Sunday, November 1, 2009

21 months

Little man is talking like crazy this month. Tries to repeat everything that we say. Probably says close to 100 single words now. He has learned to say a few phrases such as where is it?, there it is, that's all, ready go, right back, and want a bite. His newest thing is saying mine mine. Guess he picked this up at daycare. Everything is considered his. I love the way he says banana (nanna), back pack, Sophie, please and hello. It is just so cute. If he wants you to pick him up he will say up, and then down if he doesn't want to be held. He has recently started saying yes to questions now. And he will say yes if you ask him if he wants a spanking. He knows that if he says yes, that it will make us laugh and he is in the clear! :)

Dane is 24lbs now. He must be getting taller and slimming up a little. He has lost weight from his 18 month appointment. His favorite things are balls, trucks, trains and steering wheels. He loves for you to chase him, and he is constantly running down our foyer area and then hitting the door and saying boom. You will find him quite often gathering up all his balls and putting them all together either in the back of his truck or a cabinet. You can't go anywhere that he isn't on the look out for a ball. Every circle he sees he gets excited and screams ball.

I have totally lost count on how many teeth he now has. Let's just say a mouthful. He may only be missing a couple in the far back of each side. He does a great impression of me doing a fake cry. And he has become quite the cuddlier. If watching Sesame Street he wants to sit right next to you on the couch and will rest his head on your arm. If he wants you to go somewhere he will come over and grab your hand and lead you where he wants to go.

Getting up early for daycare has totally messed up him wanting to sleep late. He no longer sleeps past 5:30 am. arrg! But, he still goes to bed around 6:30 in the evening. He is very silly, but reserved with people he doesn't know. Very mischievious, charming, playful, energetic, stubborn, hard headed, giggly, sweet, all boy is what describes the little man!!

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