Monday, November 9, 2009

On a Lighter Note

It is going to be a long week waiting for our appointment with our 2nd opinion Dr. I definitely need to find something to keep me busy, because staying inside like I have done all weekend has drove me near to insanity. Maybe I will try to do some Christmas shopping.

Speaking of Christmas shopping we have been getting several toy catalogs in the mail recently. Dane has gotten very attached to this one particular magazine. He looks at it over and over, and carries it around with him every where he goes. This catalog has Dane's name all over it. What is so great about this one particular magazine????

It is hard to tell in the picture, but just about on every page there is a ball. Footballs, Baseballs, bowling balls, croquette balls, golf balls etc. And, Dane points at every one with excitement and says ball. What can I say? My child loves balls. He has a very large collection of balls already...maybe I should just wrap up his balls that he already has and just give that to him for Christmas. :) Also, this catalog has a page dedicated to choo choo trains, which Dane just thinks is the greatest also. As I type this he sitting on the couch looking at the magazine at the trains. This kid cracks me up. I think Christmas is going to be lots of fun this year!

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