Saturday, November 28, 2009

Black Friday Extreme

Well I got led down the road of peer pressure. I did. And I am still paying for it.

I recently saw this quote on a plaque when I was at the Christmas market, and It reminds me of me and my girlfriends.

"A good friend will come and bail you out of jail...
but only a true friend will be sitting next to you saying... "God, that was fun!""

Well, my friend Tabitha talked me into going to Toys R Us at midnight on thanksgiving night to do a little black Friday shopping. She said "oh I doubt that many people will go, we should go, it will be fun". So, like the great friend I am I obliged. :) Ok, so she didn't have to tie my hands behind my back or anything...I thought the same thing she did about it being fun and not really many people there.

Boy were we wrong. We got there about 11:45 to find a line all the way around the building. The parking lot was totally full, and we had to park at the next shopping center over. I kept thinking surely we won't stay...but we did. After parking far away, walking up to the store the line had gone all the way around the building, and around another building that was next to it. At first we were like well lets just see how fast the line moves once they open up. didn't move fast. Not even a little bit fast.

Oh, did I mention that it was freezing. And we were standing behind the most obnoxious guy ever who shouted every time he talked, and another guy who talked to himself, and told us everything that was in the ad and how much they were about 10, 000 times. We did have some cheap, but annoying entertainment. We waited. And waited. and waited some more. We were miserable...but for some crazy reason we stuck it out. Are you ready to hear what time we actually made it into the store... Dum Dum Dum 2:45AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We stood in line in the freezing cold for 3 long miserable hours! What were we thinking???? Every muscle in my body ached from the cold that caused them to tighten up. Oh, and I really didn't get anything that was on sale! HA!

What are friends for right??????? But, Tabitha and I both agreed that we will NEVER do this again! NEVER!!!! It was just plain crazy! We got home about 4 that morning, and I have to say that my body still aches, and I think we lost some toes to frost bite!!!!! Tabitha and I can have fun anywhere though. Kevin told me that there was no way that I would ever be in a good mood with him if we had done that! He said I would have been mad at him...and he is probably right! It is a good thing I was with my Tabby Tab. We have done lots of crazy things, but this was probably the craziest yet!


Anonymous said...

I am cracking up at this. We do this every single year and I can promise you it's crazy but not that crazy! We usually get there 2 hours early when it would open at 5 and the line would move very quickly getting everyone in. I think it was bad this year because of what happened last year at Walmart. I can't believe it took ya'll that long to get it. Crazy!

Christy said...

OMG... you two are crazy! But y'all probably thought the same thing about me last year! Ha!