Monday, August 31, 2009

19 months

Today makes another month. 19 months to be exact that my lil precious man came into our lives. What an amazing journey so far.

I have gotten the same question from time to time. How long do you continue to count the months? At 24 months? At 36 months? At 452 months? Ha Not sure, so I'm going until 24 then I'm done, and then he will just be 2 years old. :) And I have also gotten this question on a lot of occasions... how long are you going to keep up with the blog? Until Dane is a certain age? finishes high school? gets married? haha I honestly I have no idea. This is my own personal journal which just happens to be online. I don't have time to scrapbook, which I love to do, so this blog is my way of preserving the memories. I have no contract... I'll continue to do the blog until my heart isn't in it anymore, which I don't see happening anytime soon!

The little man is learning so much right now. It is amazing to sit back and watch his little brain working. I have been meaning to get a video of Dane pointing to his body parts and making his animal sounds, but have totally forgotten until I saw Mrs Tabitha's blog! Thanks Tabby Tab...I stole your blog idea! He tries to repeat everything that we say, and copy everything that we do. And he is picking up on stuff that we aren't even trying to teach him. So, we got to really start being aware of what we are doing...Little eyes are watching all the time! He is such a huge ball of energy, with so much zest for life! He is really in a fun stage right now minus the tantrums that get thrown every now and then. Thank you Lord for this amazing little person that you have put into our lives. He has changed our world completely for the better!

Ok update: I have been trying to get this stupid video to upload for over an hour. And it isn't the video will have to wait until another day. ARRRGGG... it's frustrating me!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sleep is over-rated!!

Paci Update:

Well, I wouldn't say the paci weaning has been going great. The first night was a little rough. It took a long time for Dane to fall asleep without the pacifier. He was not a happy camper, and just when I was about to cave in he finally fell asleep. But, then at 4:00 in the morning he was awake again, and I thought it would be a grand idea to put him in the bed with us. Wrong! Needless to say sleep time was over.

So, the next day we tried again to get him to take a nap with no paci. Same thing happened. Lots of crying. We lucked out last night...we had stayed out way past Dane's bed time, so he actually went down pretty quick. Hopefully, tonight will go a little better. It would be so easy to just give in and give him back the pacifier, but we are really going to try stick with it.

We had a busy weekend. Saturday we went and celebrated Zach's 4th birthday. I didn't take any pictures...GASP! So once Christy updates her blog I can steal some pictures from her to put on here. Dane had so much fun playing with all the other kiddos, and Zach was so cute opening all his gifts and blowing out his candles. He is so big now! I can't believe it! After Zach's party we all went and had dinner together. Sunday, Jackie (Grandma) got back into town from New York, so we had lunch with her and her friends Glena and Tom. Dane hasn't seen Grandma the whole summer, so they got to hang out for a while, and catch up.

We ended the weekend with letting Dane play outside in the sprinklers. He had so much fun, and he was just too cute! And yes we let him play in his diaper!! :) I'm sure all our neighbors were watching through their was a sight to see. I had the camera, Kevin had the video camera, Dane was running around with no clothes on, and we had to keep running to keep him from getting too close to the street. Oh to be so free!! Lots of squeals from the little man! He had such a blast! I'm hoping that it wore him out, and he will not remember the Paci when it is time to go nite nite!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Paci...a thing of the past

Well tonight is either going to be a rough night, or it could be great. We'll just have to wait and see.
It is time to say good bye to the paci. I don't think it is going to be a hard transition, but honestly I have no idea how he will do. For the past 6 months or so Dane only uses his pacifier when he is going to sleep. We make him throw his pacifier in the crib when he gets up in the morning, except for when we took long road trips. The pacifiers stayed up stairs, and it has worked out great. But, I think it is time. I have this secret fear that I will have one of those "grown" kids still walking around with a plug in his mouth.

So, this afternoon I gathered all of his pacifiers and brought them downstairs and put them on our coffee table. He got so excited when he saw all of them sitting there. He must have thought I'm in hog heaven...all my pacifiers at one time, and I'm not going to sleep! I wanted him to have one last moment with them. Silly I know, but they are like family to him. haha

Anyway, so he immediately went over to them and was looking at them trying to decided which one he would take first. He would put one in his mouth, suck on it for a little while, take it out and put another in his mouth, and just a smiling the whole time.

He even shared his paci with his daddy. As long as he had one in his mouth he would try to put one in Kevin's mouth as well.

So, after a few minutes I got a zip lock baggie and got him to put the pacifiers in the bag. He put all of them in there except for his last one!! Smart boy!! ha Once we got them all in there he was distracted, so I hid them in our pantry. He seemed fine then, but we will see how it goes when he is going to bed. I'm a little nervous, but I hope that it is a smooth process!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Good News!

We are home from the hospital and Dane is finally taking a nap. We had to be there at 6:00, which means we had to leave our house around 5:20. So, we were all really tired, and hungry! We got called back into the pre-op wing fairly quick, but sat in there for over a hour and half waiting on Dr. Brock and the anesthesiologist. Dane was in a great mood until about 15 minutes before the doctor got there, and then I think his hunger pains set in, and he was not a happy camper.

The anesthesiologist decided that since this procedure would only take a short time that Dane would not get a "rita" before to relax him. He said that with that medicine it would have taken a little while longer to wake him up since he wasn't going to be under for very long. So, they brought in a wagon that they would use to take Dane back since he was awake, and would probably get scared with them taking him away from us. He did ok when they took him back. He rode in the wagon, and when the nurse took him out to go farther that is when he got upset, not because they took him away from me. Funny guy.

Ok on to the important stuff. The procedure only took 45 minutes. Dr. Brock took several images, and came out afterwards to show us everything. He said that Dane's hip was in the right spot, and was not moving. He tried using force and the hip wasn't going anywhere. Praise the Lord. He put Dane's hip in many positions, and the hip looked great in all of them. I think Dr. Brock was a bit surprised himself. But, Dane did have some scar tissue or "junk" as Brock kept saying around a small part of the hip that is causing the hip to not be as flexible as it should be. The movements of the legs should be symmetrical, but Dane's left hip doesn't move the same way as the right. Dr. Brock wants to do an MRI so he can see exactly what the tissue is, and how thick it is. He feels as though he may have to go back in to clean up the area. I'm not really sure if cleaning up a joint is considered a surgery procedure or not. But, he didn't think he needed to be in a brace or cast at the moment. He may need to go back to a brace once the hip joint is cleaned up, but we probably won't know until after the MRI. During the MRI and the cleaning of the joint Dane will have to be put back to sleep to do these procedures. Dr. Brock was pleased with Dane's hip's position. We were not expecting this kind of news, and had mentally prepared for the worst. We feel so much better that the hip is still in place, and the surgery wasn't a waste. I'm not sure what the future holds, and if we will be back in the brace or cast, but right now we are praising God that his hip looked good besides the small amount of junk that was seen.

Thank you all for all the thoughts and prayers! We really appreciate it... but don't stop praying! :) We may need some more prayers again when we do the couple of procedures coming up!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Coke Thief

Today, I got myself a drink from McDonald's, and made the mistake of taking it outside with us when we went out to play. Dane must think that when I get a big drink that I'm getting it for him. He doesn't let me have any of it, and gets really mad when I try to take it away from him. Luckily, when he got ahold of it today I had already drank most of it, so he didn't fill up on a lot of coke. He cracks me up though, he would glance over at me and give me a little smirk before he would take a drink. He's a handful for sure!

Arthogram Scheduled

Well, we just heard from the ortho doctor, and we have to be at the hospital at 6:00 again tomorrow morning for Dane's arthogram. I'm not sure why we have to get there so early, because Dr. Brock doesn't roll in until 7:30. So have your prayer caps (get thinking caps) on. The procedure usually only takes an hour or less once they take Dane back.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Ever since Dane had his check-up Wednesday, and the doctor asked if he could say more than 10 words it got me thinking. What words does he know? How many? The crazy thing is how many he actually knows...everyday he is learning a new word. I can't keep up! It was just maybe a month ago that all he said was da da, and now he says so many! So I decided to come up with a list...

da da
mom ma
bawl (ball)
bay bawl (base ball)
noo noo (draws out the o in no no)
eet (feet)
baff (bath)
coo keys (cookies)
Mel mo (Elmo)
teet (teeth)
kiddy (kitty)
dink (drink)
red go (ready go)
shu (shoe)
nite nite
daw (dog)
growl (the sound)
ing (swing)

I may be missing some...I'll have to add once I think of them. Kevin is trying so hard to get him to say "gig em" or "aggie"... no such luck though Before I had kids I would wonder how parents were able to understand their child when they would babble, because It didn't really sound like a word ...well now I totally get it. Im sure if you heard some of these words come out of Dane's mouth you would say what?? It is so much fun to watch him learn words and use them in a correct way. It is amazing how their little brains work, and just absorb everything that you do. We have already gotten to the point that we have to spell stuff if we don't want Dane to know what we are talking about! Hilarious. for example: Where is such and such? oh it is o-u-t-s-i-d-e. Because if Dane hears the word outside he gets all excited and starts running to the door.

Random pics...

Friday, August 21, 2009

a busy week ahead

Just an update:

Next week is going to be filled with a lot of overwhelming information regarding Dane's hip. We have an appointment with an orthopedic doctor to get a second opinion on Tuesday, and then Wednesday we have an appointment with Dr. Brock to have an arthrogram done to see how deep Dane's hip is in the joint. He will have to be put to sleep again to do this procedure. Please pray that we have clarity on all that we hear, and that we make the right decision on what to do next. Also, please pray that Dane's hip is in the right place, that his arthrogram goes smoothly, and there are no complications. I know that I have been a little vague on here, and haven't told too many details on what is exactly going on. I'm overwhelmed, frustrated, annoyed, confused etc so once I know more, then I may feel more comfortable sharing more. Please just keep us in your prayers this week!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Granny Time

Granny has come into town this week to watch Dane while we are at work, and will come again next week also. We appreciate her baby sitting for us, and Dane is enjoying getting to spend quality time with her. Through out the day she gives me updates on what the little man is doing. This morning she sent me this picture from her phone. The little man was taking a bubble bath at 9:00 in the morning! Does he have her wrapped around his finger or what? :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

18 month check-up

This afternoon was Dane's 18 month check up. It went really well, and Dane is right on track for everything. I love his new pediatrician! He is great! They asked several questions about his development such as can he walk backwards, can he stack 4 or more blocks, can he say more than 10 words etc. and he passed everything. They also had me fill out a form that asked a ton of questions about Dane's development that they look at for symptoms of autism. Dane scored a 0 which is a perfect score for not having symptoms of autism. So, he is a healthy normal 18 month old! Praise the Lord for that! He had to have 3 shots today, which was not fun. He was a trooper though, and laid still while they were giving him the shots, and only cried for a little while. He is now done with shots until he is i believe 4 years old. He still has to go in for a 2 and 3 year check up, but he is done with shots for a while! Yeah!

My favorite part of the whole appointment is finding out how much he weighs and how tall he is.
Here is his latest stats:

At birth
7lbs 5 oz 20 inches long

1 year
22lbs 9 oz 29 inches long

18 months
25lbs 1.2 oz 32 inches long

He is in between 25-50 percentile for both weight and length. The doctor said that he is equally proportioned, and healthy. Kevin brought it to my attention that Dane is exactly half my height. Hard to believe. But its true. I'm 5.4 which is 64 inches. Anyway, I did talk to the doctor about the situation going on with Dane's hip. He gave me a phone number to a orthopedic doctor that he refers his patients to. So, I plan on calling him this week to schedule an appointment to get a 2nd opinion of Dane's situation. Anyway keep praying about that.

So after the doctor appointment I gave Dane a treat since he had to have shots. This was his first time eating a ice cream sandwich, and oh boy he loved it!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Watch out Tiger Woods...

There's a little man who is going to give you a run for your money

We had an orthopedic appointment today, and it didn't go as well as all the other ones. Dr. Brock did a x-ray with the brace on and with it off. He said that he did not like the x-rays with the brace on. He told me that this never happens, that the x-rays always look great with patients that have the brace on. But, for some reason or another Dane's brace isn't doing what it is suppose to do for him. It is placing the hip in a position that it isn't suppose to be in. Without the brace Dr Brock said that the hip looked perfect. Well, it sounds like it would be common sense to just keep the brace off, but Dr Brock is concerned that the hip isn't "stuck" enough in the joint yet. It takes time I guess for the hip to grow enough where it can not be slipped out. He wants to do an arthogram to see exactly how deep the hip is in the joint to figure out what the next step would be. So please pray that Dane's hip is deep enough in the joint that no further action has to take place. Dr Brock told me to hold off putting the brace back on him, since obviously it is not doing what needs to be done. It is good news though that his hip was in place without being in the brace.
Tomorrow we have Dane's 18 month appointment. He is a little behind on his shots, because he was in a cast for his 15th month checkup. So, tomorrow he should get his 15 month shots, and then they are suppose to spread out his 18 month shots later on. I am looking forward to seeing how much he weighs and how tall he is.

Monday, August 17, 2009

10, 11, 12, 13 and maybe 14

That's the topic for tonight.

Somehow I missed out on Dane's latest teeth coming in. My last post about teeth was when tooth # 9 was starting to come in, and it still hasn't come in all the way yet. Well, today I stuck my finger in D's mouth and oh my word...lots of teeth coming in at the same time. He has his top and bottom molars coming in on the right side, a tooth on the bottom right next to the molar, a tooth next to his left lower molar, and maybe a tooth coming in on the top left.

Ok so everyone is rolling their eyes right now and thinking who cares?
Well, I do! And I want to remember every that way when Dane asks me when he is older "hey mom, when exactly did I get in tooth # 13" I will be able to tell him. Haha The eyes are rolling again, huh!

So maybe this will explain why Dane has had some major fussy moments. Wouldn't you be fussy if you had 5 teeth coming in at one time? Ok, so I guess I will cut the lil man some slack and not be mad if he wakes me up yet again in the middle of the night screaming at the top of his lungs! But, lets hope that he doesn't. :)

Question: how many teeth does a baby get anyway?? Surely, we are getting pretty close to having all the pearly whites in place. Surely.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Beach Bums

We are officially pooped.

We are in the car driving back from a very long weekend. Well, I'm actually not driving...would be scary if I was. I'm actually in the backseat while my mom drives, and Dane and Lauren sleeps. So, I'm taking the time to catch up on blogging.

We have had a very long weekend. And did I mention that I am pooped? Oh I did.

My girl Tabitha came into town with her little man, and we headed over to Galveston to beach it up. Dane hasn't been to the beach since he was about 4 months old. Tabitha and I packed everything that we could think of that we needed for the beach. And then once we got there we realized real quick that we needed an extra set of hands. Going to the beach with two one year olds was quite an ordeal, and not something we plan on attempting again anytime soon. :) It was hard setting up everything we brought while keeping the lil ones out of the water, eating the sand etc. But, the boys had so much fun playing in the water, digging in the sand and just being boys! It was great to see Tabitha and to hang out with her for a few days. We managed for no one to get burned, and for all of us to have a great time! The boys were really cute together, and had so much fun playing together. We are very tired from this weekend, but we are so happy that we got to hang out with our friends. After the beach we went to Orange for a few days to visit with the family. Dane and I had a great weekend, but we are so so so pooped.

Ok I'm off to bed. Good night.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hi Ho Hi Ho It's off to work HE goes

Summer is just about over, and I can not believe how fast it went by. Kevin has to go back to work tomorrow. I think he is torn on rather he is ready or not for the new school year to start. His kids don't actually come back until the 24th, so he has a little over a week to get adjusted to being back at work.

So the little man is going to go through with drawls not having his daddy to hang out with all day long. He has gotten pretty attached to Kevin this summer, since he was around him constantly for 3 months. I think Kevin may go through with drawls also! :) Over the summer they have had a lot of fun together. Kevin took Dane to the pool quite a bit, and also around town to entertain him. Chick fil-a's playground was used a lot, and so was Barnes and Nobles because they have a train set that Dane loves to play with. Dane loves hanging out with his daddy, so this summer was great for both of them I'm sure!

Here are some pictures that Kevin took from his cell phone over the past few weeks. I haven't taken any pictures of the little man in the last few days, so I raided Kevin's phone to have some pictures to put on here! The quality isn't great, since its from a cell phone, but I appreciate that Kevin takes pictures to send to me while I'm away at work! :)