Monday, December 7, 2009


Ok for all you that have traveled with toddlers before I need your help. We leave next Thursday for our New York trip to visit Kevin's parents. We will be on 2 flights coming and going, and so I need some traveling tips. Dane has flown before when we went to Boston last year, but he was still fairly little and pretty much slept most of the way. I have to say I am very nervous about the flight. We are planning on having Dane ride in his car seat on the plane with the hope that he thinks he is in a car, and won't want to get out. I have been buying a couple new toys...but nothing that I have brings confidence that Dane will be a good traveler and not want to get down off the seat. Any ideas on what to bring that will bring contentment for longer than mere seconds???

We are excited to go to New York, and see "real" snow on the ground, and see Dane's grandpa and grandma. But, just getting there could be a disaster if the planning isn't thought out. So send over some helpful tips!


The Momoh Family said...

I have one,,, slip him a sleeping pill. Perhaps Tylenol PM or something really strong. That's what we're doing with Grace. It's bound to work. JK

Christy said...

Hmmmm, movies/dvd player? books? coloring books? they make these "color wonder" ones- they are markers, but only color on certain paper- perfect for the young ones. food? :) lol!