Saturday, November 28, 2009

Physical Therapy Evaluation

Wednesday we had to go to Texas Children's Hospital for Dane's physical therapy appointment. The appointment was just a evaluation so the therapist could get an idea of what exactly the lil man needs. Basically, they just let Dane play and run a around for a little bit, so they could watch his movements. Then Meredith, the therapist had to do some measurements on Dane's hip, and exercises to see exactly how stiff the joint was. Dane did good for the 1st 30 minutes of the appointment, when he was able to just play and do his own thing. Once Meredith needed him to do certain activities we had quiet the meltdown. There was so much to play with and distract him, that he didn't want to follow specific instructions, he wanted to mainly play with a bike that had a steering wheel. She would say Dane can you climb the stairs for me, and he would say no! I'm hoping that once he starts the actual therapy he will be more cooperative when they need him to do a certain thing. The good thing about this place was that it did not have a hospital feel to it. Very colorful, lots of toys and mats...almost like a gymboree gym, so Dane had a blast running around and wasn't scared or clingy at all. So, his activities may have to be geared around the things he likes to do, such as playing with balls and steering wheels.
We are hoping that we can transfer to the Cypress location, but probably won't know about scheduling until later this week. The therapists were encouraged that the physical therapy would help Dane's hip. They thought his lack of certain movements would improve over the duration of the sessions, and that since he is so motivated to run around that this wouldn't slow him down, but actually make him more mobile. Great! I'm excited that the 1st appointment went well, and I am eager to see how he improves!

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Christy said...

Glad to hear that it went well!!