Friday, December 25, 2009

New York, New York Part II

Where were we??

Saturday the 19th

Saturday morning started off pretty similar to the day before. We got up and had breakfast, and then headed outside to attempt to play in the snow once again. Dane didn't like the snow anymore than he did the day before, and ONLY wanted to play in the tractor again. He was so cute in the tractor, would laugh and act silly. It may take some more time to get the little man adjusted to playing in the snow. Oh well. We still had fun, and I was camera happy as usual.

Then we headed out for a wine tour of the wineries that are on Keuka Lake. We visited Hunt, Dr. Frank's, Heron Hill, Ravine's and Mac Gregors. Dane did excellent while we were at the wineries. He was not able to get a nap this day, but was in a great mood the whole day. Most of the wineries offered free tastings, and would let you taste up to 5 wines. The views were beautiful from vineyards. We had a good time driving to different wineries, and also the scenery was really neat that we saw in between each one. We stopped for lunch in between at a cute little pub, and although the food took forever to get it was really good. Kevin FINALLY got his hot cider after 4 attempts. We went in a few of the cute shops that were next door to the restaurant. I was on a mission to find a New York christmas ornament, which never happened :( but the shops had some really cute stuff in it. Dane was being such the little ham at the restaurant and flirting with every one he made eye contact with. We ended up with 3 bottles of wine that we bought at the different wineries. Good Stuff.

The tasters

The non-tasters

Just some cute pictures of Dane running around the house being chased by his grandparents, and just having a good ol time...

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Noah's Mommy said...

OMG! That is a lot of pictures! I am glad someone else takes as many pictures as I do! LOL! Looks like a blast! Your family is beautiful!