Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hot Air Balloon Festival

Saturday we went to Clear Lake for the hot air balloon festival. Neither Kevin nor I had ever been, but heard it was fun and we wanted to check it out since it was something different to do. I had found out that my cousins Alisha, Blake and Baylie were going to be there, so we hoped that we would run into them. It was pretty chilly when we left to go, so Dane was dressed in the cutest little sweater. He looked adorable in his outfit. It warmed up pretty quick though, so luckily I had packed Dane a t-shirt and had to end up changing him because it was pretty hot in the sun.

We arrived around 10:30, and immediately saw my cousins before we had even left the parking lot. So, we hung out with them for a while. It was great to see them. It had been a long time since we had seen each other. Baylie is 8, and Dane really liked playing with her. She was all about entertaining him, and he thought she was just the funniest.

At the festival there were several service men who had their trucks there and were letting the kids tour and play in their vehicles. That was right up Dane's alley. He got to play in an ambulance, several fire trucks, even some old timey fire trucks and police cars. Dane had a blast, of course, and then threw tantrums when we would take him out. He didn't quite understand why he couldn't stay in them longer. He just loves to be in trucks which is why we may have to tell Santa he needs a truck for christmas.

We found a shaded area to eat lunch, and just sit and relax for a little bit. There was an older couple sitting next to us, and for some reason or another Dane just thought the lady was a hoot. He kept going up to her chair, and she would talk to him, and he would laugh and laugh. Well, we ended up finding out her whole life story. We thought she was nice, but it was a little weird. She would tell us stories about her family and call them by name like we knew who she was talking about. For instance she would say yeah Carl did this and Ted went here. Maybe Dane could tell she was loopy, and thats why he was laughing at her. Several hours later we ended up running into her again, and she got even more weird. Kevin and I think maybe she had one too many adult beverages. She had these bunny ears and she was persistently trying to get Dane to wear them. She begged and pleaded with him, put them on Kevin, had me put them on, and Dane wanted no part of it. But, she wouldn't stop. I think she asked him to put on the bunny ears about 100 times. Kevin kept telling her that he doesn't want to, he is tired, he is getting cranky but nothing seemed to work. It was weird. Then all of a sudden she said she wanted a picture with her wearing the ears, but with Dane in the picture. So I said ok, and then she said ok take the picture.... she asked me to take a picture with my camera. Does anybody else find that strange? What a Hoot!

Then it was time for the balloon launch. We were really close to them, and it was amazing how big and colorful they were. Dane was very intrigued, and would point and say boon (balloon). It was really cool to have them fly right over your heads. We really enjoyed watching them. We weren't able to stay for the night part. Apparantly, once it got dark they were going to light up all the balloons. But, it was getting late, and we didn't think Dane would have been a good sport for much longer. He really enjoyed the day, loved playing outside and had fun looking at all the balloons. Good Times!

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