying we love him, and then walking out. This whole process is heartbreaking for me, and extremely hard, so Kevin has really stepped up to the plate, and taken over. The first night took about an hour, 2nd night took about 20 minutes, and was better tonight. Since we started this he has once again started sleeping through the night!! Let me just say Praise the Lord! I don't have high expectations, and not sure if he will continue to sleep through the night, but so far it seems to be working. Our little booger somehow got spoiled (totally my fault I take full blame because I'm a softy), and too dependent on us, and would only sleep if he was next to one of us, so we had to do something before this got much worse. The process is painful, but I'm hoping that this will turn out great in the end!

About the pacifier...I have decided that I'm not taking it away at night until he has totally mastered falling asleep on his own...I think bedtime is traumatic enough right now for him, so he doesn't need any more stress. During the day, we try hard not to give it to him, occasionally he will find one on his own, and plop it into his mouth, but he is totally fine without it during the day.

He is eating everything we give him with no fuss what so ever. He even eats real oatmeal now. Earlier, I could not get him to eat baby oatmeal at all. But, I just tried "real" oatmeal that is an apple Cinnamon flavor, and he ate it right up! The only thing I can think of that he doesn't eat is bananas, so I plan on trying that again later on. He eats everything from different types of meats, fruits, vegetables, bread, pastas, rice, mash potatoes, cereal, etc etc!! He is a great eater right now!

in the baby seat...looking forward to sitting in the big chair!!

hmm I love oatmeal!

All Gone?

Hanging out in the laundry basket

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Internet Issues

We are having internet issues again, due to all the construction in front of our neighborhood so not able to blog from we will be back soon!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Photo Tag

This is going to be a random blog, and a bit different, but I was photo tagged so I HAVE to do it!!

I got photo tagged from my friend Julie. Julie and I got to know each other back in the day when I was making frequent trips to Austin every weekend. We spent a lot of late nights together, and enjoyed lots of laughs!! We have continued to keep in touch (thanks to myspace and blogging), even though I no longer visit Longhorn Central!

So here is what I have to do:
The tag goes like this: Go to your 4th folder where you store your photos. Select your 4th picture (no cheating)! Post the picture with an explanation. Tag 4 people to do the same!!

I have to laugh at the picture that was my 4th photo. And I so would not put this picture on my blog, if I personally wasn't tagged... but might as well have some fun with it! This picture has a hilarious story...Tabby Tab I know that you will love this one!! A couple years ago, Tabitha had a work conference in I believe Austin, and I joined her, so we could have a girl's wknd. Well, I ended up forgetting my drivers license on accident. I had Kevin scan it and email it to me so I wouldn't be without it. I went to the hotel computer lab to print it out, but could not figure out how to make it kept printing out the entire size of the paper. Tabitha thought it was hysterical, and made fun of me the whole trip! It seemed like everywhere we went I would end up having to "show" my license. We went shopping, and every time I used my debit card I would have to pull out this huge paper with my license on it! So embarrassing!! Do yo know how many crazy looks I got ever where we went!! I was definitely not the "cool" girl on our trip!! And not to mention just that, but on my way home I ended up getting pulled over for speeding, and had to show it to the cop, who did not think it was funny at all. he interrogated me about why I didn't have my actual license, and why it was copied on a piece of paper...AAAHHH!! Tabitha made me take a picture of it...and I totally forgot I had that picture until tonight when I was looking at my photo files!!

Ok so I'm tagging these 4 people: Ok girls do not CHEAT!!
Ol Red

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Poopie Ending

So I guess Dane thought this day was going just a little too perfect, and wanted to spice it up a bit. Everything was going good, and right on schedule. Dane was in the bathtub playing with all his bath toys. I was having to tell him 100 times to sit down as usual. All of a sudden Dane got the look. We all know what look I'm talking about. I immediately begin to scream No No No Dane. Too late. Yes, he had pooped in the tub. I screamed for Kevin to come help me, and started doing what I do best when the poop is not where it is suppose to the diaper. I began to gag, so I told Kevin that I would clean Dane up, but he had to clean up the tub, along with his toys. Thankfully, Kevin is sensitive to my gag reflex, and did the dirty work. I love my sweet hubby!

Want to hear something funny, as if this isn't funny enough? Kevin asked me before he cleaned up the mess if I wanted to take a picture of the poop in the tub! Um, no thank you! He just wanted to make sure, since I'm apparently a psycho photo taker, and I always want to capture every single moment!! Nah, I think I will spare my blog readers a picture...words will do the trick for this blog!!

Ahh! What a Day!!

This isn't a posed picture! Dane does this occasionally from time to time, which is just too cute. I think he looks so grown up when he sits on the couch like this, with his arms spread out. Usually, it is after he has been running back and forth on the couch, he will get worn out, and will just collapse into this position. I'm glad I caught a picture of it, finally. He has turned into such a little person...I know he has always been a person, but he has really grown up a lot recently! He has so much personality now!

Honk Honk

Great Wall of China

There is so much to blog about today! A lot happened, and it was one of those days that didn't fly by, which was surprising since we were having fun! During one of Kevin's study breaks Kev was playing with Dane in the media room. The statement is true that Boys will be Boys! I'm in our bedroom playing on the computer, look over to find that Kevin has made a wall with all the pillows separating them from the outside world. I'm not sure if it was suppose to be a fort, or just a huge wall... but whatever it was, the boys were having a blast hiding behind it. I don't think we will need to have a 2ND kid...Dane has daddy to play with!!!!

What a great day!

Today was a great day. The weather was beautiful, and Dane was in good spirits today. It started off a little shaky this morning with Dane throwing tantrums, and still feeling sickly, but after a long needed nap this morning it all turned around. Kevin had lots of "homework" to get done for his masters program, so I kept Dane out of his way and entertained. We spent a lot of time outside playing in the back of Kevin's truck (which Dane loves to do), swinging, and hanging out in the grass. It was so nice to be outside, and enjoying each other's company.