Monday, October 19, 2009

Big Boy Table

Dane has gone to his new school for 7 days now. This week he goes Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. He has really adjusted pretty well. Today he didn't cry when Kevin dropped him off, which is major progress. And, his teacher Miss Tammi said that the past 3 times he has been they haven't given Dane his paci during nap time, and he hasn't seemed to miss it while he is sleeping there. They did this without us even asking them to try it. (for those confused...yes he still uses his paci while he sleeps...our project paci didn't go too well), so now that he is doing nap times without it we may be closer to saying goodbye to it for good.

In his classroom there are small tables and chairs that the kids get to sit at to eat. This is great, but has caused Dane to not want to sit in his high chair anymore. I didn't figure it out right away, but he kept wanting to sit at our big table to eat, and would throw some major tantrums when we would put him in the high chair. I kept thinking what is the deal little man. My mom is the one that brought it to my attention that maybe since he sits at a table at school, he wants to sit at a table at home too. Good job Granny. So, I brought down his little aggie table from his room, and he has been eating there since last week. He loves sitting there to eat. I have to watch him though, because he will sneak off with food in his hands. I found spaghetti sauce on our bathroom cabinets... I usually still put him in the high chair when he is eating something messy so I don't have food all over my house. But, I have to say he looks so stinking cute sitting at his big boy table, and it makes me a bit sad to see how much he is growing up.

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Jennifer said...

He's growing up. I've talked with a lot of people who said their kids were done with the highchair at 18 months. I figure as long as Kaitlyn likes her baby things (crib, highchair, ect...) I'm going to milk it.