Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Behind Behind Behind...

on blogging... We have been so busy lately...but no excuse though!

so grab some popcorn and get comfy...

I came home from work today to some awesome artwork from my little man. I thought this was so cute that they made this, and they had it laminated! And how neat that they took pictures of him at school! Can you believe that we found a school that takes pictures of my lil man during the day, and then sends them home for me to have! Right up my alley! I love it!

Dane is doing so great at his school. He loves going, and is learning so much. I can't say that everything that he has learned has been great...such as the word mine. He says mine all the time now. But, he seems to be interacting with the other kids, and has learned to share. The sharing thing is a work in progress... sometimes he is really good at it, and other times not so much. :) They do lots of finger painting, and he is sent home with fridge art pretty much every day. I have started a binder to store all the cute stuff he has made.
These are pictures of pictures..so clarity isn't great...but you get the idea. Dane is having fun, and I feel good about sending him there. This is something I can add to my list that I am thankful for this year!

Got ourselves a true artist!

Tomorrow we have our patient evaluation for Dane's physical therapy. I'm hoping that Dane will cooperate so they can fully see what he needs. Then after our appointment we are heading to Orange for turkey day! I hope that everyone has a great thanksgiving!

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Christy said...

Finally!!! I was wondering where all the pictures were!! I was about to call you 'christy!' :)
Zach's first year in school, he had a great teacher too! She made a little scrapbook of the whole year!! Very nice.