Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Eve

We spent Christmas eve in Orange as well. My mom always cooks a big Christmas lunch and my sister and family come over so we can eat and do the gift thing. Mom always works so long and hard on the meal, and then we devour it in a matter of minutes. It was good mom! Then the kids open presents, and usually the rest of the day is spent relaxing.

Dane didn't get a nap, and so when it was time to start eating we looked and found Dane had passed out while watching tv. We didn't want to wake him up to move him to the bed, because chances of him staying asleep is slim to none. So, we left him there, and he slept for about an hour and half! Silly Goose!

David got a snuggie this year. It was suppose to be like a joke, but really I knew that secretly he would love it, and use it very often! Also, every year he gets a gift card from Academy. That's all he wants every year, which makes it easy, but also I find a tad bit boring. So, the last few years I have spiced it up with being creative with how he gets the gift card. I usually tend to go with something big that has happened to him in that year. The first year I hid it in a box with a fake snake. He is deathly afraid of snakes, and will nearly kill himself trying to get away from one. So, when I found that out I knew that I had to play a joke on him. Because David is the king of playing jokes. His reaction to the snake was by far so much better than I had thought it was going to be. At first he saw the tail of the snake, and thought it was a belt. And then when he turned the box around and saw the snake head he freaked out!!!!!!! freaked out is a total understatement with what he did! He threw the box up in the air, screaming at the top of his lungs like a little girl, and a few choice words came out as well. HILARIOUS!!! I nearly died. Last year he had a little accident with him falling out of a boat and getting stuck in quick sand, so I used that as his gift card idea. I got a container and had the gift card at the bottom and filled it with sand, and had a little man sitting in it. So, in order to get his gift he had to find it in the sand. On top of the container I had written At the bottom of this sand could have laid a big big man. funny. Then this year I went with him running for judge, so I made a ballot box, and had about 500 cards in it with Peck checked like people had voted. So, he had to find it in the votes!

So, that's how we do it. :)

We ended driving back to Houston Christmas eve night to wait on Santa. We had a gorgeous view driving back!! The sunset was amazing!

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