Monday, October 26, 2009


This post is not going to be a warm and fuzzy, cute and cuddly or happy and fun post.

I'm not a happy camper today. So, if you don't want to hear me complain, gripe or vent out all my frustrations then you need to exit right away.

Ok so you have been fair warned.

Today has not been a good day. Friday wasn't good either which is when my "drama" started.
So, this coming Wednesday was SUPPOSED to be the day that Dane was to have his MRI done. Notice I said Supposed to. We have been waiting on this appointment since the last week of August when Dane had his 2nd arthrogram procedure. The MRI schedule was completely booked, and we were told that we could be squeezed into the schedule the very next day as an emergency case. Well, it just wasn't possible for Kevin nor I to take off 2 days in a row on such short notice after we had already arranged our schedules for the arthrogram. Dr. Brock assured us that this was not an emergency, and if we had to wait a couple months it was no big deal. So, we took the next available appointment which was not until Oct 28. We were told that we would be put on an urgent list, and if anyone canceled we could be put in their spot. So the last 2 months have been a waiting game. Waiting on the next step for Dane's hip.

So, Friday I called Dr. Brock's office to figure out exactly what we needed to do, where the MRI was going to take place etc. I talked to his nurse, and immediately I got the impression that she was confused about Dane's situation, and I got a gut feeling that Dane was not on the MRI schedule. I'll just call her A. So, when I called A said "oh we were wondering what happened to you guys, we haven't heard anything from you in several months". We weren't told we needed to see Dr Brock or talk to him in between us waiting for the MRI. She told me that she had no idea about the MRI, had no idea if Dr. Brock wanted Dane to have the MRI, had no idea about anything. She said that she didn't have Dane's chart, didn't know when she would get it etc. See why I'm frustrated.
She told me that she was going to get all the confusion figured out, she was going to talk with Dr. Brock, and was going to talk with the MRI department at Herman, and then would call me on Monday. So, I hung up and pretty much stressed about it all weekend. I just had a feeling that she had dropped the ball.

Well, I was right. So this morning I waited until 11:00, and just couldn't wait anymore. I needed to know if Dane's MRI was going to happen or not Wednesday. I called A, and asked her calmly if she had an update for me about Dane's situation. She got extremely defensive and rude with me and began to tell me that SHE DID NOT HAVE DANE"S CHART, AND SHE TOLD ME ON FRIDAY THAT SHE WOULD CALL ME WHEN SHE GOT IT" So I asked if she knew if Dane was on the schedule, and once again she got snarly and said I TOLD YOU I WOULD CALL YOU WHEN I KNEW SOMETHING. She pretty much made it clear that she wasn't in any hurry to get Dane's chart. So, the frustration started kicking in. Well, we hung up. And not even 20 minutes later she called me back to tell me that she had talked to the MRI tech, and Dane was on the schedule for Nov 13th. Um what?? No...that is not what it is suppose to be. Well, then she straight up lied to me and told me that Jennifer the MRI tech had said that she had talked to Kevin and Kevin asked for the appointment to be moved. Funny. Kevin didn't mention that to me. On every calendar I have in the house I have MRI written real big on Oct 28. When I asked for Jennifer's number so I could talk to her directly, A made a remark to me that really made me upset. She said you getting angry about this isn't going to help this situation, you need to calm down, it is only 2 weeks difference in when the appointment was made originally. This is a big deal. I'm sorry but this involves my son and his hip. We have been waiting for 2 months for this appointment, and you are going to tell me that its not a big deal, that he isn't scheduled for when he is suppose to be? Then A slipped up and said that the MRI girl could squeeze Dane in on the 13. What squeeze?? But, I thought you said that he was scheduled for that day. I know that A didn't schedule it. I know for a fact. And I would respect you a whole lot more if you just said look I screwed up, I'm sorry that I forgot to schedule it instead of trying to act like someone else messed up or that my husband told them to reschedule Dane.

Well, I talked to Jennifer and she told me that Dane was never scheduled. She could not squeeze him in this coming Wed because the anesthesiologist schedule is completely booked. But, she is able to get him in Nov 3 first thing in the morning. I'm just ticked to be quite honest. I'm tired of having this hip thing hang over our heads. I'm ready for his hip to be completely healed, and for him to be able to run as normal as other toddlers do. I'm just tired of dealing with this. My little man has been through a lot, and I just want it to be done.

And if one more person gives me the "well at least your child doesn't have cancer, or at least you have a child" I will scream. Yes, I am grateful that Dane is healthy and alive, and I know that there are so many parents that are dealing with things that are much worse, but saying things like that does not make the situation better. Dane has been put to sleep 3 times, and will be 2 or 3 more times before this is said and done, has had major surgery, was in 2 different body casts for 12 weeks, wore a brace for 8 weeks which we ended up finding out was hurting the hip rather than helping, has been poked and proded over and over, spent a week in a hospital, has had to learn to do everything twice, and will probably have hip issues his whole life. He has gone through more than I or Kevin have put together our whole lives. I know pity party for us. Well for Dane. But, I need to vent, so venting is what I am doing. We found out about Dane's hip when he was 13 months old, and he will be 21 months this week. It has been a long journey, and I am ready to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

sorry for this long crazy post. I feel better all ready! :)

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Jennifer said...

People have actually made remarks about him not having cancer and at least you have him? That's nuts. My frustration while reading your post was how it seems like you have hit this road block before and maybe a dr switch wouldn't have been a bad idea. After Kaitlyn's last surgery when CVS couldn't find her pain med prescription we were calling both A and Dr B's cell phones and office phone. They were extremely helpful. We had left the plate and screws that were on Kaitlyn's femur so A hunted them down and put them with her file until our next appointment. I usually get quick answers. So what's their deal with Dane?!!! Seriously it doesn't make sense that they would string him along. Why does it take two months to get him in for an MRI? Kaitlyn had her surgery four days after we met Dr B. If it hadn't been for the dropped appointment she would have only waited a month. Waiting 2.5 months is like having government run health care. My friend, even though she has insurance through the military, had to wait three months between each appointment in the UK. She ended up flying back to the US and having her son seen several times by different dr while still waiting for his next appointment in the UK.
Really though, what's their deal?