Thursday, April 30, 2009

15 months

It has been exactly one month that Dane has been in his cast. The past month, he has had to cope with being in a cast, had had to learn how to scoot, crawl, roll over and pull up all over again. He has taught me so much in the last few weeks about endurance, patience, determination, and just being thankful for what God has given us. He has proven to be a strong little booger for sure, who will not stop until he gets what he wants, no matter how hard it is to get there. The past month has been challenging to say the least, but rewarding as well. It has been great watching Dane grow and change over the past 15 months, and I feel so blessed that he is in my life!!

Happy Birthday Month lil man!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Going Global

Welcome to our version of the Truman Show...

Not long ago I linked our blog to a site meter because I was curious to see who was visiting our blog. I'm not able to see names of visitors, but just where they are actually from. I was amazed to find that people from 6 different countries have checked us out, including France, Australia, Canada, Germany, Czech Republic, and of course the United States.

When we found out about Dane's condition, I was fortunate enough to find a blog of a little girl, Kaitlyn, who was going through this as well. Because of Kaitlyn's blog I was able to learn what to expect and help me deal with this situation. If anyone else unfortunately has to go through this situation, I hope that Dane's story can help ease their anxiety the way Kaitlyn's story helped me.

For all those who are checking out our blog, I hope that you continue to enjoy reading it!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Exciting Events!

I can not believe it!! Once again I'm shocked! 2 things happened this being exciting, and one being extra extra exciting! :)

1. Dane is now able to roll over both ways. He gets so excited, and proud of himself when he rolls from his back to his stomach. He went back and forth today over and over probably 20 times in a row, and I would have to cheer every time he did it, or he would just stop and look at me crazy. haha

2. Ok here is the crazy exciting one. We were hanging out in the play room, and I looked over to find him completely standing up at the window sill!! At one point he had his casted leg off the ground, and only standing on one leg. I couldn't believe it! We do have to be careful though with him standing, because when he tries to sit down he ends falling on his back. Can you imagine how strong his biceps are going to be! Not all moms gets to watch their babies learn how to do every thing twice! But, I lucky am I? :)

Monday, April 27, 2009

4 weeks

Today is the 4 week mark for the cast! I feel like the last 2 weeks have just flown by, and hoping that the next 8 will also! My little man never ceases to amaze me. Every day he gets stronger, and he figures out how to move faster and do more things. He is army crawling all over the house, and the cast hasn't kept him from getting into everything, and into trouble!! He is still very much the little mischievous, but adorable and happy guy he was before the cast!

Here is a small movie that combines 4 videos together that I was able to create using my new flip video camera. Going to warn you though.. I need more practice holding the camera still...can be very shaky and all over the place.
Check out how fast he crawls in the 1st clip, and how he pulls up pretty high off the ground in the 2nd clip.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

blog question

ok just a random question for my blogging buddies:

How do you put words under pictures without them looking all crazy on the blog. I work on the laptop forever sometimes getting the words under the pictures to not be all jumbled, and then I get on a desktop and they are next to the picture looking crazy? Does anyone else have this problem, because when I look at other blogs it doesn't do this. please help a sister out! :)

Who said there is nothing to do in Orange?

Would you believe me if I told you that Orange, my little small countrified hometown, has a world famous tourist attraction?

I didn't believe it either at first, until we were at the airport in Houston for our San Fran trip and saw an article about it in the Houston Chronicle. Shangri La is a botanical garden that was created a couple years ago right smat dab in the middle of Orange. The community used several acres of land to create a beautiful quite natural setting, and it has been visited by people all over the nation. Unfortunately, hurricane IKE did some damage to it, so parts of it is still growing back, but it was still very pretty. The walls that surround it are covered with water fountains to drown out the sound coming from the city along with traffic. It is a perfect place for a peaceful relaxing afternoon with beautiful scenery.

So, this weekend we went to Orange to visit family and to check it out. The weather was really nice, and we all enjoyed walking around looking at everything, and seeing the pretty landscaping. Dane, of course, had a blast since he got to stroll around outside in the stroller. Afterwards, we sat outside at my parents house and grilled and just enjoyed the afternoon!

So the next time that you are planning a vacation you should head over to the "fruit" aka Orange, Texas to see the botanical garden that is ranked in the top 10 green projects of the world!!! You can also enjoy while visiting this city some fine dining at the local Dairy Queen, Weinerschintzels, Casa Ole or Roberts Meat Market. :)

And you said that there was nothing to do in Orange!

Speaking of hurricane Ike...

When Hurricane Ike came through the media did not do a good job at showing all the cities that had suffered damage. Anytime, we would turn on the news the reporters would only talk about how the whole city of Houston was without electricity, but would forget to mention the thousands in the south east cities that had lost their homes completely. It was a bit frustrating hearing all these people complain about not having electricity when there were so many people who had lost everything. And now, as the months have gone by you don't see anything about the families that are still suffering from the hurricane on t.v. Orange, Bridge City, Little Cypress even cities around Galveston were greatly affected by the storm, and are still trying to get their lives back together. My grandparents were one of the many who had severe damage to their home. They had to gut out their entire house because of the flooding. As we get ready for the hurricane season that is approaching they are still trying to get their house back together from last year's hurricane. They have been living in a fema trailor parked in front of their house since November, and their house still has a lot to be done to it.

There is no way that I could be as patient as they have been living in this trailor that is so tiny, and so not homey. But, that is what is so awesome about my grandparents...they are always happy and in good spirits, and never complain about anything.
So just remember all the families that are still putting their life back together from hurricane IKE.

Friday, April 24, 2009


For I know the plans I have for you, Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, Plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

This evening we had an early dinner at the Cypress Station Grill. Because Dane doesn't fit into the highchair, we just use his stroller for him to sit in. We tried giving him fried okra again, because last time we ate there he was all about it, but not so much tonight. He wouldn't eat any of it. As we were leaving we noticed the Jeremiah stone in their landscaping, and thought it was cool, and thought this should be Dane's verse while in the cast.

Afterwards, we had to make a quick trip over to Wal-Mart to get a couple things, so we let Dane play with Tigger for a few minutes. This is the kind of stuff that our Friday nights consist of now. Pretty Exciting!! :) Dane loves playing with steering wheels. I'm not sure if this is a "Boy" thing or not, but he gets so excited to turn the wheel.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Picnic without the Picnic

The weather was amazing today, and I wanted to be outside without having to pull a wagon around the neighborhood. I was trying to figure out what Dane and I could do besides being cooped up indoors. I can go only go to the outlet mall that is right around the corner form us so many times before I have seen enough! :) I came up with the idea to have a picnic. Our courtyard area is always shaded, so thought that would be a perfect place. So, I put out an old blanket, grabbed the teddy grahams (you can't have a picnic without some sort of chocolate snack), got the bubble machine out along with a couple toys, oh and of course my little man. Ok, so it wasn't really a picnic because the teddy grahams were the only food I brought.

I wish I would have thought of this idea a long time ago, because Dane had a blast! We stayed outside for about an hour and a half, and Dane never once got fussy. He loves being outside. We just layed around on the blanket, played with the toys, scooted all around, blew bubbles, used the bubble machine, listened to our neighbor's dog, watched birds, ate teddy grahams etc etc. Dane had so much fun, and got really mad when we came back inside. It was so funny to watch him react to the bubbles. He would squeal and scream anytime they would come out of the machine. He thought it was funny when I would blow the bubbles, and he would try also which was so cute to watch. A couple times instead of blowing he would try to eat the bubble wand! haha We had a great afternoon, and wished that Kevin could have been home to hang out with us. It was an awesome afternoon, and my picnic was a huge success!!

Look how high off the ground his chest is!!

teddy grahams all over his face!

trying hard to get his cast off

3 1/2 week check up

Just got home from seeing Dr. Brock, and Dane got another good report. Praise God. We had an x-ray again, and everything looks great. Dane did really good while getting the x-ray done, and while waiting to see the doctor. I had a 8:30 appointment this time, so we didn't have to wait for hours like usual. We had to go to the casting department and get the cast taped up on the edges with some fancy tape, because the lining has really started to tear apart. Dr. Brock was pleased with how things were going.

Our next appointment is in 3 weeks on May 13th. Dane will be put to sleep again, they will take him to the O.R. and do another arthogram and remove his cast, and give him a bath before putting him in the 2nd cast. The 2nd cast will only go to both knees, which will help with mobility. It will be done as an outpatient procedure, so after he wakes up then we will be released to go home. I'm so ready for the 2nd cast! You just have no idea!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bedtime & Pulling Up

Heres a video of Dane letting me know he is not ready for bed. Who's the Boss anyway?

Look who is trying to pull up...Nothing can stop my little man! Momma is so proud!

Tooth # 7

There for a while I was thinking that Dane was going to be going to high school with only 6 teeth!! haha It has been forever since I blogged about his tooth #6 coming in, and was beginning to wonder if he would ever get any more. But, today I was able to see a lil white pearl coming in on the bottom left side. Yeah for Tooth #7!!!

Hair Style courtesy from my baby daddy

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Children's Museum

If you haven't gone to the Children's Museum and you have kiddos then I would highly recommend going. It was a gorgeous day, and we have all been feeling a little stir crazy so we decided to go check out the Museum this afternoon. It was a really cool place, with so much to do. You could really make a whole day out of going if your kids were little older than Dane. They have a huge area that they call the Tot Spot which is geared towards infants and toddlers. Dane had so much fun in there. There were little houses that you could play with light switches, door knobs, door bells..right up Dane's alley. We also played with building foam blocks, trucks, balls, a big Lite Bright, slides, mirrors, soft stairs, speed bumps to crawl over etc etc. Dane had a blast! Of course, it definitely wasn't extremely easy with him being in a cast, but Kevin held him so he could do what he could. This will be one of our favorite hot spots for sure once Dane is out of the cast. There was so much that we didn't get to do that I think he would enjoy if he was more mobile. But, he actually did more than I thought he would be able to do. He was able to army crawl over the speed bumps, and with some help climb the soft stairs. I think his favorite part was the foam blocks. Kevin couldn't stack them fast enough and Dane was already right there ready to push them over. He would laugh and laugh anytime he would knock the blocks over. We had so much fun today, and look forward to going back once Dane is out of the cast.

Special Request

Ok Mom, here is a video that you wanted of Dane scooting around. Of course, I had to put keys on the ground to bribe him to crawl, and then once he got to the keys I opened up the bathroom door in the hallway. He loves playing with doors, and before he was casted he would always try to get into that bathroom if he could! So my plan worked! haha You'll hear some commotion in the background at the end. Thats just my private chef who was cooking Dane eggs for breakfast. :) Scoot Dane Scoot!!!

Friday, April 17, 2009


Not to much has changed around here at the Wittschen Household, other than things are starting to get into some sort of a routine now. We are trying to make things as normal as we can for our little man, which can be hard because he is so limited with what he is able to do in the cast. Monday will be 3 weeks since his surgery which will put us half way to getting this cast off and moving to the 2nd cast. I'm so ready for the 2nd cast, so he can have both legs free and he will be more mobile. But, on that note he is getting much better at scooting around. He loves to ride on his train, so Kevin gives him train rides every so often. It is not an easy task...he doesn't have the ability to lean forward to hold his balance, so you have to hold on to him so he doesn't fall backwards. Also, you have to lean him towards you as well, so his casted foot doesn't drag the ground, all while you are pushing the train to make it move! It is hard, and it wears Kevin out, but Dane loves it, so Kevin fights through the pain so our little man can have a bit of fun! Dane seems to be adjusted though, and has accepted what is going on. I just wish I could tell what he is thinking, and if he is wondering why all of a sudden it is hard for him to move!

Just a little bit of randomness so I don't forget... Kevin said yesterday when he got home from work Dane threw up his hand, and then it sounded like Dane said "Hey Dad De"!! Too cute! I wish that I could have heard him say that. Then today when Kevin got home Dane put his arm out for Kevin to pick him up, and when he did Dane turned to Grandpa and waved bye bye, because he knew that Grandpa was going to leave since Daddy was home. Our little man is getting so smart!! :) Oh one more thing...he loves to play with keys, and today he pointed at the keys and said "deeys". Seems like things are starting to click, and he may be learning more words. Like I said before, My little man is so smart! He is a child genius! haha

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Turtle Turnover

Remember how I mentioned that Dane had rolled himself over to his back while sleeping? Yeah he keeps doing it several times at night now. Can we say annoying? It wakes him up, and then he doesn't just cry a's more like mad screaming until we go in there and get him back on his stomach. So we haven't been sleeping very well the last few nights.

Today, he showed me exactly how he does it. He throws his head back, lifts up the half casted leg, and it sits in the air for a little while, before he actually is able to throw it all the way over. It is actually kind of funny to watch. He didn't just do it once today, he did it over and over, and then gets upset when he can not get back to his stomach. I spent a lot of time today turning over my little turtle that is stuck on his back. Hopefully, he will learn how to roll both ways SOON!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Q & A

Ok so I thought I would do a post about all the common questions that we get asked so often. Hopefully, I won't forget all the ones I have stored in my head..if so just ask!!

Q-How is Dane adjusting?
A-Dane has really started to adjust very well being in the cast, he still has frustrating moments if trying to get somewhere and can't. But, overall he is back to his happy self.

Q- How do you hold him, and is the cast heavy?
AWe have to hold him by the cast and not hold him under his arms. If you hold him under his arms, the weight from his pelvis can shift the hip. He is very heavy now with the cast. We don't have a scale anymore to know how much he weighs with the cast, but it feels like a ton!!

Q-Can he take a bath?
A- No, the cast can not get wet, so sponge baths are the only option. We find that this is one of the hardest parts of this whole ordeal, because he absolutely hates it, and cries the whole time! If anyone has any suggestions that can help with this one...send them this way!

Q(Most Common)- How does he go to the bathroom??
A-Dane's cast has a hole cut out in that area. He can not wear a diaper a normal way. We have to stuff a pad in the hole, then a small diaper. On top we wrap a much bigger diaper around him to keep the small diaper from falling out. Diaper changing isn't that bad...except when you have explosions. (check blog from earlier)

Q- Why is there duct tape on the cast?
A-The lining that is inside the cast starts to tear after a while from him being on his tummy and moving around. So, we have to put waterproof tape around the edges, and it doesn't stick well to the cast. Duct tape is used to hold down the waterproof tape, which is most important.

Q - What do you do to entertain him?
A-This is one that we haven't totally figured out...he gets bored very easily. We have had to get creative since he can not move around very well. We play with our parachute, tummy time with toys, sit him up in front of toys, watch Sesame Street, wagon rides, go for jogs, we eat snacks etc etc...we could use more ideas for this one too!!

Q- Can he sit up, move, fit in the car seat/highchair/stroller?
A- With the cast on, his waist does not bend, so anytime he is sitting he is actually in a reclining position and has to be propped up with lots of pillows. He does fit into our car seat and jogging stroller because the seats is wide enough in the leg area, and they recline. he has figured out how to scoot around, but mostly goes backwards and sideways. It is not that easy to sit him upright. We have to prop his knee up when he is sitting so there is no pressure on the casted heel.

Q- how long will he be in the cast?
A- 6 weeks total with this 1st cast if everything continues to go well. 6 weeks with the 2nd cast and then he will be put into a brace afterwards. We do not know how long he will have to wear the brace, and for how long each day. I guess it depends on how his hip looks after the cast.

Ok...I think I covered everything that we have been asked several times. If I have forgotten something you want to know let me know!! :)

Fuzzy Friends

When I was vacuuming the media room today I got the great idea to surround Dane with all his stuffed animals to see what he would do. Well my little man did not disappoint us. He put on quite the show, and had the time of his life. At first he just sat there looking around at all of them, but soon after, he would grab a friend, put it up to his face like he was trying to be sweet, and then immediately either throw the animal or start wrestling with it!! Hilarious I tell you, Hilarious! Then Kevin would join in and start throwing the animals on top of Dane and bury him, and Dane would crack up! When your child is in a cast you have to be creative, and unique to entertain him!! Good times Good times!!