Sunday, December 6, 2009

Let it Snow Let it Snow Let it Snow

Friday morning we started getting snow flurries here in Cypress around 8:00. I had planned on leaving to go to Orange around 12:00 or 1, but once it started snowing pretty hard I figured I better go ahead and get on the road. I was scared that if I waited to long then the roads would get really slick. By the time I got to Baytown the flurries had turned into a heavy snow fall. The grounds besides the highway were covered in snow, and the cars had a thick layer of snow all over them. I had my windshield wipers on full blast, and had to drive fairly slow due to the snow. It was a great drive though. The snow was beautiful, and really put me in the Christmas spirit. It was really neat to see the snow stick to the ground. I wish that I hadn't been in my car, and was able to get out and take pictures. It was the best drive to Orange that I have ever had!

The orange Christmas parade was scheduled Friday night. My step dad is running for judge in the March election, so he was having to be in the parade. He was going to have his grandchildren and family ride on the enormous float with him. My mom along with several others worked on the float for a couple weeks putting lots of hours and money into getting it perfect. We got all bundled up and ready to walk out the door, when we found out the parade had been rescheduled to Saturday because of the weather. It took us 30 minutes to get everyone ready, so we were not going to just undressed. We headed over to a new Mexican restaurant with my Mom's best friend and family to have dinner. It was very disappointing that the parade had been canceled. But, we decided that Saturday we would stick around another night to be in the parade the next day.

Well, nothing seemed to go as plan... we didn't get to do the parade on Saturday either. Things just weren't lining up the way they needed to. So, anyway we did not ride on a float in the christmas parade, but we did get to see snow though! I couldn't believe that it actually got into the 20's in Orange! I am loving this cold weather! I think I could so see myself living in a state that gets cold weather on a normal basis every year.

It is hard to see the snow in this picture falling from the sky. But, you can see it on the roof, and a little bit on the road.

So, since you aren't going to see pictures of the float campaigning for David let me just say...
If you live in the Little Cypress / Mauriceville / downtown Orange area (Prescient 1) or know someone that does PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Vote for my step dad David Peck for justice of the peace in the March Election!

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The Momoh Family said...

Looks like fun! I am sure Dayne loved to see the snow. I have to blog now every day,,,,, it's what my family looks forward to. Now I have a part time job!!!