Sunday, November 1, 2009

Stop Drop & Roll

Did someone say Fire???

Have no fear Dane the Fire Chief is here!

Ok, so how many people guessed correctly?? Anyone?

Well, we are 0 for 2 with Halloween plans. We had wanted to go to Orange and do the festival there and go trick or treating. But, Dane had other plans. On Thursday he started getting sick with a runny nose and he has a nasty cough. Dane was sick last year at Halloween also, and so he was cooped up then also. Dane's MRI is on Tuesday, and if he is too sick they will not put him to sleep to do the study. So, we decided to stay in town, and try to get him better. Please Pray that they will still do the MRI on Tues!! Dane isn't running any fever, and doesn't act like he feels bad. We have had him cooped up all weekend, so we will see.

Anyway, since we didn't get to do our original plans, I went ahead and still dressed Dane up Saturday to take pictures of him in his costume before it had gotten cold outside. He totally loved wearing the fireman outfit! He was so stinking cute. He wore it for a long time Saturday, and got upset when we tried to take it off of him. Today he has been putting on his hat and wearing it all around. Since we were going to be in town I had to go get candy for the trick or treaters. We had so many this year. Dane didn't get it at first, and thought every time that we opened the front door that he was going to get to go outside. But, then after a couple times he would get so excited when the doorbell would ring. He would open his mouth real wide, then take off running towards the door, and clap and giggle. then he would tell the trick or treaters hi and then bye. It was so cute. We actually enjoyed passing out candy, since Dane was having so much fun with it. We did have to close down shop and turn off all our lights around 8:45 because we ran out of candy. We had a good time at Halloween despite the fact that Dane couldn't really participate. Hopefully, next year Dane will start a new trend and be healthy during Halloween!

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The Jarmons said...

love the lil fireman! he prob had more fun handing out candy :)