Tuesday, June 30, 2009

17 months!

Dane is 17 months old today. TEAR TEAR.


It is just going by so fast...I say it every month.

Dane has learned quite a few animals, and loves to do the sounds. He has recently learned that a monkey says ohh ohh ohh (spelling ?), and he moves his arms back and forth under his arm pits when making the noise. I'm going to try to get this on video because its really funny. He also knows the sound of an elephant, and to throw his arm up in the air. He repeats sounds a lot better now, and likes to copy things that we do.

He is getting around very good in his brace, stands up all the time, and we catch him not holding on quite a bit. He is walking behind his truck great, and goes all over the house. I think we still have a while before he walks for real. He loves to play with his truck, balls, cell phones and keys. Put him on the couch and he will run up and down for hours. He loves loves loves to be outside still. And recently he has started to want to wear his sunglasses. He will wear them for 30 minutes at a time. But hats, are a different story!

Dane's favorite show is Sesame Street, and Elmo is still his best friend. He has added a few more words to his vocabulary. Hot, Hi, Stop, Keys. It seems like he picks a new word and will only say that for awhile, forgetting about his other words that he knows. Dane's favorite foods are bananas, graduate raviolis (still!), chicken nuggets, mac& cheese, graduate fruit sticks and oatmeal. We can't forget about his love for tater tots! He is very picky, but getting better at trying new things...sometimes. He still requires about 13 hours of sleep at night, and takes either 2 short naps or 1 long nap.

He has definitely started turning into a toddler. He now knows what he wants, sort of, and will let you know otherwise. We do experience tantrums, usually daily. But generally, he is still a pretty happy little baby. He is a ham, loves to make us laugh, and gives lots of kisses.

Dane's Lawn Service

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Dane's Lawn Service is just what you need. We will even throw in free bubbles that comes out of the mower while your grass is getting cut. You can pay this little guy with animal cookies and apple juice, and he will do a great job! Its cheap, convenient and cute!

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Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Day of Accomplishments

Today was a big day for the little man. It started off with Dane getting to go church and hang out in the nursery...1st time in 3 months. I was a little nervous, because he has been a bit clingy lately, but he did great! We walked in to his room, and he immediately started pointing to the toys, and wanted Kevin to put him down. We got a great report from his teacher!!

Dane is finally eating better now that we are able to put him in his high chair. I guess he wants to be independent and feed himself, and this makes it easier for sure! Bananas have become his fruit of choice...which is great since they are good for you. He is still pretty picky though, and only wants to eat when it is his idea. Very strong willed all ready...joy!

Dane is starting to get around great in his brace, and it seems like he is getting braver as well. He no longer army crawls, but has figured out how to crawl again on his knees. He is also pulling up pretty quick now, able to climb our stairs, and he is cruising along the furniture while holding on as well. Today he surprised us and did something to really be excited about. I had just taken his brace off to get him ready to go swimming and he just crawled over to his truck, pulled up and immediately started walking behind it while pushing it. In his 2nd cast he had figured out how to take a couple steps behind the truck, but today he walked all over the house using his truck!! YEAH!!! I was really excited. I think he was too!!

Another accomplishment was that Dane actually played inside his baby pool instead of on the outside of it. We started off putting him in the pool with no water in it, and turned on the sprinkler part. Kevin filled up a couple buckets of water from the sink, so it wouldn't be too cold. At first when Kevin would pour the water in Dane would freak out, but he finally calmed down, and started having fun. At one point I even caught Dane taking his arms off the side of the pool and putting them both in the water and splashing around without holding on. I hope this is a start to him liking water again!!

One last thing...tooth # 8 is finally coming in. This is a big one on his left side, and causing lots of pain, crying, runny nose, and lack of sleep. I believe it is a molar. I can only see a small tiny dot, and his gums look a little swollen and red. I think this one hurts the most!! Poor little guy...I hope that it comes in quick for his sake, and for ours!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Practice Makes Perfect!

Today was a bit different for me...I actually took pictures of people other than my little man!! That's right I had clients...ok they weren't clients but friends of mine who let me practice on their kiddos. :) We had a good time, except the fact that it was so HOT. These are just a couple pictures from the shoots.

The DeRouen bunch came into town to visit the zoo. What an adorable family! I have known Jennifer since we were in bed babies together at church, and her kiddos have gotten so big! It makes me feel so old!! Jordan and Ashton were hamming it up for the camera, and little Miss Kaylee wanted to run for the hills.

And here you have Little Miss Priss Hailey. She turns 1 on Thursday, and is just the cutest little thing. She loves to clap and dance, and is a true Mommy's girl for sure. Hailey's mom is my good friend from work. Anytime we work together you can guarantee there is a lot of laughter!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Back to the Good Ol Days

Before the cast I took so many things for granted. The cast made me appreciate all the little things we were used to. Just everyday things were no longer possible once Dane got his cast on. 3 months doesn't usually seem like a long time, but in this case it felt like forever. It feels awesome to no longer have that blue monster in the house. Dane has a long way to go before he is back to where he was before the cast, but he is able to be so much more mobile in this brace. One thing that we missed terribly was feeding Dane in his highchair. Feeding a 16 month old is not a easy task, and when he isn't strapped in can make it so much more difficult. Dane missed his slide and swing also. He would point to it every time that we went outside, and get upset when he wouldn't be able to play with it. Heartbreaking. He doesn't fit in the highchair or swing in his brace, but we take the brace off to eat, and then to let him swing for a few minutes. Things are going better today. Yesterday he was having a hard time sitting up on his own, but today seems a little better. He was able to sit up for a little bit on the slide before falling over. We need to workout those abs a little more. :) But, he is able to pull up in the brace, and has taken a few steps while holding onto furniture. Dane doesn't seem to mind the brace. Sometimes he slaps his legs where the cast used to be like he is wondering what happened to it. It is cute. You can see his little brain turning. I'm so thankful that he is out of the cast, and is starting to get back to "normal"... whatever that may be!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Swim Therapy

We just got back from swimming at the neighborhood pool. Apparently the lifeguard at the pool is hardcore. We have pool tags that we have to bring with us to the pool, and Kevin accidentally grabbed our tags from last year. The lifeguard would not let us get in the pool, even though it was clear that we lived in that neighborhood. We tried begging him, but he would not budge. No 2009 tags...No Swimming! Seriously dude...it really isn't that serious! :) So Kevin headed back to the house, and Dane and I hung out in a chair and waited and waited and waited. I called Kevin because it was taking way too long..we live 3 minutes from the pool. Well, Kevin was having a hard time finding the tags, and we were dying of a heat stroke waiting to cool off. 2 ladies overheard us talking, and said that they had 2 extra tags that we could just use those. So I had to be sneaky and act like they were ours. Oh the trouble you have to go to spend 45 minutes at your neighborhood pool

We didn't stay too long, because I was really scared that the little man was going to get burned, even though he was wearing half of the tube of sun screen. I wasn't sure how Dane would do, and on the way Kevin and I came up with all these ways we could try to put him into the pool so he wouldn't freak out. The water wasn't cold at all, which helped I think. He surprised us for sure, and didn't cry like he did yesterday with the baby pool. As long as we were holding him pretty close to us, and he felt secure he was totally fine and loved it. He splashed and laughed and had a grand ol time. He even loved being in the baby raft that I had gotten. So swimming was a success today, and I think it helped with his hip soreness also, which was really our goal for today.

I think we may be spending a lot of time at the pool this summer....well..if we can find our 2009 swim tags!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cast Free!!!!

It has been a bit of a crazy afternoon. I'm curious how long I will be able to type before having to go into Dane's room again for the 5th time this evening. Dane didn't get an afternoon nap, so he is exhausted, but extremely restless at the moment. Usually, bedtime consists of us just putting him in his crib around 6 or 6:30 and he puts himself to sleep. But, tonight has been rough on the little man. I'm not sure if he is sore or just not used to the brace that he is having to sleep in, but he is having hard time getting settled.

Anyway, on to the good stuff!! We went and saw Dr. Brock today, and had the cast removed!!!! Yeah!!! Removal of the cast was not a fun situation. Even though we had experienced the removal of the bar it was very traumatic for Dane and for me. Dane began to freak out the moment that the casting guy turned on the pizza cutter. It was extremely loud, and it vibrated his whole body. It did not go fast either. He had to do both sides of the cast, turn him over and do both sides of the back side as well. Once he used the pizza cutter to slice the sides of the cast then he had to use a tool to pry the cast open... that booger wasn't going anywhere. Dane was screaming until he turned off the pizza cutter, and then I started freaking out that the guy was being too rough with his legs... I knew that Dane was probably sore. The casting guy kept saying "your ok mom"...it kind of cracked me up. Inside the cast was just plain gross. We didn't get to see what the inside of the first one looked like...but this one was disgusting! So we cleaned him up as good as we could with diaper wipes and then headed over to x-ray.

I can not even begin to describe how awesome it was to hold Dane without the cast! I had my soft snuggly baby back. It almost felt as though he was a limp wet rag compared to how he felt holding him in that cast. His little body was so squishy. (spelling??) I feel like he weighed 10 pounds less, and seeing his little chubby legs and belly again was just the best thing! It was just awesome...That's all I can really say.

Dr. Brock thought the x-rays looked good, and then put him in his brace. The brace won't be bad at all I don't think once Dane gets used to it. The front of it just has a sponge material wrapped around each leg with Velcro. The back is made up of a spongy material, and then the seat part is plastic. Right now Dane is suppose to wear the brace all day and night with exception of going swimming or taking baths. Dane doesn't seem to mind the brace at all. He crawls just as fast in it, and can pull up already in it. One thing that he isn't able to do is sit up on his own. Being in the cast for 12 weeks he was not able to bend his waist, so he has lost some muscle in his abs. He can sit up on his knees with no problems, but sitting on his rear he has no ab muscles to hold him up. Hopefully, this won't take too long to get back. It is a little frustrating for me that he is having to re-learn everything, even the most basic things like sitting up again. I had no idea that his abs would be so weak, but they are so, we will have to continue to work him out a bit. Also, the brace is much lighter so you would think that it would be easier to regain balance and all that, but if you are used to having something heavier that you are carrying around it takes some time to get used to it.

As soon as we got home I was ready to try out swimming, since Dr. Brock's nurse said that it was ok the minute he was out of the cast. I blew up Dane's baby pool and filled it up. He looked so cute in his bathing suit, and it was so weird (but in a good way) seeing his whole lil body. We tried putting Dane in the pool, but he immediately freaked out on us. He started crying and gripping my shirt. He was really scared. I'm not sure if it was the slippery bottom of the pool, or if he is afraid to be put into the water since it has been so long since his last bath. He was ok putting his hands in the water and splashing around, but wanted no part of having his body in it. So, we laid out a towel, and let him just lay outside the pool. He had a blast. He loved splashing the water and playing with the mini sprinkler that was attached to the pool. We tried several times to place him in the water once we felt like he was used to it, but he would still get really upset. So, it is going to be baby steps with the water I think. Bath time didn't go to well either. :( Tomorrow we plan on going swimming at a regular pool, so hopefully us being in the water with him will make it easier. I'm really wanting the water to help with his stiff joints, and to make the soreness go away a little quicker. Day by Day! Dane has been a bit clingy, and wants to be held more than usual. I think his little brain is trying to wrap itself around the fact that his "world" has changed once again. But, the worst part is behind us. I'm just anxious for my little man to learn to walk again, and do everything that he was doing before the cast. If only I could have Dane's attitude... nothing seems to get him down!