Tuesday, September 15, 2009

High waters...

...are not cute on boys.

Fall is approaching. Cooler weather could come in October, or it could come in January...you just never know what you are going to get in Texas. I started looking in Dane's closet recently to figure out exactly what we need for the cooler weather. Unfortunately, we need a lot, but I just hate to buy anything yet not knowing when he will need it. I have been putting off getting shoes also...just hoping that his summer sandals could last just a wee bit longer, but they are getting pretty snug on top, and his lil toes are pretty close to falling off the edge.
He only had 1 pair of jeans that still fit, but were border line too short...could probably make them work for another month or so, but after that he may get beat up for wearing Capri's.

Everything else was either too small, too tight, too short etc. But, I have to say I had forgotten how stinking cute Dane is in jeans. Adorable! He hasn't worn pants in a long time, since it is so very hot here in the lovely state of Texas. Makes me want the cooler weather to hurry up and get here! Well, for that reason and just the fact that I love fall!!!

So, I have been saving some coupons at some children's stores for fall shopping, so I guess it is time to bite the bullet and go shopping. Its a tough job, but someone has to do it. I guess I will step up to the plate and do the dirty work. **Sigh**

Just kidding...you don't have to tell me twice that I need to shop! I'll be there with bells on!

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Noah's Mommy said...

HAHA! That's funny!!! Little man capris!