Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Totally Terrific Tuesday

Let me just start off by saying we got GREAT news today!!! Figured you may want to know that before reading everything I'm about to write. It is like jumping to the end of a book to find out how the book ends without having to read the whole thing. Ha

I'm not sure how to phrase everything to be honest, because I was so overwhelmed with the good news that my mind seemed to kind of shut down, and not hear all the details. But I will give it a try! This may be all over the place.

Today we met with Dr. Gerow. He is an orthopedic surgeon who has worked at Texas Children's for many years and St Luke's. It is really ironic, but confirming how I chose to go to him. First, a friend from work asked a radiologist that she knew for a "good" orthopedic, and he mentioned Dr Gerow. Then I called my pediatrician to get a referral, and low and behold Dr Gerow's name was given to me. Lastly, a friend of ours who happens to be a physician's assistant at Texas Children's heard that we were in need of an orthopedic Dr and guess what she also suggested Dr. Gerow. Ok so I was sold!

My mom met me this morning so I didn't have to go by myself. She may need to help me fill in the gaps if I miss something. Dr. Gerow looked through all of Dane's x-rays, arthograms and the recent MRI. Basically, he told us what he thought about Dane's hip, what he would have done from the beginning and what he wants to do now. He felt like the hip looked good, and was still in place. He told us that scar tissue is inevitable, and is pretty common with surgeries like Dane had. He said he would absolutely not do surgery to remove the scar tissue when the hip is in place because doing so would cause more avascular necrosis. Avascular necrosis has something to do with the blood supply in the joint, and apparently can cause a lot of problems down the road. He said removing the scar tissue would be detrimental to the hip, and would cause more problems than leaving it in the joint.
Dr. Brock wanted to remove the scar tissue and then re-cast Dane for several months, but could not guarantee that this same thing would;t happen again, and then this whole process would have to be re-peated for a 3rd time. Why would anyone want to do this again, just to find out that 6 months from now the scar tissue is back and you have to start over again. That was my whole problem with what Dr. Brock wanted to do.

Dr. Gerow feels like Dane should have never been in the brace, and should have had physical therapy soon after the removal of the cast. Not having any kind of physical therapy has caused Dane's hip to be very stiff and not have it's full range of motion. This bugs me so bad. I asked Dr. Brock several times about physical therapy, kept bringing up the fact that Dane kept his affected leg straight when bending over, sitting down etc. In the beginning I was told that it was a habit, because Dane's leg was straight for so long in the cast. They could never tell me why Dane wasn't able to move his leg the way he should. As the months went on the scar tissue got thicker, which meant the hip joint grew more stiff. So, Dr. Gerow wants Dane to start physical therapy asap 2 days a week for 6 weeks. And then he wants to evaluate him again, and more than likely will prescribe more therapy. Dr Gerow brought up an interesting fact that I hadn't really thought about before today. He said that Dane's hip will never be "normal". His hip wasn't "normal" before the surgery, so it will never be exactly how it should be. So the goal is to make it as perfect as you can, and try to get it to a point that will cause the least amount of problems years from now..I hope that makes it sense! It totally did when he talked about it. Anyway, long story short..he felt like doing surgery was not an option, and physical therapy would help with the range of motion of his hip. If his hip does move out of the socket, then obviously Dr Gerow feels like he would have to have surgery again to put it back in place. But surgery to remove the scar tissue he thought was a bad idea.

I feel so relived. It was so unsettling to think that he may have to have surgery, do the whole cast thing, and then wait for it to happen again. Now the physical therapy is going to be the tricky part. It is 2 days a week, and has to be the same days each week due to how their schedule works. I am off 2 days during the week, but my days off rotate each week. So, we aren't sure how we are going to figure out how we will do this. Neither one of us can obviously take off 2 days each week for several months. So be praying about that. Its a problem that I am ok with having! ha this beats the cast by far!!

So needless to say my mom and I were so happy!!! We celebrated by having a Mexican lunch and going to Toys R Us to do a little Christmas shopping. Granny was able to check Dane off her Christmas list, and bought him a ball to add to his collection. Every time she sees him he ends up with a new ball! There is a funny story with today's ball. We got to the aisle that had all the balls, and Granny told Dane to pick a ball. There were hundreds of different types of balls. So, Dane finds one and immediately Granny said no. Yeah he picked a Hannah Montana Ball!!! Hilarious! So, we hid that one. Well, the ball that he picked next was not much better, but he would not give this one up! It was a high school musical ball!!!!! AAAAAHHHHH hilarious! We tried showing other ones, and encouraging him to play with others...not going to happen. he had a death grip on this one and wasn't going to give in!! So, we have a high school musical ball!

giving granny kisses

he told me bye, and was totally content with leaving to go with Granny! :)


Noah's Mommy said...

God is awesome! I AM SO HAPPY TO HEAR THAT!

Christy said...

What a totally terrifc tuesday!! :) I am so happy for little dane!! Does this mean that we can see each other again? :)

Jennifer said...

I can't believe I didn't check for this post before now. How awesome that he won't need more surgery!!! You know some people grow scar tissue worse then others. A friend of mine had her second child via c-section just like the first. Her doctor was surprised by all the scar tissue and said a third pregnancy wouldn't be wise and maybe not possible. But then you have Michelle from 18 Kids And Counting whose had three c-sections and is pregnant with #19. I'm guessing even if they did go back in he would just grow the scar tissue back. Thank God this doctor is going to save him another surgery.