Saturday, December 26, 2009

Eve of Christmas Eve

We got home from New York on Monday evening and were pretty tired. Tuesday I had to get up early and go to work, and Dane had to go to physical therapy. While we were in New York the medication that Dane had to take for his ear infection caused him to throw up every time that he took it. So, after physical therapy Kevin took Dane back to the doctor to see about getting a different type. Well, we ended up finding out that Dane not only has an ear infection in both ears, but he had a mild case of bronchitis. Basically, he called it a wheezing bronchitis, and prescribed breathing treatments until it gets better. Dane seems to feel fine though, and this isn't slowing him down.

Wednesday, we packed up and headed to Orange for the Ellis side of my family's christmas. It is always pretty crazy when we get together. We had it at my grandparents house, and for the 1st time in several years my grandmother actually had a christmas tree. Well...with the help from my aunt. ha ha
My aunt Darla made gumbo which was delicious!! And everyone just sat around and chit chatted, and of course had lots of laughs. My uncle Dan and David are always going back and forth with each other, constantly playing jokes on one another, and scheming with each other about how they sneak out of family functions. Well, the joke was on David this time. Dan wasn't there yet, so David was getting a little ansy that his partner in crime hadn't come. Well, David started texting him to hurry up and get there. Well Dan was able to sneak in without David seeing him, and everyone knew he was in the kitchen behind David. They texted back and forth, and David would tell everyone what Dan would say, and it just turned into this hilarious shin dig. David was being all cocky, and then lo and behold Dan was there and heard everything. It is really hard to explain now that I'm trying to write about it! HAHAHa But, it was hilarious when Dan finally came around the corner, and David realized he was there! David got supicious when I was taking pictures of him, and at one point asked why I kept taking pictures. Everyone got a great laugh out of it. It made for a great night.
While we were there we decided to interview my grandfather, and video him telling about his life. It was awesome to do this. We learned so much about him as a child, an adult, how he met my grandmother etc. It will be a video that we can cherish for years.
We all had a great time. Dane was in a playful and silly mood and was being the ham of the party. We had fun taking pictures of everyone. We did a grandchild/great grandchild picture which only had about 1/4 of them in it. We had lots of people missing this year. Kevin and Patrick were jealous that they weren't in the grandchild picture so we did a spouse picture as well. haha The pictures of my mom with her sisters and nannaw and pappy cracked me up. We did some real ones then made them do a crazy picture. My pappy looks hilarious is one, and then my nannaw totally made me laugh out loud. She didn't know what to do, so she would just shrug her shoulders and then sigh. It was too funny, so she looks unhappy in it. SHe is just so cute! Anyway, we had a great time celebrating christmas with this side of my family! Lots of memories were made!

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