Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas 2009

Christmas morning finally came!! My parents drove in early that morning to see Dane do the Santa thing. They got to our house a little after 8:00, and to their surprise Dane was still asleep!!! I had closed the door to the room that had all the gifts in it just in case Dane woke up before they had gotten there. He is still too little to get the whole Santa thing this year, so he had no idea that he would wake up to lots of new toys. He will next year I bet. While we waited on the little man to wake up I fixed a coffee cake and an egg, cheese and sausage casserole.

I went in the room with the camera ready, and when they opened the door Dane went nuts!!!!! He saw the basketball goal, and immediately screamed with glee and ran and grabbed a ball that was under it and threw it in the basket!! It was the best reaction I could have ever asked for!

He was so excited, and then saw the truck and ran over to it while laughing and showing so much enthuasiam. He was a bit overwhelmed I think with all that was there. He didn't know what to play with first. He would get into the truck, then run to pick up something else. He saw his friend Handy Manny and immediately got excited and picked him up. It was so much fun watching him get so excited about his new toys!

He was all over the truck, climbing inside it, in the bed, under it etc. I think he liked it!!!!! He would get in the truck and want someone to push him. So, Granny did all over the house. She was cracking up because he was waving to pretend people and saying hi. He was having a blast.

Inside his stocking Santa left some fun things too. His favorite were the thomas the train choo choo bath toys. he opened a couple presents, and then it was time to eat breakfast. He did not want to leave his toys, so he played while we ate. He was just so excited, and so over stimulated!! :)

After a couple hours of him playing with what Santa brought we got ready for him to see Granny and Poppy's present to him. We already had it, so Kevin could put it together. So, it was all together in his play room covered up, so he wouldn't see it. Kevin and I went upstairs with the cameras ready, and Poppy brought Dane upstairs. Dane saw it and immediately knew what it was about half way up the stairs and began getting excited and saying CHOO CHOO! They got him a train table/set. There is one at Barnes and Nobles that Kevin takes him to quite often and he loves it, so I thought getting him would be something he could play with for years. Dane must have been pretty good this year to get all this neat stuff. Well, he did go through a lot this past year so he deserved every minute of it. I do have a small confession... as Dane was playing with his toys I realized that Santa maybe went a tad bit over board, so some of the presents he hadn't opened yet, I took and put away for his birthday presents. He didn't know to miss them, so it worked out since his birthday is in a month.

Once Dane was tired out, he went down for a nap and we had a BIG Christmas lunch. Then granny and Poppy went home to have a relaxing christmas evening. We had a great Christmas, and are so lucky to have so many blessings in our life!!

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