Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Brother from another Mother

Our trip to Orange was a bit more interesting this time around than it normally is. Granny and Poppy have a new addition to their family...a sweet cute puppy! Callie and Max, the cats that have previously ruled the house are not too fond of their new brother from a different mother, and want nothing to do with him. My mom is having a hard time committing to a name for the puppy. When we arrived the dog's name was Jake, which was ironic because Kevin and I have always said WHEN we get a dog we were going to name it Jake. We put the first 2 letters of each of our name to make Jake. It quickly changed to Mister, then back to Jake. Then my mom felt guilty for taking our dog's name. Every time she would call the dog she would call it a different name. She went through several with Duke, Newman, Jaxs being on the list. We stayed up late mentioning every name we could possible think of. As of when we left the dog's name was Duke...but I won't be surprised if she changes it again. I don't think my mom realized how much puppies chew on things. She thought he would just chew on shoes, but not so much the case. Everything in sight! But, he is just as cute as he can be.

Meet Dane's newest cousin...

Dane liked the puppy when he was laying down, but when "Duke" would jump on him then Dane would freak out. He would say no no dog. Or sometimes he would say stop to the puppy. But when the puppy was sleeping or just laying down Dane would go up to him and say puppy and try to pet him or stick his finger up the dog's nose.

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