Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

We had thanksgiving in Orange this year with my fun, but totally loud and wild family. It is always pretty crazy and chaotic at my grandparents house due to how many people are usually there. We have a huge family, and every year it seems to get even bigger. Usually everyone has staked out their spot pretty early, with the men in the living room watching football, the women in the kitchen, the little kids running from the back of the house to the front, and me along with 2 of my cousins sitting close to the homemade mac & cheese. My grandparents make sure to walk around and tell every single person there how special they are, and drown them with hugs and kisses. It takes hours to prepare all the food, and minutes to consume it. There is always tons of food, with desserts galore! It is always a great time, lots of laughing and picking on each other.

my little family with someone who was refusing to look at the camera

My cousins Lindsay and Haley (the ones who stalk the mac & cheese with me)---we are the 3 favorite grandchildren---well, I am actually the favorite, but I let them think they are favorites too :)

Granny, Poppy & their grandchildren

this paci was stuck in Dane's mouth the whole time we were in Orange...not good

My sweet grandmother, aunt Darla, Cousin Lindsay, Mom, Cousin Haley, Aunt Donna, me & lil man
This was our group shot right before something hysterical happened... wait for it wait for it wait for it...

Kevin was taking pictures of us, and told me that there was a glare from the window so I pulled down the blind and then this happened!!! Kevin caught it too! I guess I took him literally when he said to pull down the blind.

We have a family tradition that us girls do every year on thanksgiving. After every one's food has settled down we head over to the movie theatre to watch a movie. So, Kevin stayed with Dane and Poppy and my mom, 2 aunts and my cousin Lindsay went and saw Blind Side, which happens to be an AWESOME movie!! I def recommend seeing this! Sandra Bullock did really well, and Tim McGraw was in the movie as well! Someone didn't go with us this year...ahem Haley...because someone has a boyfriend! :( just kidding! I love this movie tradition that us girls have!

We had a great thanksgiving this year! So much to be thankful for! Truly blessed for sure!


Christy said...

I want some homemade mac n cheese! :)

Aunt Donna said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhh so it was YOU who caused that!!! LOL!!