Wednesday, September 30, 2009

20 months

Are we really only 4 months away from Dane's 2nd birthday????? There is no way that is possible. For some reason the clicker on the side of my page says Dane still has 5 days till he turns 20 months. Weird. Since today is the last day of the month. Anyway the lil man is just a growing. He blows my mind away with how much he is learning everyday. He copies everything that we do, and tries to say so much.
Dane learns new words everyday now. It is hard to keep up with it. Some of the words that are on the top of my head at the moment, besides all the ones I previously posted, are baby (anyone that is his size or smaller he calls a baby) (when he looks in the mirror he calls himself a baby...cracks me up), says Dane (says his name when you ask him what his name is) backpack (new today), where is it and there it is (these words kind of getting smashed together to sound like one word), juice, milk, hi (says it all the time), uh oh (usually says it as he throws something that he isn't suppose to throw), vrmm, honk, clock, sock (obviously loves ck sound ex duck, truck, yuck etc), bowl, swing, spoon. I know I'm missing a lot of his new words.

Dane is really into balls. I mean REALLY. He is constantly pointing and saying ball ball. Even if he sees a circle he immediately says ball. We can;t go into a store now without him finding balls, and wanting to hold them while shopping. It is golf ball, football, baseball etc etc. Also Dane is really into cars and steering wheels. He always wants to play in Kevin's truck. If he is fussy we just ask him if he wants to go play in the truck, and he immediately starts clapping and heading that way! He is all boy for sure, and even starting to smell like a little boy! More like a wet dog in fact. How is it possible to have a baby that is so cute that can smell so bad! :) He is still a horrible eater, and seems to eat the same thing over and over. Chicken nuggets and mac and cheese are his favorites. But he makes up for being such a bad eater by being a great sleeper. Still goes to bed around 6:30 and wakes up from 6-7:30. I love it! Dane has a major sweet tooth for sure. Loves cookies of any kind. Dane has started saying momma momma when he is crying. This is something that I hate. It breaks my heart when he does that. Sesame Street is still his favorite show, and Elmo is his favorite. Dane copies everything that we do, throws the best tantrums, and is still sweet lil thing, who is laid back and goes with the flow. He is growing up so fast, and becoming such a little boy.

This week Kevin's parents are staying with us before they move to New York. So Dane has gotten lots of attention from them, and getting to spend time with their dog Taffy. He loves to say dog dog, and where is he when Taffy goes to another room. Dane likes Taffy if she is sitting down, but doesn't like when Taffy is walking near him. He will pet Taffy after he warms up to her for a while. One day we will get Dane a dog...yes I just said that! Yes I'm still scared of big dogs, but if we got one like Taffy then it would be good. Taffy is a very calm dog who obeys all the commands. I was nervous around her when Kevin and I were dating, but now am pretty used to her.

Anyway... Happy 20 month big boy!! We love you!

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The Jarmons said...

that baby boy needs a dog :)