Sunday, November 1, 2009


I found out that we have some real talent and athletic ability in our family this weekend, and I got to learn all about how to play volleyball as well. My baby cousin, Haley plays volleyball and her team made it to the Regional playoffs this weekend. Ok, well she isn't a baby...she is 15 and is a sophomore, which makes me feel really old. But, anyway Haley's team played here in Tomball for the regional playoff game, so I got to go and watch. I got to see my aunt Darla, cousin Lindsay, my mom also came and brought my niece and nephew, so we all sat together to cheer on the Lions. First of all let me just tell you that I have never been so stressed out watching a sporting event in my life. It is very fast paced, and keeps you on edge the whole time. I felt like I needed to take some blood pressure medicine while watching it, and would catch myself not breathing at times while the ball was in play. To win this round of the playoffs you had to win 3 games. Each round was very close, and the girls really played well. We ended up having to play all 5 games because it was tied 2-2. They weren't able to pull out on top on the last game, but Haley and her team should be so proud of themselves. They did an awesome job, worked really hard all season, and made it all the way to the Regionals round. Congrats Haley for doing so well this season!!! I'm so glad that I got to watch you do your thing!

Introducing #9 HALEY BRACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

why is Haley the only one in yellow? Well, let me tell you... apparntly there is 1 person on every team who doesn't serve, and only plays defense. The umpire has to know which one she is, so there is no confusion... just a little something I learned about volleyball

getting ready for the ball...

High Fives after winning 2 games!!!

Action shot! Haley did awesome!!!

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