Friday, December 25, 2009

New York, New York Part III

Continuing on...

Sunday the 20th

Sunday morning we woke up and had our Christmas with Jackie and Barry. We had a big breakfast, and then opened presents. Barry gave Dane a dress up tool set first thing, and so Dane did not want to open any other presents. He loved wearing the tool belt and taking the tools in and out from the belt. He was so cute playing with the all the tools. He is such a boy already. He loves all boy stuff. It was a great gift from Grandpa! Dane loved it. So, we decided since Dane didn't seem interested in the other presents at that time we would just wait and let him open them later on.

Instead of playing in the snow in Kevin's parents yard we decided to go to a near by park, so maybe Dane would enjoy it more. He did seem to have a little more fun at times. He enjoyed sliding down the big slide with one of us, and we did get a few smiles out of him. But, we also got a couple tantrums as well. SIGH. He just didn't care for the snow this time around. I really think it had something to do with him not being able to move freely. Hopefully, once he is a little older he will love the snow as much as Kevin and I do.

We played for a while, and then headed back home to have our Christmas Lunch. It was delicious! Sunday was a relaxing day. After we had lunch we opened up more presents, and then headed down to the main square to go to some fun shops and to see Santa. Santa was in a cute little house, and people traveled from a couple hours away to see this particular Santa. This was the best Santa I have seen. He would sit and chat with the kids for as long as they wanted, sing to them, have them play with different decorations. He did every thing he knew to do to make the kids feel special, and comfortable. So, we waited outside for our turn, and Dane ran around having a good time. Then it was our turn to go in to see Santa. Hmm. I was hoping that since he has been saying HO HO HO for the past month that he would be ok with Santa. HA Um that would be a BIG FAT NEGATIVE!!! We tried putting Dane on his lap and he totally flipped out. He didn't want anything to do with him. So, Santa tried a few other things. Had me sit down by side him. Nope didn't work. Then had both Kevin and I sit by him and have Dane on Kevin's lap. No good. Then Santa said that he would get behind us so that Dane did not see him... TADA!!! We got a picture with Santa... well we ended up in the picture, but oh well! I thought this Santa was just so sweet for trying so hard. He knew that I really wanted a picture!

The boys were tired of me taking their picture, so they decided to be the funny guys that they are...

And some cool pics

After Santa we headed home to open up more presents. Dane was excited this time, and really liked his Curious George stuffed animal that grandma got for him. He is still carrying it around calling it baby, and gets really upset when you try to take it from him. He loves his George. He is in such a cute age right now. He can be so sweet and loving. I think he had a great time in New York!!!

Monday came and it was time to say goodbye and go back to Houston. We had a wonderful time in New York, and it was great to see Kevin's parents. The flight home was a bit rough. Our flight got delayed, and then we had a extended layover in Chicago with a toddler who was in desperate need of a nap. Dane ended up falling during the layover and bumped his head pretty good on the floor. So, we were ready to get home after the traveling experience we had coming home. But, I must say considering how long we were actually on the plane and in airports Dane did really well, and was a good traveler, and did excellent on our trip!! I'm so glad that we were able to go somewhere that had snow...really put you in the Christmas Spirit!

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Aunt Donna said...

WOW!!!!!!!! So you really need to make your NY trip into one of those books to save for Kevin's parents.
I really do love how you've taken to photography and learning all the ins and outs so well.