Thursday, October 15, 2009


******firecrackers popping, confetti falling, people screaming, cymbals crashing, air horns blowing*******

First of all I would like to thank my blogging fans, and my family for their support. Oh, wait I just got interrupted by Kanye... :)

This is my 500th blog post. Wow! When I first started this blog it was meant as a way for our families to keep up with the latest on Dane. I had no idea how often or for how long I would do this but, it has become something I really enjoy. This is a great way to document Dane's milestones and the memories that we have created. I can not believe that I have been able to keep up with this for as long as I have. Didn't think I actually had that much to say, but obviously that is not the case.

In honor of 500 posts I would like to say Hats Off to Dane...

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Jennifer said...

I guess boys have hats and girls have shoes.