Sunday, September 27, 2009


Taylor Swift that is...

Took a little girls trip to Dallas this weekend to see an awesome concert. I went with my friend Christy and her sister Becky, and we met our girl Tabitha, and Christy's nieces in Dallas. I love Taylor's music, so I was really excited that Becky was able to get us tickets. It was a sold out concert, so tickets were really hard to get! Thanks Becky! We started off the weekend with some good ol mexican food, and then headed over to the arena. Kelly Pickler, who I also happen to love, was opening up for Taylor! AWESOME AWESOME concert. Christy kept us laughing the whole show, because she truly is Taylor's #1 fan, and knew everything that was going to happen, and would keep us informed on what to look for. She knows every word to every song that Taylor sang. ha

We did get a good laugh from this lady who was sitting in front of us Apparantly, she is a little sensitive on who can call themselves an Aggie. She overheard Christy telling me that I was married into the Aggie family, and decided to butt in and make sure I knew that No I could not call myself a True Aggie. HAHA Hilarious that she even cared, and felt the need to tell me that only my husband was an Aggie...But we made sure to continue to throw out Aggie comments every now and then...just because! :) and my sweet hubby says that I am a true aggie to him... I have pictures from when I was little with aggie clothes on, and my mom actually got me an aggie watch for christmas one year when I was in jr high...So I have always been cheering on the Aggies (long before I met my prince Aggie)

Taylor is a great performer! I was thinking that we were going to be the oldest people there since she is pretty much a teeny bopper. But there was a good mix in age at the concert...not just counting the parents of the small children! hahahaha Anyway, I'm so glad that I got to hang out with my girls, and go to a concert. It has been couple years since I have been able to go to a concert. We ended the weekend by having lunch with our sweet friend Ashley who also lives in the Dallas area. Good Times Good Times!

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Christy said...

LOVE IT!!! Lol! I had a great time... but I think you already knew that. :)