Sunday, November 15, 2009

Is it Tuesday yet?

This has been a long week and weekend. I have been laying low for the past few days, just really haven't wanted to do much, and didn't have anything worth while to really blog about. I am ready for Tuesday to get here. Sounds weird, but I am just eager to hear what the 2nd Dr will say about Dane's situation. As much as I have tried so hard to not think about what is going on, it is impossible. It is constantly on my mind. We are in limbo just waiting on what will happen.

On my desperate attempt to get my mind off things I did start Christmas shopping a little this weekend. Buying for a toddler boy is harder than I thought it would be. There are only so many balls and trucks you can buy. But, I think he will have a lot of fun this year, and really enjoy opening presents. I'm curious to see what he will do with the Christmas tree this year. I have a feeling that only the top will be decorated since a lot of tree ornaments resemble something that the little man is obsessed with.

Oh I almost forgot. I do have something to blog about... yesterday I was putting Dane's shoes on and I said ONE, and out of no where he said TWO. Kevin and I both at the same time asked each other if the other heard that. So, I tried it again and once again he followed me by saying two and so then I said THREE and he said FOUR. I couldn't believe it. We were so proud of our little man...and we had no idea he could do that!

So, anyway we didn't do much this weekend. Just hung out for the most part. Dane for some reason or another grew attached to a beanie, and wanted to wear it quite a bit while watching Sesame Street, and then wanted to brush his teeth like 500 times a day. Crazy. On Saturday I went downtown to take pictures of my friends Jennifer and John and their 2 dogs for their Christmas card. I found out real quick that dogs are much harder to get their attention than kiddos. They had no interest in looking my way so I could snap their picture. ha good Practice though!

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