Sunday, October 4, 2009

a couple giggles

This has been a very long and busy week. Kevin had open house one night this week, he has a paper from his masters program due tonight, we had hundreds of errands, rehearsal dinner, wedding, birthday parties, Dane hasn't slept good all week etc etc. Needless to say I am exhausted today, and have another long week ahead as well. So the little man hasn't gotten a whole lot of attention from Kevin and I, because well, we just haven't been home, and he hasn't gotten to attend any of the festivities. But he did get lots of attention from his grandma and grandpa this week, since they have been staying with us before heading to New York.

But, with all this going on Dane never seems to stop making us laugh. He is one funny little guy. While we were at the rehearsal dinner, Jackie and Barry were watching Dane. Jackie told us that while he was eating dinner she tried to sneak a few peas on his plate to see if he would "accidently" eat them. Well, like I have mentioned before Dane thinks every circle is a ball. So he immediately saw the peas and started pointing and saying ball, ball, ball ball. Well, I guess they look like tiny little balls. Needless to say he did not eat the peas... but this story made for a great laugh when we got home. I think it is fair to say that he is obsessed with balls!

Then Saturday we had a surprise 60th b-day party for Jackie. (blog about that coming soon) Before I took Dane to Christy's house so she could watch him we headed to Kroger to pick up balloons. This was suppose to be a quick in and out stop, which meant I was planning on just carrying Dane into the store. Well, as I am pulling into the parking spot Dane starts to get excited, is pointing and begins to clap. I had no idea what he was excited about, until I got him out of the car. He saw a grocery cart that had a little car in front of it, and it wasn't even close to us, so I have no idea how he saw it. He was so excited, and I think he thought that car was there just for him. Ok, so I decided that even though I didn't need a basket I would let him ride in the car. He kept saying honk honk when he would see someone, and then would tell them hi. See what I mean when I say he finds a steering wheel no matter where we are! He loves riding in cars! Maybe he will be a race car driver when he grows up!!

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Noah loves those cars too!!!