Tuesday, December 1, 2009

22 months

Dane turned 22 months yesterday!!!! Which means I need to get on the ball with ordering Dane's dump truck birthday supplies. I have to admit that I am in a little bit of a denial state over the fact that in two months I will have myself a 2 year old!!!crazy!

So what's new with the little man this month??? Hmm. I feel like it is getting tougher and tougher to come up with tidbits. Maybe, because he is doing so much everyday that it all just seems to go together.

Dane is talking a lot!! He repeats or tries to repeat pretty much everything that is said. He has recently started saying thank you, but with a funny twist. After he says thank you he immediately throws his hands in the air and says YEEEAAAA!!! HAHA When he said it for the first time FINALLY, Kevin and I were both so shocked and excited that we celebrated by throwing our hands in the air like he had just scored a touch down and screamed YEEAAA. So, I guess he thinks that is what he is suppose to do when he says thank you now. He cracks me up. Also, he has learned to be sneaky with getting treats. If we give him a cookie or snack he now says two two!! He wants one for each hand! Smart boy! He struggles with the letter G. He usually uses the letter M instead. For example: Granny is MeMe. Grandpa is MawMaw. Dane has also started saying "no don't want". This one can be frustrating when he keeps saying no don't want, and you can't figure out what exactly what he does want. In the past month he has started calling his paci a BUBBA. I'm assuming that someone at his school calls it that. So, anytime that he is looking for it he says where's Bubba with his hands turned over...like Bubba is a person! So funny. Bubba is only welcomed in our home for 2 more months, and then he may get thrown out onto the streets. :)

He has a new favorite show. He loves Handy Manny now, and has to watch it before he goes to bed. He likes to sit right next to you on the couch with his nite nite blanket on top of him. He will even lay his head on your shoulder from time to time, which is just so sweet. This nite nite blanket happens to be a blanket that Kevin received as a gift from the school he attends for his masters program. Dane has gotten attached to it, and calls it nite nite, but only uses it when he is watching tv...or looking at toy magazines. Such a little pawpaw already.

Keeping socks on the little booger is near impossible...If he doesn't have shoes on, then he will not keep his socks on. Which has made it a little difficult at night in this new cold weather. You mainly see him running around with only 1 sock on. He has trouble getting the sock off his left foot(bad leg), because he doesn't bend his knee when he is sitting on his bottom. Hopefully, physical therapy will make that better. One of my favorite new things that Dane has started doing is hugging your legs. He will run to you screaming mommie or daddy and then just wrap himself around your legs, giving you the biggest hug! Love love love it! Something else that is new, that is pretty funny, but makes my heart hurt a little is that Dane spanks his own hand now and says no no. :( He doesn't do it when he is being bad, it is usually when he is being good. We'll say no don't spank, you are being good, and he just laughs and continues to do it. Yes, people Dane has had his fair share of hand spankings already. But, we have found that it DOES NOT work. When we spank his hand, he normally cracks up laughing and runs off. He thinks it is hilarious. I think we may have our hands full, what do you think?

Dane had his 1st ear infection this month. We took him into see the Dr last week for a cough that would not go away, and found out that his left ear had a small infection in it. So he has been getting the "bubble gum" medicine for about a week now, and we go for a follow up this ocming Monday. I would have never guessed ear infection though...no symptoms. I've always heard that ear infections are horrible, but he hasn't seemed to notice it. He weighed 25lbs at the doctor, and is still missing 3-4 teeth. But, healthy in every other way, besides the ear infection.

My picker eater is getting a tad bit better. He will eat pizza now, and are you ready for this one??? He ate meatloaf at school yesterday!!!! First of all...yuck! But, 2nd I wasn't sure I truly believed it, but the teacher said he ate 2 helpings!!! I'm shocked.

22 months going strong!

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