Wednesday, September 30, 2009

20 months

Are we really only 4 months away from Dane's 2nd birthday????? There is no way that is possible. For some reason the clicker on the side of my page says Dane still has 5 days till he turns 20 months. Weird. Since today is the last day of the month. Anyway the lil man is just a growing. He blows my mind away with how much he is learning everyday. He copies everything that we do, and tries to say so much.
Dane learns new words everyday now. It is hard to keep up with it. Some of the words that are on the top of my head at the moment, besides all the ones I previously posted, are baby (anyone that is his size or smaller he calls a baby) (when he looks in the mirror he calls himself a baby...cracks me up), says Dane (says his name when you ask him what his name is) backpack (new today), where is it and there it is (these words kind of getting smashed together to sound like one word), juice, milk, hi (says it all the time), uh oh (usually says it as he throws something that he isn't suppose to throw), vrmm, honk, clock, sock (obviously loves ck sound ex duck, truck, yuck etc), bowl, swing, spoon. I know I'm missing a lot of his new words.

Dane is really into balls. I mean REALLY. He is constantly pointing and saying ball ball. Even if he sees a circle he immediately says ball. We can;t go into a store now without him finding balls, and wanting to hold them while shopping. It is golf ball, football, baseball etc etc. Also Dane is really into cars and steering wheels. He always wants to play in Kevin's truck. If he is fussy we just ask him if he wants to go play in the truck, and he immediately starts clapping and heading that way! He is all boy for sure, and even starting to smell like a little boy! More like a wet dog in fact. How is it possible to have a baby that is so cute that can smell so bad! :) He is still a horrible eater, and seems to eat the same thing over and over. Chicken nuggets and mac and cheese are his favorites. But he makes up for being such a bad eater by being a great sleeper. Still goes to bed around 6:30 and wakes up from 6-7:30. I love it! Dane has a major sweet tooth for sure. Loves cookies of any kind. Dane has started saying momma momma when he is crying. This is something that I hate. It breaks my heart when he does that. Sesame Street is still his favorite show, and Elmo is his favorite. Dane copies everything that we do, throws the best tantrums, and is still sweet lil thing, who is laid back and goes with the flow. He is growing up so fast, and becoming such a little boy.

This week Kevin's parents are staying with us before they move to New York. So Dane has gotten lots of attention from them, and getting to spend time with their dog Taffy. He loves to say dog dog, and where is he when Taffy goes to another room. Dane likes Taffy if she is sitting down, but doesn't like when Taffy is walking near him. He will pet Taffy after he warms up to her for a while. One day we will get Dane a dog...yes I just said that! Yes I'm still scared of big dogs, but if we got one like Taffy then it would be good. Taffy is a very calm dog who obeys all the commands. I was nervous around her when Kevin and I were dating, but now am pretty used to her.

Anyway... Happy 20 month big boy!! We love you!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Because I know... are having with drawls since it has been oh what 4 days since you have seen pictures of the lil man??

So here you go....

Several pictures with several facial expressions.


Taylor Swift that is...

Took a little girls trip to Dallas this weekend to see an awesome concert. I went with my friend Christy and her sister Becky, and we met our girl Tabitha, and Christy's nieces in Dallas. I love Taylor's music, so I was really excited that Becky was able to get us tickets. It was a sold out concert, so tickets were really hard to get! Thanks Becky! We started off the weekend with some good ol mexican food, and then headed over to the arena. Kelly Pickler, who I also happen to love, was opening up for Taylor! AWESOME AWESOME concert. Christy kept us laughing the whole show, because she truly is Taylor's #1 fan, and knew everything that was going to happen, and would keep us informed on what to look for. She knows every word to every song that Taylor sang. ha

We did get a good laugh from this lady who was sitting in front of us Apparantly, she is a little sensitive on who can call themselves an Aggie. She overheard Christy telling me that I was married into the Aggie family, and decided to butt in and make sure I knew that No I could not call myself a True Aggie. HAHA Hilarious that she even cared, and felt the need to tell me that only my husband was an Aggie...But we made sure to continue to throw out Aggie comments every now and then...just because! :) and my sweet hubby says that I am a true aggie to him... I have pictures from when I was little with aggie clothes on, and my mom actually got me an aggie watch for christmas one year when I was in jr high...So I have always been cheering on the Aggies (long before I met my prince Aggie)

Taylor is a great performer! I was thinking that we were going to be the oldest people there since she is pretty much a teeny bopper. But there was a good mix in age at the concert...not just counting the parents of the small children! hahahaha Anyway, I'm so glad that I got to hang out with my girls, and go to a concert. It has been couple years since I have been able to go to a concert. We ended the weekend by having lunch with our sweet friend Ashley who also lives in the Dallas area. Good Times Good Times!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fall is Here!

I got home to some amazing weather today! It is literally 66 degrees at my house, and I am so excited about that! Fall is my favorite time of the year, So I am really happy that we may actually get fall weather this year. I love the cool weather, and how pretty the trees are, and the fact that holidays are right around the corner...I love Fall! :)

Tonight Kevin grilled some chicken, so we decided to sit outside on the back patio to eat. Dane was enjoying playing outside, so we let him stay up a little later tonight. Man it felt so awesome outside! Actually, it felt so good outside that I had to put a little jacket on Dane because I was getting chilly, and figured he may be also. I'm so glad that Fall is here!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cooped up

Today was filled with cabin fever. It rained pretty much all day, so Dane and I were stuck inside until late this afternoon. So, we were a bit cranky today, and when I say we I mean he. :) Me telling Dane that we couldn't go outside pretty much made him want to go out even more than normal. Every time I turned around he was either saying shu (shoes) or grabbing his shoes, or grabbing my hand and leading me to the door. He just didn't understand why I wouldn't take him out there. Poor little guy. Yeah so today was a bit rough for both of us.

So we just hung out...

and opened and closed doors over and over...

and pretended to mop for at least 45 minutes

and read books and pointed to ducks

and tried to put Mr. Potato's lips in his ears

and somehow managed to go through 3 shirts today

and then finally after the longest day ever...we finally got to go outside right before Daddy got home.

Cabin fever is not fun!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Crack...It's Whats For Dinner

This may be one of those "you had to be there moments", but I'm going to tell it anyway because it cracks me up. My mom will totally appreciate this story because she witnessed this when she watched Dane while we were in Vegas. Dane has an obsession.

I have no idea why he likes to do this, but he does it every time he is in the bathtub. And it is just plain weird, but really funny to watch.

He has an obsession... with the wash rag.

And not just holding the wash rag, and playing with it, but more like sniffing the water where he inhales it through his nose. He will take the rag wipe his face like he is trying to clean it, and then put it to his nose and breathe in the water. My mom has said on multiple occasions that it looks like he is snorting crack!!!!! Oh my gosh. When she told me that the first time I literally had a belly laugh moment! Because as harsh as it sounds it is so TRUE!!! that is exactly what it looks like. Like he is getting his daily fix of bath water! Sometimes he snorts so much that he ends up sneezing 4 or 5 times. Hilarious! But, I can't get him to stop, no matter what I do.

He is addicted. I think he may need counseling! :)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Daddy Love

This is one of those photos that Dane will look at it when he is older, and really appreciate just how much his daddy loves him. And the funny thing is I don't have to ask Kevin to do sweet stuff with Dane so I can capture a great shot. He does this kind of stuff everyday and on his own. I always knew that Kevin would be a great father, because he is such a great husband, but honestly I had no idea how great of one he would be. In Dane's eyes his daddy has hung the moon. He is his biggest fan for sure. I can't wait to see what kind of trouble these 2 can get into once Dane is older. Kevin has so many things that he is looking forward to doing with the little man. There's nothing like a bond between a son and a father!

Dane is truly lucky and blessed to have such a wonderful man that he gets to call dad. I'm really proud of my sweet hubby. He has turned out to be a wonderful father!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

You look like a Monkey and smell like one Too!

We decided to go to the zoo today since the weather was nice, and we haven't been since before Dane's surgery. Dane now knows so many animal sounds that we thought he would appreciate it a little more this go round.

We started off the day with a train ride around the park. We did have a small meltdown while on the ride. Dane wanted Kevin to put him down on the ground, and when he didn't someone got a little cranky. But, once we got to the zoo, Dane immediately started having fun. He really enjoyed looking at the animals this time. And he would make the sound when we would point to each animal. The giraffes, elephants and monkeys were by far his favorites. He wanted to stay at the monkeys for a long time, and just stared so intently at them moving around. I think he did the monkey sound and movements about 100 times today. He is a little monkey himself. When we saw the orangtan it came right up to the glass and put his face on it. Dane was not scared at all, and put his little head next to the glass! The pictures aren't great of that because I was shooting through glass, but I loved that Dane was right next to it. I think this was the best part!

Just like the last time we were at the zoo he wanted out of the wagon, and wanted to push it instead of riding in it mostly. He really enjoys being outside, and wanted to move around as much as possible. He was all over the place, but did really good today with listening to us, and walking the direction that we needed him to go. He seems to really like animals, and I think he is starting to recognize them along with their names. When I was uploading my pictures Dane would come over to the computer and point and make the sound of the animal and try to touch the screen.

It really wasn't too hot today, and surprisingly it wasn't over crowded. We stayed about 3 hours before heading out, since it was time for the little man to take a nap. We had a great family outing today, which ended with a stop at Sonic to get a big drink!

Oh...while we were walking around we saw this seal statue that I remembered from when I was a kid. So I put Dane up next to it to get a picture, because I thought I had a picture of me by it. I couldn't get Dane to look at me though, because the seal had a ball on his nose, so Dane kept staring at it and saying bawl bawl. If there is a ball any where in sight then it is very hard to get him to do anything that you want him to do. Anyway, I got home and searched and searched through my old pictures and found it! Please excuse my lack of fashion, and bad hair. For some reason I have on a half shirt, and oh lord I have big bangs...but I think it is cool that we both have pictures by the same thing. (Aunt you recognize who I am with in this picture???? I guess you were baby sitting us??)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sweet Tooth

I think it is fair to say that even though my cupcakes didn't turn out too pretty they do taste rather yummy! We have had to cover up the cake dish with a towel to hide it from the little man. As soon as he sees the cupcakes he starts pointing and whining wanting one. And then when we do give him one it is nothing but hmmmms coming from the high chair. I think he gets his love for sweets from me.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Again, Again, Again

Dane's new thing is saying "again" when he wants you to repeat what you are doing. He loves to be on top of your legs while up in the air, and then when you put him down he says "Again"...or when Kevin holds him and swings him around. His little voice will say again again...over and over. It is so cute, but at the same time very tiring! You get quite a workout when you lift him 100+times! :) What is funny is that I don't remember Kevin and I ever really saying this to him, so how he picked it up it beats me. I guess he is just a smarty pants. HAHA

Oh funny story:
Earlier Kevin went to lay down on the floor, and accidentally fell on top of a toy. He immediately sat up, had his back arched and said OWW real loud. Well little man I guess was watching, and immediately started copying him. He kept sticking his baby gut out and arching his back and saying OWW OWW. It was hilarious! Kevin kept doing it, and Dane would follow suit! We have ourselves a little copy cat. He is such a ham!

Ok I guess I will share a funny story about me:
Yesterday I had a craving for cupcakes. So, baking is what I did. Well, baking (cooking) has never been my forte. I have never been the girl who just loves to cook. I will do it when I need to, but it isn't something I get excited about. And there's a reason for it. I always have funny stuff that happens to me when I cook/bake. And yesterday was no different. I went to get the cupcakes out of the oven, and immediately started to laugh. Obviously, I had put too much batter in the cups. Several of them were pouring out over the edge, and then I did have 5 or so that somehow got burnt on the bottom. **sigh*** The ones that made it were yummy though, I have to admit. So I'm not going to be Betty Crocker. Oh well. Kevin knew what he was getting into when he married me...I did warn him. I guess I will stick to taking pictures...