Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Cookies

We got back from Orange Christmas Eve evening, and got to work making Christmas cookies to leave for Santa. Dane got his second wind, and decided that he wasn't ready to go to bed quite yet so we let him stay up later than usual. He didn't quite get the whole concept about Christmas this year, and what was going to happen. We let him help us put the cookies on the cookie sheet, but he had no idea that we were making then to leave for Santa and that Santa would be leaving presents. He did understand about opening presents this year, but the whole idea about Santa was like talking to him in a different language. Anyway we were baking fools. Kevin and I had a good time listening to Christmas music, and baking cookies and then decorating the sugar ones. We baked for several hours.

Some things I did learn on this Christmas eve...
1. Santa only needs a couple cookies. Making 9 dozen is a bit overkill. It just seemed like the batter would never end.
2) decorating cookies with gel is a bad idea... icing is the way to go. This was my first time decorating cookies, so I didn't really know. But the gel is gross, sticky, and does not decorate well. Next year icing all the way.
3)having only 1 cookie sheet makes for a long night. we will be investing in a couple more cookie sheets soon.
4) i should keep my day job...baking is not my forte

We left the cookies out for Santa, put Dane to bed and then got the room all set up and ready for Christmas morning! I was excited to see Dane's reaction when he saw his new toys!

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