Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Dane had to go to his new school 3 days in a row this week, which won't be the case every week. But, he did pretty good, and I think he is adjusting quite well. He is still crying pretty hard when Kevin first drops him off, but his teacher told me that he is only crying for a little while, and then is fine the rest of the day. Nap times have been what has totally shocked me the most. I'm able to view Dane online, and he just lays down on the mat, and goes to sleep. He has been sleeping for about an hour and a half, which I think is great. I can't believe that he doesn't put up a fight, and the fact that he actually lays there and doesn't try to get up is what is mind blowing to me. My sweet lil man! Dane has been pretty good about eating breakfast, but lunch time he doesn't eat much. surprise surprise. I'm hoping that this will change eventually! He just has no desire to eat.
He has gotten pretty attached to his morning teacher, and usually gets upset when her shift is done, and a new teacher comes in. But, one thing that I have noticed is that when they do a group activity he doesn't really participate. If all the kids are around a table with the teacher Dane is off doing his own thing, and just playing by himself. The teacher said that it usually takes a few weeks before the new kids adjust to what is going on, and feel comfortable enough to do group activities. I'm hoping that this is because he isn't used to playing with other kids, and that he always plays by himself, so he doesn't understand what is going on yet. Tammi, his teacher said that the class is making some kind of project together that involves all the children coloring, and then I guess they put it as a collage for their class. Dane had no interest in coloring...just wanted to play with the balls and animals. ha
But, anyway Dane seems to be doing well other than that. I'm hoping that he doesn't forget everything by the time he goes back. Next week he will go Wed-Fri, so he has a full week before going back.

These pictures don't really go with this post, but thought they were cute. Dane was trying to open up the garage. Kevin said that he was pushing and pushing trying to get the door to open. He loves to open and close the garage! just another reason why I think he is going to be mechanical!

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