Saturday, September 19, 2009

You look like a Monkey and smell like one Too!

We decided to go to the zoo today since the weather was nice, and we haven't been since before Dane's surgery. Dane now knows so many animal sounds that we thought he would appreciate it a little more this go round.

We started off the day with a train ride around the park. We did have a small meltdown while on the ride. Dane wanted Kevin to put him down on the ground, and when he didn't someone got a little cranky. But, once we got to the zoo, Dane immediately started having fun. He really enjoyed looking at the animals this time. And he would make the sound when we would point to each animal. The giraffes, elephants and monkeys were by far his favorites. He wanted to stay at the monkeys for a long time, and just stared so intently at them moving around. I think he did the monkey sound and movements about 100 times today. He is a little monkey himself. When we saw the orangtan it came right up to the glass and put his face on it. Dane was not scared at all, and put his little head next to the glass! The pictures aren't great of that because I was shooting through glass, but I loved that Dane was right next to it. I think this was the best part!

Just like the last time we were at the zoo he wanted out of the wagon, and wanted to push it instead of riding in it mostly. He really enjoys being outside, and wanted to move around as much as possible. He was all over the place, but did really good today with listening to us, and walking the direction that we needed him to go. He seems to really like animals, and I think he is starting to recognize them along with their names. When I was uploading my pictures Dane would come over to the computer and point and make the sound of the animal and try to touch the screen.

It really wasn't too hot today, and surprisingly it wasn't over crowded. We stayed about 3 hours before heading out, since it was time for the little man to take a nap. We had a great family outing today, which ended with a stop at Sonic to get a big drink!

Oh...while we were walking around we saw this seal statue that I remembered from when I was a kid. So I put Dane up next to it to get a picture, because I thought I had a picture of me by it. I couldn't get Dane to look at me though, because the seal had a ball on his nose, so Dane kept staring at it and saying bawl bawl. If there is a ball any where in sight then it is very hard to get him to do anything that you want him to do. Anyway, I got home and searched and searched through my old pictures and found it! Please excuse my lack of fashion, and bad hair. For some reason I have on a half shirt, and oh lord I have big bangs...but I think it is cool that we both have pictures by the same thing. (Aunt you recognize who I am with in this picture???? I guess you were baby sitting us??)

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Christy said...

We need to go back too! We haven't been since last July!! Sophie didn't even know what was going on. :)
Love the old pic of you! You were rockin' babe!!