Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Weekend in Dallas

So one of the reasons I have been MIA lately is that we went to Dallas this past weekend. This originally was going to be a girls weekend, and we were going to go to our annual Chi Omega Christmas Market. This is a huge market put on our college sorority that has lots of vendors come in to sell really neat stuff, and a lot of the money that is made goes to charities that Chi Omega supports. Well, 2 of us weren't able to make it this year, not saying any names... ahem Zab and Hilley. So, It was just going to be 3 of us this year. Well, this turned into a family affair. Kevin and Dane rode along for the ride.

We started off the weekend with Kevin dropping me off at the market and him going to meet Chad, Tabitha's hubby. I hung out with Tabitha and Ashley and we shopped till we dropped. I got to meet Ashley's newest little man, Grant. He is a little older than a month now, and is so so so precious! I wish I would have taken a picture of us 3 together! But, I forgot :( Many more Christmas markets to come!!

After the market we headed over to the Gaylord Hotel. Every year at Christmas time the hotel has an ice Exhibit. This year was the Grinch stole Christmas theme. It was so so cool. No Pun intended. The whole exhibit was sculpted ice in the shape of the characters, and very colorful. It was freezing!! I believe that it was in the negatives...not exaggerating. Before you walked in we were given parkas to help keep you warm and dry. This was so much fun to go through, and it was totally amazing to see how detailed the ice had been sculpted. Everything was ice!! It was unbelievable! Dane couldn't stand up well in his parka, so he had to be carried most of the way through the exhibit. We had a good time hanging out with Tabitha and Chad. And, the little boys had a blast playing together. Dane and Gage really got along great. It is so much fun to watch them interact together. They are 2 peas in a pod. Best friends already!

We had a great weekend. Dane did awesome on the drive there and back. I think he had fun getting to go on a road trip, and hanging out with his BFF.

Warning... picture overload ahead!!!!

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