Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Again, Again, Again

Dane's new thing is saying "again" when he wants you to repeat what you are doing. He loves to be on top of your legs while up in the air, and then when you put him down he says "Again"...or when Kevin holds him and swings him around. His little voice will say again again...over and over. It is so cute, but at the same time very tiring! You get quite a workout when you lift him 100+times! :) What is funny is that I don't remember Kevin and I ever really saying this to him, so how he picked it up it beats me. I guess he is just a smarty pants. HAHA

Oh funny story:
Earlier Kevin went to lay down on the floor, and accidentally fell on top of a toy. He immediately sat up, had his back arched and said OWW real loud. Well little man I guess was watching, and immediately started copying him. He kept sticking his baby gut out and arching his back and saying OWW OWW. It was hilarious! Kevin kept doing it, and Dane would follow suit! We have ourselves a little copy cat. He is such a ham!

Ok I guess I will share a funny story about me:
Yesterday I had a craving for cupcakes. So, baking is what I did. Well, baking (cooking) has never been my forte. I have never been the girl who just loves to cook. I will do it when I need to, but it isn't something I get excited about. And there's a reason for it. I always have funny stuff that happens to me when I cook/bake. And yesterday was no different. I went to get the cupcakes out of the oven, and immediately started to laugh. Obviously, I had put too much batter in the cups. Several of them were pouring out over the edge, and then I did have 5 or so that somehow got burnt on the bottom. **sigh*** The ones that made it were yummy though, I have to admit. So I'm not going to be Betty Crocker. Oh well. Kevin knew what he was getting into when he married me...I did warn him. I guess I will stick to taking pictures...

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Christy said...

Martha Stewart would be so proud, Jayne. :)