Monday, October 12, 2009

Tantrum Patch

Today Dane's eyes are looking a lot better. I think the eye drops are working, and it has gotten a tiny bit easier putting them in. We figured out how to hold him down while squirting the eye drops in his eye. He still hates it just as much!

I looked outside around noon, and the weather seemed great. So, I talked Kevin into going to the pumpkin patch today instead of waiting till the weekend. Dane was in a great mood when we left, I had visions of taking cute photos with him in the pumpkins, and having a fun day. Um...not so much.

We arrived and it started getting pretty over cast. It was extremely humid...almost unbearable. Not sure what happened to Dane's great went out the window pretty much as soon as we stepped onto the property. He began to throw tantrums, and more tantrums and more tantrums. There were a couple moments where he was laying on the wet muddy ground because he wasn't getting his way. Is this really my sweet lil man??

I was only able to get a handful of pictures...none of which he looks happy in. Dane spotted a choo choo train almost immediately, and wanted nothing to do with the pumpkins. We put him in the middle of a big hill of pumpkins, and he was so not happy. Hilarious. Sort of. Ha! He wanted to go to the train. Which was fine, but he only wanted to sit in the drivers seat and play with the steering wheel (Those dang steering wheels), which he got to do for a little bit until it was time for the train ride. Then oh lord when we took him off the seat and actually got on the train part so we could ride... major meltdown. I mean major. I'm looking at Kevin like why is this happening. This is ruining my "perfect day" that I had in my head. I laugh as I type this because I should be used to things not going as planned, but I was just disappointed and annoyed with how Dane was acting. He was being a tantrum throwing terror. As the train is starting to go it begins to rain. So this wonderful day got even better. We left as soon as the ride was over...without many pictures and without a pumpkin. We are going to try to go back this weekend to fulfill my pumpkin patch dreams. :) We are wanting to carve a pumpkin this year, so hopefully this weekend we can have a better experience at the pumpkin patch!

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Christy said...

Aww, sorry your 'perfect day' wasn't perfect. The weather is supposed to be a lot better/prettier this weekend. Better luck next time! :)