Saturday, November 28, 2009

Say a Prayer for our Christmas Tree

It is going to be a long month of psycho watching the lil man around the Christmas tree. When we took out the box of ornaments he exclaimed "OH!!! BALLS"!!! This year it has taken me more time to get the tree decorated...I wonder why! haha Well, Friday evening we tried to start putting the lights on the tree while Dane was awake...not a good idea. He was very intrigued by the lights, and wanted to put them around his neck. We only got halfway done when Dane grabbed a handful of lights hanging from the tree and preceded to take off running with them in hand. Oh my gosh, I thought the tree was going to fall on top of him. So, we decided real quick that Dane would not be a part of decorating the tree this year. I had thought he would enjoy helping putting the ornaments on the tree, but he kept thinking they were balls, and wanted to show us how good he could throw. So, booger had to go to bed and wait till the morning to see the final product! Our tree looks so pretty!! I hope that it stays this way.

Today Dane had several sneaky moments where he would go to the tree and try to take a "ball" off. Man, Kevin and I were constantly saying no leave it alone.... He likes to throw balls under the tree, and then make Kevin crawl under it to get it! I have a standing santa by the tree, and Dane just won't leave him alone. He keeps touching his beard and then will push him down. A couple times I caught him carrying the Santa around the house. I guess it is his new friend. Maybe this will help with Dane visiting Santa, and will be less traumatic than what happened last year... ha yeah I'm not counting on it! So, it may be a long month. I just have a bad feeling that I am going to walk in and find the tree on the ground! But, I will say it is so cute to hear him say "OOOOOOHHHHHH", while looking at the tree! He thinks it is so cool!

And the final Product...


Christy said...

Oh my! Too funny!!

Jennifer said...

Hehehe... two years ago we didn't have a tree. It fell over shortly after putting it up so I took all the ornaments off, boxed it up, and gave it away. Extreme I know, but no one was touching it when it fell and I don't want to deal with that. Last year we bought a small 4' tree and shiny plastic ornaments. I didn't want her almost two year old self to break my real ornaments. We left them packed up for a year. I figured this year I will put the real ornaments on our tree and the plastic ones on Kaitlyn's pink tree. I figured when I get the chance, probably after the holidays, I will Mod Podge tiny bits of fabric all over her plastic ornaments so they look 100% better. I did this with some scratched glass ornaments and they looked awesome.