Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Beautiful Day Again

Today was filled with cleaning and playing outside. Dane and I started the morning out by going to the park. Once again the weather was too good to not take advantage of it. We played at the park for about an hour. Dane mostly just wants to walk around. Occasionally, he will climb onto the play set, but he really just wants to explore around and looking at everything. He came across pine cones for the 1st time that I know of, and would put them in his pocket of his hoodie jacket. Then once I wasn't paying attention he would hurl them at me, or at a tree or whatever got in his way. He really isn't in to swinging too much these days. He says swing, but then when you put him in the swing he immediately acts like he wants out. He says down down down over and over till you get him out. I guess he thinks he is going to miss seeing something if he swings for too long. Once we got home Dane let me clean while he watch Sesame Street, and also took a 2 hour nap which really helped me to get stuff done. He was dying to go back outside once he woke up, so we had lunch on the back patio and literally stayed outside for 2 hours! It was gorgeous outside, and there was a nice breeze. I think I enjoyed being outside just as much as he did! it was a nice day off for me. I really enjoyed having this relaxing but productive day!

looking all innocent...but is about o chunk the pine cone!

he was chatting to a little girl...think he was telling her to slide first because he was scared

playing tic tac toe

look at that sweet face

because I like comparisons! he is getting so BIG!

doing his oooooohhh face

waving goodbye..then he would take off running

get me outta of this swing!!

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