Sunday, May 31, 2009

16 months

If only the weeks for the cast would go as fast as Dane's life has gone we would be in good shape! I'm sitting here in utter shock that my little man is 16 months old today! Has it really been 4 months since his 1st birthday? I wish I could make him stay little for a bit longer, although this phase that we are in has brought lots of toddler attitude and tantrums!

Grandma and Grandpa came over this morning to watch Dane so Kevin and I could go to church. We haven't been bringing Dane to church, because I don't want to train lots of people how to care for the cast, so we really appreciate them watching him while we go. Barry grilled some ribs while we were gone, so we enjoyed a yummy lunch when we got back. We also tried out our ice cream machine that was a wedding present that has never been used. We made dark chocolate ice cream, and got to visit just a little bit. Dane was in a major fussy mood when we got back from church, so our social hour was cut short, and I wasn't able to snap any photos. Thanks for watching Dane today, and for cooking us a great lunch Jackie and Barry!

So what's the lil man up to at 16 months:

* Still sleeping about 13 hours each night...goes to bed anywhere from 6-7 pm and then usually wakes up from 6:30-7:30 am... needs his sleep..has major meltdowns if he wakes up too early
* has turned into a somewhat picky's not so much that he doesn't like stuff its that he wants it to be his idea and only eats when he wants
* says Dog, Hot, Dad-da, keys (DEYS), stop, oh, moo, hey, growls, mom-ma (its back!), cookies (sort of)...may be missing some
* cast hasn't stopped him...still very energetic and happy
* is now putting equal weight on both legs when standing
* Loves loves loves being outdoors
* likes to play with his farm, and put the animals in and out of it
* kisses everything
* keys, cell phones, ipods, anything electronic is still his favorite things
* is still taking 2 naps on "good" days. usually 1st is around 9:30 or 10, and then 2nd one around 1 or 2, and can be anywhere from 1 hour to 3.
* Still a major ham
* throws everything (cute until you are at a restaurant and he throws his sippie cup across the room!)
* still loves to play inside Kevin's truck, playing with the steering wheel and all the controls
* is going through a whiny phase ( I hope that it is a phase)
* he loves music and dances anytime he hears it
* very mischievous
* when is told no he will shake his finger at you, and then giggle
* is a Sesame Street fanatic
* knows where his ears, hair, eyes, teeth are
* loves to give high fives

Heres some pics of my 16 month old little Rocker!

Saturday, May 30, 2009



Saturday Sun

Kevin went with his Dad to eat crawfish earlier, so Dane and I packed up and headed to the park to have a picnic, and to play outside. The weather is gorgeous today, but it is already getting so hot! It is going to be a Scorching summer I bet. We only stuck around for an hour or so, because I was sweating to death, so I'm sure Dane was pretty hot inside his cast. But, it gave me a chance to play with my camera again, and for Dane to enjoy the outdoors. :) I love this time a year, because all the flowers look amazing, and are so pretty!! I look forward to when Dane is out of his cast and we can take him to the splash parks, and take him swimming!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Just another day

Balancing himself on the seat of his train... neither his hands nor feet were touching... all while never taking his eyes off Sesame Street on the TV... kid has talent :)

If I R E A C H maybe I can get it

climbing on the train.... using his toes for support

Sesame Street is the only show that he will watch from the beginning to the end the whole way through... I can even leave the room without him noticing while he watches Elmo... keeps his attention for a LONG time!

Innocent Face... "what Mom, I didn't do it"

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

2 weeks in 2nd Spica Cast

Tomorrow will hit the 2 week mark for Dane's 2nd cast. This past week has gone just as slow as the first. Darn. So we are creeping along. Dane doesn't seem bothered by this cast at all, even though I am not a fan. The bar that is under his rear drives me crazy; diaper changes take forever, and it is really hard for him to sit in your lap because it hurts with the bar pressing in your leg. We have an appointment with Dr. Brock a week from Thursday, so I'm curious what all he will say. I'm secretly hoping that he will tell us that Dane's hip looks great, and there is no need to wear the cast any longer. A girl can only wish!

Dane's left leg is still pretty weak compared to the right, but he seems to be using it a little bit more each day. When he stands he still leans towards the right side, and will only put pressure on his left toes. But, his left leg isn't looking as skinny as it did last week, so I think it is slowly getting stronger.

This picture is just a simple reminder of how much Dane has grown. He used to be so tiny in this papasan chair, and now he barely fits. His feet touch the ground, and his head is nearly to high to rest on the cushion. It may be time to invest in a new chair for the lil guy. :) He still likes sitting in this chair though, especially when we are hanging out in the kitchen, or when he is watching Sesame Street. My little man is growing up so fast before my eyes!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Photo Shoot

Dane was a victim of a practice "photo shoot" this morning. He was definitely a good sport today, and I had fun playing with the camera. Let me know what you think, and if you have any pointers send them this way. I put the photos in different collages because I had too many to upload to the blog, but you can click on each one individually to make them bigger.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Barbecue Lunch

We had planned on venturing over to Orange this weekend, but yesterday Granny and Poppy decided that they would come to us today instead. Granny, Lauren and Dane played outside for a while rolling bubble bottles down the slide, which Dane just thought was the funniest thing ever, and then took him for a wagon ride while we waited on Kevin to finish grilling all the meat. We had some yummy barbecue, baked beans and potato salad, and then finished up the meal with chocolate pie and banana pudding. Afterwards, we sat around and watched JT and Lauren play Wii for a couple hours. It was a great day, and we really enjoyed getting to hang out with them today.

Dane has a new "thing" that started this weekend...he now blows kisses! So cute! I love it! He has been kissing on demand a lot more also. I get him to kiss me all the time now, and he also will kiss his stuffed animals or whatever he is holding. I love that he can be so sweet sometimes.

Blowing Kisses

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Kemah Boardwalk

This morning the weather was gorgeous, so we decided that we would make a trip to Kemah, near Galveston to enjoy the weather, and to get out of the house. You gotta love Texas weather because by the time we were packed up in the car it began to rain, and it was just completely black outside. The weather channels said it was going to be intermittent showers throughout the day so we decided to chance it. Once we got pretty close, we were thinking that maybe this trip wasn't a good idea, because their was no sign of the rain letting up. So, we stopped for lunch at Gringos, and were planning on heading back afterwards. We came out of the restaurant and it had cleared up quite a bit, so we headed over to Kemah. I'm so glad that the rain stopped, because we had a great time. We took Dane on the carousal, Ferris wheel, and a train that took us all over the park. Dane had a blast on the rides. He would laugh and clap his hands, and he even said weeee while on the ferris wheel. I think we may have a lil man who likes thrills and going fast... uh oh! :) Despite the humidity, it didn't feel too bad outside. It was great to spend the day hanging out with my family. Kevin has a couple weeks off before his next session in his masters program starts, so we are taking advantage of the free time he has and trying to spend as much quality time together as possible. We always have a good time hanging out, no matter what we are doing, and Dane is such a good baby that it makes it easy to take him places. Once Dane has his cast off I want to take him back to Kemah because of course, there were a lot of things he would have fun doing that he can't right now. There are dancing water fountains that spray up from the ground that kids can run and play in that looked like so much fun, and several baby rides that he would enjoy once he can fit in them. I can't wait until the cast is off, and we won't have to worry as much about the stuff that he can't do!! Today was an amazing day!

Warning: This post has what I like to call Picture Overload!

On the ferris wheel

My Maverick and Goose

This is so much Fun!!

Carousel ride

Choo Choo Ride

How stinkin cute is he?

A mini Maverick

I love this little guy

How did I get such a cute family?

Dane and his favorite buddy

Friday, May 22, 2009

Baby Blues

Ladies Man

Oh Yeah! I'm Cool...the Ladies dig me...

Wait a second...Did mommy style my hair?

I don't think so!! I'm going to fix this!

How ya like my hair now Mommy?

Oh I'm styling now!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

A Little Stronger

Today Dane started putting a little bit more pressure on his left leg when he pulls up. Mostly he holds his weight with his right leg, but occassionally I caught him using his toes on his left foot to help balance himself. Progress!!

Dane sat at the window this afternoon and watched Kevin mow the yard. He would hit his hand on the window and yell dad-da dad-da... At one point Kevin just happened to look over and see that Dane was watching him, so he got closer to the window to chit chat with him...made Dane's day. He started smiling all big, and was so excited.