Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Full Moon in Room 313

7:30 pm

This afternoon we had a nurse come in that helped us with cast instructions. She showed us how to arrange him and his many pillows when putting him on his stomach, or propped up. The minute that she put Dane on his tummy he immediately put his head down like he wanted to go to sleep. He has slept on his tummy since he was 3 months old, so I'm sure this was such a relief for him. In order to keep his hiney from getting diaper rash she told us to take off the diaper in the back while doing tummy time. So, I had to capture this moment! This will be one of those pictures I definitely will show his girlfriends!! It was so cute to see his little bootie through the cast! But, what is important is that he will be able to sleep on his tummy with pillows. Dane has been ok this evening, but still wants to be held a lot which is totally understandable. We weren't able to get him to eat anything else, but the doctor told us that once he is off the medication his appetite may increase a little bit. Dr. Brock came by and checked out Dane and said everything looked ok with him. They will start the weaning process of the epidural tomorrow, and start trying to get him to take pain medicine orally only. Dr Brock assured us that Dane will get his little smile back eventually, and thinks tomorrow will be better than today and yesterday for sure. He more than likely will get to go home Thursday if everything goes ok with the weaning process.

Here's a picture of the cast without the outside diaper wrapped around it, so it shows you what the whole thing looks like. The diapering hasn't been as hard as I thought it would have been. I say that now...it may change once Dane's appetite is back to normal.

Movies, Naps, Tater Tots

3:00 pm

Things are going a little better today. Dane isn't crying constantly, and seems to be a little more content as long as he is being held. He has had 2 long naps courtesy of the wagon rides. And the nurse brought in a tv that had a dvd player on it, so we got to watch a couple Elmo movies. It kept his attention for a good hour or so. We have been struggling to get him to eat and drink, but then Granny came to the rescue with tater tots from sonic. Dane ate several of those, and actually drank some of our Sonic drinks. We are still waiting for some form of our little man's personality to come through. He has only given us a small smirk, so we are trying to be patient for those dimples to shine out! Maybe tomorrow. He still seems very uncomfortable, and somewhat agitated, and hates hates hates the Iv that is on his arm. He cries every time he tries to use that arm, and then swats it back and forth trying desperately to get it to come off. He has managed to unravel a tiny string on the ace bandage, and is constantly pulling on it. He is probably hoping that if he keeps pulling it will come off. They have it wrapped up with several layers, so I doubt he will be able to get it off. Our favorite nurse thus so far is ending his shift now. BOOH! I hope that Dane stays somewhat content this evening, and that we have a nurse who shows us compassion like our friend Jay.

Guess who is still asleep!

11:00 am

Thank you Lord for a 2 hour and 45 minute nap!!

14 months!!

OH!!! I forgot Dane turned 14 months today!! Happy Month Birthday little man!!

Wagon ride

10:00 am

We have a great nurse today, who is going out of his way to help us. That does help quite a bit when the nurse isn't just doing a "job", and really cares to help make your child comfortable. He brought in a wagon so we loaded it up with pillows and decided to take Dane for a ride. He loves his wagon at home, so we were hoping that this would help him be more content. We didn't get a smile or any kind of expression for that matter, but he sat very peacefully the whole time we drove him around, which is a first in a long time. We walked the floor for about 45 minutes, and then Dane finally fell asleep. He is still asleep in the wagon at the moment, and actually looks more content than he has the whole time we have been here, which is such a small blessing. So, we may be taking lots and lots of wagon rides if this is what gets him to sleep. So far the wagon has been a huge success. He has been asleep in it for almost a hour and a half.

Side note: I'm going to try to get a better picture of the cast during the next diaper change. It is hard to actually see what it looks like because we have a huge diaper wrapped around him. It goes all the way up to his chest, with a hole in the middle for his diaper that has to be kind of crammed into it. On his affected leg the cast goes all the way to his toes, and only to his knees on the good leg.

Rough Night

8:00 am

Praise God that it is another day. It can only go up from here! Last night was just awful. There's no nice way to put it. After Dane got an increase of the epidural medicine he fell asleep and sort of seemed peaceful. He did sleep for about 3 hours before the shift change. The Evening nurse was great, and anytime that she would come in to do something on Dane she would wait to do it if he was asleep. Which I was appreciative of. But, the night nurse would not do the same. She was very adamant to take Dane's vitals at exactly every 2 hours. So every time Dane would fall asleep she would come in and wake him up. It was hard for me to not get mad at the nurse. We tried asking if she could just wait, or do everything quietly. Every time Dane would wake up it would take a good 30 min - an hour to get him calm again. So therefore, it was a LONG night for all of us, and none of us got any sleep. Dane woke up still just as fussy as yesterday, and now his cough seems worse, and he is so hoarse from crying constantly. We are waiting on Dr. Brock to come see us this morning, and try to find out if there is something we can give him to help him sleep. The nurses keep telling us that he is not feeling any pain. The anesthesiologists tell us that he should have slept a lot yesterday, and not sure why he hasn't. It is a bit frustrating. We did get the day nurse to bring a red wagon, so we are hoping that later on we can take Dane for a ride around the hospital, and hope that this will cheer him up a bit. We are hoping that today will be better than yesterday. That's all we can ask for at this point.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Update 8:00 p.m

Silent night? Wishful thinking! :) So Dane hasn't been settled at all today, taking 15 minute cat naps on one of our chest here and there. He just seems so restless and uncomfortable. Kevin and I have been taking turns with holding him to help him sleep. He had about 4 minutes of being content, and we managed to get him to eat 2 bites of chocolate pudding and 2 bites of chicken. I have had a couple of meltdowns along the way. It is just so hard seeing your little man who is normally so happy feeling the way he does. At one point the anesthesiologist was called because by this point Dane should be knocked out, so they increased his amount of pain medicine going into the epidural. Dane passed out as soon as they did that...so I'm hoping that maybe that will make him more comfortable. He fell asleep in Kevin's lap, but we were able to put him in his crib without him waking up. So I guess that is a little bit of progress. We will see how long it last. While all this is going on a generator exploded across the street, having all the electricity go out in the hospital. I am sitting in pitch darkness as I type except for the computer screen obviously. The nurse said that they have a backup generator that was suppose to kick in...it did for our bathroom, but not our hospital room. Weird. So Kevin is sitting in the bathroom with his feet propped up on the toilet reading for his masters program. Never a dull Moment!!

Thanks for all the prayers, emails, phone calls, texts, blogs etc etc. They have been uplifting to us and we really appreciate it!

An Update - 5:36pm

Kevin here. Jayne has a baby on her chest so I'm a substitute blogger for the moment. It's been a rough afternoon. Dane is struggling to adjust to his situation. He cried for over an hour and just can't get to sleep for longer than a few minutes. He slept for an hour mid-afternoon, but it's been pretty tough otherwise - too many cords, bandages, and a big blue cast. Stay tuned . . .

Surgery is over...we are in Room # 313

Dane got out of surgery around 11:15, and Dr. Brock talked to us before we saw him, and he was very encouraged with the way the surgery went. We got to go to the recovery room pretty soon afterwards, and it was heartbreaking to say the least. Dane was so mad, and was trying so hard to get his IV off his arm. The nurse was able to give him something to calm him down, and I was able to hold him until he fell asleep. My poor little man was so uncomfortable and upset, that it was hard for me to calm down. Once he woke up in the recovery room we were able to give him some juice, and that seemed to make him somewhat happy, and we did manage to get a little wave from him, and a moo like a cow. That made us feel better that our little guy is still the same. After spending an eternity in the recovery room, they finally got us set up in our room. Dane was extremely fussy when we first got in the room and it took a while to get him to calm down. It is very awkward holding him, because of all the IVs, epidural, and the oxygen level cords. But, Kevin managed to get Dane comfortable on his chest. He is asleep at the moment, and I'm hoping that he will be able to sleep for a little while. It's hard to get any shut eye around here because the monitors keep beeping anytime Dane's heart rate gets to 140 beats per minute or higher, which seems to be every time Dane takes in a breath. :) They say that it gets easier, which we are praying, because it is definitely hard on me to see him like this.

Dane is in Surgery

Well, we are here in the waiting room, and our little man has been in surgery since about 8:30. We got here at 6:15 this morning, and they checked Dane out and said he was ok to still have his surgery. They gave Dane some medicine to get him to relax, before taking him in. They called this a "margarita". haha And it did make him act like he had been drinking. It was quite funny. It was very hard for me to watch them carry him away. Thankfully, Kevin and both set of our parents are here to help me get through it. Dr Brock did come out with a update after only about 30 minutes of being in there. He actually came all the way to the cafeteria to find us, which was so nice of him. I am very impressed with this Doctor's bed side manners. They had done the arthogram already and he showed us the arthogram images, and said that his hip moved back into place quite easily, but did have a little bit of cartilage above the head of the femur that needed to be cleaned up. But, since the hip moved easily he said that the surgery will go very smoothly. So now we just wait. They thought it would take about 4 hours for the whole procedure with the arthogram, epidural, surgery and then the casting. We picked a blue cast, because they didn't have Aggie maroon, and there was no way Kevin was going to go for orange. So the next time we see the little man he will be all casted up.

Here is a video after he got his margarita. He was hilarious with his tiger (Thanks HMU! He loves this thing!!) He kept hugging it and kissing it, and putting his head down on it!!! I wish that I could have gotten more on the video, but it is really hard to upload when they are long.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Surgery Plans

Dane has been feeling much better today. He still has a nasty running nose and cough, but he is back to his happy self, slept well last night, and had 2 good naps today. We did talk to the nurse this afternoon, and she told us that we won't know for sure about Dane's surgery, and rather or not his cold will affect it until in the morning. They will evaluate his lungs tomorrow, and if there is infection the surgery will be re-scheduled for 2 weeks from now. But, if it just looks like it is a minor cold then the plans stay the same. We are to be at the hospital at 6:15 tomorrow morning, and I'm assuming that it may be a while before actually starting the procedure. Either way, if it is tomorrow, or if we have to wait to get it done, I know that it will be God's will, and everything will work out. This is what I keep telling myself anyway. I'm feeling a bit emotional today, knowing that today could be the last time he walks for a long time, and feeling anxious about what is to come. So keep us in your prayers. Oh, for those who asked we will be at Texas Orthopedic in the medical center on Main Street.

Last bath for a long time!! :(

Cutie Cutie

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Witts End

Kevin and I felt like we were at our "Witts End" today. There is a running joke with the Wittschen males (play on words since they sound alike) with this phrase, so I thought it would be fitting to use it for this post. Kevin has wanted to make a sign that says Witts End and hang it in our house, but um no sir not going to happen!!

So anyway, it has been a rough day to put things lightly. Dane is feeling just horrible today. We could not get the boy to take a nap to save our lives. We tried everything from holding him, putting him in his crib, rocking him, singing, letting him cry etc etc etc. He would start to get drowsy, and then his cough would keep him up. Oh how frustrating to have a 1 year old who has gone the whole day without sleep, and not gotten much sleep the night before. We had ourselves a happy camper. :( I decided to drive around with him, hoping to give him like 30 minutes of shut eye. I drove all around Cypress, but Dane was struggling to go asleep. Finally as I pulled back onto our street that's when he decided it was time to nap. He just has this whole timing thing down pat don't you think? So we sat out in the driveway, because there was no way I was going to wake him up. But the nap was short lived, and he was awake after about 20 minutes. He did finally crash tonight about 7, and I pray that he will get a good nights rest, because he really needs it!

It's not looking too good

There is just no getting around it. Dane has a nasty cold. And it is getting much worse, not better. I'm not expecting this to be gone before Monday. He did not sleep well at all last night, his cough has gotten pretty nasty sounding, and his nose has pretty much run to the moon and back. On top of that he has been running a low grade fever again this morning. For the most part he has been in pretty good spirits, usually after the Motrin kicks in, but is refusing to take a well needed nap. He slept for about 30 minutes early this morning, but this dang cough keeps waking him up, and then he just wants to be held. So, with all that being said I am not sure what this means for his surgery scheduled for Monday. I have a feeling that it will be re-scheduled, which just adds more stress to the situation.

OK God, I know that you are trying to teach me something here...maybe patience or endurance, but come on this is hard enough cut us a break!! :)

I wish I could go outside and play!

Clap your hands!!

I don't want to take a bath!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bad Timing

When we saw the orthopedic, he mentioned that it was very important that Dane was not sick during the surgery. He said to keep him away from other children, and to keep him well. He said that if Dane did end up getting sick, that they would have to reschedule the surgery. Well, guess what. Dane woke up with a nasty cough and runny nose this morning. This morning he didn't really seem like he felt bad, he was extremely happy, and acting normal. But as the day has gone on he has started running a low grade fever, eyes started watering, his cough has gotten worse and has become extremely fussy and clingy, and it is obvious that he just doesn't feel good at all. I've given him some baby Motrin to break the fever, and hoping that this will clear up quickly. So please pray that this will be gone before Monday. I'm not looking forward to the whole process, but I definitely don't want to keep putting it off. The older he gets the harder it is to fix the problem. Please Please Please Pray for him to get well!

Feeling good

not so good

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Consult Day

We just got home at 6:30 from being at the orthopedic office all day. We had an appointment with the anesthesiologist, and then again with the orthopedic surgeon. We were told that as soon as we were done with the first that they would get us in immediately afterwards for the 2ND appointment, but that wasn't the case. So, we spent the majority of the day waiting. Dane was very good today, and didn't get fussy until we were meeting with the surgeon. But, with no nap and only snacks for food he did pretty good considering.

We did find out some information about what is going to happen. We are scheduled for surgery on Monday the 30Th early in the morning. We won't know the exact time until Friday, because they have to leave the schedule open for emergencies, but they do the youngest patient first, which would be Dane. The anesthesiologist did tell us that Dane will be put to sleep before they start any kind of IVs, which makes me feel so much better! I have been worried about how many times they would have to stick him, and how traumatic it would be for him. The surgery should take a few hours, and then he will be put into a Spica cast for 6-8 weeks. This cast goes from his chest to his ankle on the affected side, and will only go to his knee on the unaffected side. They are planning on giving him an epidural afterwards to alleviate his pain for the first few days. I had no idea that anyone besides pregnant women would receive epidurals before all this happened. But, I think it's good that they plan on doing that, so his pain won't be too bad at first. He will more than likely be in the hospital for at least 3 days maybe 4.

Dr Brock, the surgeon, and his nurse are both very nice and both gave me their cell phone numbers and told us we could call them anytime with questions, which is a huge shock to me. I work in the medical field, and have never seen a doctor give out their cell phone numbers to their patients! I do think he is a genuine doctor who has Dane's best interest at heart. So, anyway I have had time to process everything. I'm still very sad that he has to go through all this, and still get emotional talking about it sometimes, but I do feel better about it. I know it is going to be extremely rough and hard, but I know that we will get through it.

We stopped at our all time favorite restaurant on the way home, Escalantes for Mexican food. The waiter gave Dane some crayons and a sheet of paper. I was curious what he would do with it, so I showed him how to color. He colored for about 5 minutes, then took his pacifier out of his mouth and took a big bite out of the crayon...OK so it will be a little while before we try that again! lol
Dane was being such a ham on the way home. The first half of the way home Dane chewed on his foot. He would kick up his leg, catch it with his other hand, then immediately start chewing on his toes. It was hilarious! Then he start making all these hysterical faces. He was putting his hands on his face, and then would squish it!! The more we cracked up the more he did it! We would ask him where his nose was for example, and he would put his hand on his face covering up his entire face. "Oh I know it's somewhere here in this vicinity!!" Oh how I love my little man...he lights up our world!! It definitely helped while we were sitting in traffic!! The last picture is my all time favorite. Kevin and I were belly laughing when Dane was doing this!! The whole time he would squish his face he would have his mouth wide open and say aaaaahhhhhhh!! Too funny! I think he might have been a bit dilerious from no nap.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Changing over night

I can not get over how much Dane changes from day to day, and how much he has learned recently. It is just amazing to watch how quickly they pick up stuff, and it is usually things that we are not saying over and over trying to get him to learn.

This is going to be kind of a random blog..but there is a lot that Dane is doing now, and want to write them so I don't forget.

Dane knows what a lot of things are, but just can't say the words yet. For instance if you tell him to get the ball, cell phone, remote, shoe, truck, book etc he will get them and bring it to you. If you say the words outside or wagon he immediately gets excited, and heads for the door. He knows to point the remote at the tv to change the channel, and he knows to head to the kitchen if you say milk or are you hungry. Lately, he has been giving kisses more often, still with his mouth wide open. And he still lays his head on your head when you say be sweet. Not sure where this came from, but he loves to point at the lights on the ceiling. He has so much personality, and is already such a little boy! He loves to make messes, give high fives, loves being outside, loves to climb, throw and rough house with Kevin, loves electronics, dirt, playing behind the truck steering wheel. Today he clapped for the first time. I have been trying to get him to clap for months, and have asked the doctor on numerous occassions if he should be clapping. The doctor has told me that since he uses his hands for everything else like picking up stuff and putting things in containers that there was nothing to worry about. I guess he just hasn't had anything to applaud for until today. He knows where his hair, ears and nose is, but will only point to it when he "feels" like it. He also loves to turn on the water hose outside. He has figured out that if he puts a pillow on the ground next to the couch it gives him enough leverage to get on the couch. Another thing that he does that is adorable is when we are in public and if he wants someone to look at him he will start laughing on and off while staring at them, until they look and give him the attention he is wanting! Such a ham already! Dane has gotten to be so independent, and wants to feed himself constantly. We have to trick him by letting him hold onto a spoon, and sneak bites in. He loves to share his food with anyone and everyone, and he also imitates us blowing on his food. Dane is still a pretty good eater, and as long as he can pick up the food himself, he generally will eat anything. He just tried fried okra today for the first time, and loved it!! He still throws tantrums when he doesn't get what he wants, but is generally a sweet and content baby, but very active most of the time. Playing ball is one of his new favorite things. He gets real excited to throw the ball, almost charges you and gets real close to you when he throws it. You have to be paying attention or will get hit in the head with a ball.

Look at that innocent face

turning on the water outside

He loves to slide, and will do it over and over

Hey Everyone!

He moves his hands back and forth so all the food goes everywhere...he loves making messes!!!

The next Michael Jordan...about to slam dunk it in my face

Such a HAM!

Where's the light???

How you doing??

loves to climb on and off his car

such a cutie!

Howdy Partner

Do you want some of my oatmeal?

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Spring is here!!! The weather was great this afternoon, so we packed up the wagon along with a basket full of snacks and headed to the zoo. I think everyone that lives in Houston had the same idea we had. It was a packed house!! I'm trying to teach Dane different animals and their sounds, and thought seeing the animals would be fun. Dane has gotten down the bear and cow so far. He will growl and say moo when asked what they say, but I don't think he really knows what they look like. We saw elephants, giraffes, bears, lions, leopards and many more, but Dane didn't seem too interested in them. Instead anytime he would see just a regular ol black bird walking on the sidewalk or flying he would get excited and point! We could have saved our $20, and just looked at black birds at home! :) But, Dane had a blast just being outside, riding in the wagon, pushing the wagon and walking around.

We did witness a crazy, but scary event. I'm laughing at what I'm about to write, just because I can't believe there are people who are this stupid that live in the same world we do. I know it sounds harsh...but just wait...you will agree. The leopards were in a wire cage with an additional fence separating the people from the cage. A mother placed her 4 or 5 year old on the other side of the fence and let him approach the cage. The child got closer to the cage and put his hand out to pet the leopard. The crowd began screaming at the kid to stop, and the leopard started getting very angry. The leopard jumped at the cage, and nearly got the kids arm. The mother was able to get the kid out of the way just in time, and then she spanked him before throwing him into the stroller. We all just stood in shock!! Crazy! This woman wasn't too bright obviously!!!

After we looked at all the animals we took Dane over to ride the carousel. He absolutely loved it! Kevin rode with him while I stood on the sidelines and yelled his name and waved every time he came around. I think Dane really enjoyed the day!!

Pointing out the elephants

having a snack

this face cracks me up...it looks like he is seeing something amazing...I guess a cookie is amazing to him!! :)

So happy!

pushing the wagon

pointing at a bird!

he looks so grown up walking around... I think it's his freshly new haircut

Hi Mommy!!

where's mommy??