Sunday, October 11, 2009

the eyes have it

My poor little man has some sort of an eye infection. His eyes are watering like crazy, swollen, puffy, bloodshot, and secreting a whole lot of yellow gunk. Yuck I know. I have talked to his doctor over the phone, and he has prescribed some eye drops to be given 4 times a day for the next 7 days. If it doesn't look somewhat better by tomorrow I will have to bring him in to see the doctor.

Can we say who ever invented eye drops for toddlers must never have had kids. You would think that they could have invented some sort of oral meds to be given instead. The all time hardest thing to do is to hold down a screaming child who is kicking and hitting and to hold their eye open while some how managing to aim the eye dropper just over the exact spot of the eye. Yeah...not an easy task. So, that's what Kevin and I are having to do. I just pray that we can get the medicine in the eye so it can heal quickly. Dane doesn't seem bothered by the infection at all. He is such a trooper. But that was proven when he was in the cast. :) I'm hoping that this will clear up pretty quickly. His eyes just look pitiful, but obviously it hurts us more than it does him.

look at those poor precious eyes...

nothing keeps him from smiling

just like his shirt says... tough as nails :)

making his daddy so proud...reading one of Kevin's history books