Friday, December 25, 2009

New York, New York

Warning... This post is going to be long... and there may be an excessive amount of pictures. I may have to make this into several posts because of how much I want to put on here. We did a lot while we were in New York, and I uploaded 685 pictures to our computer from our trip!!! GASP! So... hmm where do I even start??

Lets start here...the night before we left (Wednesday the 16th)------
We ended up having to take Dane to the after hour clinic to get him checked out by a doctor. He had gotten sent home from daycare earlier that day because he was running a low grade fever, and by the time I got home from work he was not feeling well at all. So, we rushed to the doctor with fear that our trip was going to be a bust. The news wasn't great...double ear infection. But, the doctor thought it was still ok to fly. He gave us a prescription for a medication that was a step up from what he had just taken a couple weeks before for his previous ear infection, and also a prescription for Tylenol with codeine in case we needed it for the flight. Next we had to find a pharmacy that was still open at 10:00 at night. We were at the pharmacy forever, but finally got the prescription filled. Needless to say we went to bed very late that night, and had to wake up around 4:30 to leave for the airport.

Ok onto the flight... Thursday the 17th
We had an early flight that Thursday, and left in plenty of time to get there. However, the weather was pretty bad which meant that the people on the roads were going fairly slow. So, we were pushing it already to get to the airport on time. Once we got there and started unloading we realized real quick that we had more stuff than we did hands. It was rough carrying everything, along with Dane. Kevin had the car seat packed pretty high with stuff, while rolling suitcases. I had 2 back packs, camera bag, Dane on one hip, and also rolling a suitcase. It was tough. Well, we get inside and to our surprise it was PACKED!!!!!! I mean people everywhere, and LONG lines everywhere you looked. We got a little scared that we weren't going to make the flight. And on top of that Dane was in a CRANKY CRANKY mood, so that didn't help. As we are standing in line waiting to check in, and drop off our luggage they announced that anyone with children under the age of 2 could go to a much shorter line. Thank YOU Lord Jesus! So, we got out tickets and headed for the security line which was as long as Texas...kid you not, and I look at our boarding pass envelope and we have no boarding passes. We had the luggage claim tickets, but no boarding passes. Are you kidding me??? So, Dane and I stayed in the line, because it seriously wasn't moving and Kevin took off running to the other side of the is a good thing he is a runner, because it was a crucial moment! I'm not exaggerating. This whole catching the flight thing reminded me of the movie Home Alone. While I waited for Kevin my mom happened to call to see if we had left yet. I remember saying to her... Mom you need to pray, we are not going to make this flight (which would mean we would not make our 2nd connecting flight). Well the lady who checked us in noticed we did not have our passes and runs to find us, and so Kevin and her end up meeting in the middle verses him going all the way back to the front... sweet lady!!!

Security oh I hate you. I know that their job is serious and should be taken that way...but come on. Sometimes I think they pick out the wrong people to investigate. I mean a toddler??? And telling them that you are going to miss your flight just makes them want to investigate you even more... they don't have sympathy for parents of toddlers who are completely stressing out that they aren't going to make it. Anyway, we spent an eternity trying to go through the metal detectors and taking off shoes, jackets, opening and closing bags and putting every thing back on. And then it was time to sprint to the gate. And I mean SPRINT!! Mind you we are still carrying a car seat, back packs, camera bags, carry on bags and oh yeah the most important luggage...the little man. Well we got to the gate just in time... Like pretty much when we sat in out seats we felt the plane starting to roll to take off. Dramatic enough for you?

Dane did exceptionally well considering how long we were on the plane. We "thought" we would travel for 3 1/2 hours to Baltimore, and then have a 30 minute layover and catch our connecting flight. Well, about an hour into the flight the pilot comes on the loud speaker and says we will be landing in Jacksonville Mississippi in about 20 minutes...the weather is great and yada yada yada. Confused, Kevin looks at the boarding pass and it doesn't say anything about Mississippi. i have to admit I had a small panic attack thinking that we had just gotten on the wrong plane. So, we called the flight attendant over to find out what the deal was. Surprise! We didn't have just 2 flights we had 3, but we would be on the same plane for 2 of those. It was considered a stop and go where we would land, people would get off and new people would get on and we would just sit on the plane and wait. Well this little adventure took about an hour to do. Dane remained calm, and we were able to keep him entertained during the duration of all the flights. He did not sleep at all while on the plane going to New York. He did good though, and only had a 5 minute period where he was not content in his chair. And the flight didn't seem to bother his ears at all...we didn't have to break out the codeine Tylenol at all on the trip! We finally arrived in Baltimore, and had just enough time to grab lunch and catch the next flight. Dane fell asleep the last 20 minutes of the flight going to Buffalo, New York so when it was time to get off we had to wake him...major meltdown occurred. Luckily an airport worker was driving a golf cart and gave us a ride to the baggage claim since it was obvious we had a lot to carry and was struggling with a mad toddler. Kevin's parents were at the baggage claim to greet us, and then the fun began!!!!

Do you see what is wrong with this picture?? Little man is wide awake...and the big man is out cold!

It took about an hour and a half to get from Buffalo to where Jackie and Barry live in Canandaigua, New York. By the the time we got there every one was exhausted. Jackie cooked us a great meal, and we just sat around and relaxed. They have an old electric train under their Christmas tree that was Kevin's grandfather's. It didn't take long for Dane to see it and fall in love with it! He learned real quick how to turn it on and off, and pretty much wanted to do it every second he got. We had to watch him like a hawk, because it had lots of electrical wires, and he would take the trains off the track, and would cause a short in it. But, he absolutely loved it!! CHOO CHOO CHOO CHOO....that is what we heard the entire time we were there.

Friday the 18th
We started off the day with a home cooked breakfast, and then getting all bundled up to play in the snow. I thought Dane was going to love playing in the snow, but for some reason or another he just wasn't all that into it. I'm not sure if it was because he wasn't able to move as freely in his snow suit and boots, or if it was just too cold, and he was uncomfortable or maybe standing in the snow just didn't feel right to him...not sure. But, Kevin and I loved it!! The weather was awesome, and the snow was so beautiful. At one point it got down to 8 degrees, but the cold weather really didn't bother me too much. As long as my head felt warm I felt fine! So our first attempt in the snow we just walked around, and tried to get Dane to have fun. He mainly wanted to be held or stand in the garage or the areas that didn't have much snow. He had a blast standing on the edge of the garage throwing snow, but when you would put him in the snow he would kind of freak out a little bit. But, then Grandpa came to the rescue and suggested that Dane play inside his tractor. Dane was in heaven for sure! He kept saying trac- tor trac- tor. Grandpa's tractor has a cab on it that is heated, so Dane was all about sitting in it and playing with the steering wheel.

After we played in the snow for a while Kevin, his dad and I got ready to go snow skiing. Jackie stayed home with Dane so we could have some fun by ourselves. It had been a couple years since the last time I went skiing, so I was a little nervous that I would remember how to do it. On the way to the ski resort we stopped at a small hot dog stand that Barry is a huge fan of. It is somewhat of a hole in the wall, but the dog was really good. You had a choice rather you wanted red or white meat, so Barry and I went with what we for sure. But, Kevin was feeling very brave and went with a white dog. He asked the an what kind of meat it was and the guy said he thinks it is pork. haha key word...thinks. Interesting tid bit that we discovered... finding hot cider in New York is near impossible. Kevin wanted hot cider and asked the hot dog man for some, but all they had was cold cider. We thought it was weird considering it was below 20 degrees there. We had several other moments where hot cider was not an option.
Anyway, we skiied the rest of the day. I mastered the ski lift. On my first ski trip experience I had some traumatic experiences with getting off the ski lift. It usually consisted of me nearly breaking my neck and getting all twisted in my skiis, while Kevin yelled at the ski lift guy to stop the lift. So, none of that happened this time. We got Barry to take a picture while getting off the ski lift. I cracked up when I saw the picture because you can tell that I am really concentrating on getting off without falling. Kevin and I had a system. He would sit on my left side, not sure why I liked the right side, but it worked so I stuck with it. And once we got close Kevin would yell at me to LEAN FORWARD, SKIIS UP over over and over until I was standing on the ground. Just a friendly reminder of what I needed to do. Sounds crazy, but I made him do it every time. So, you can see that my skiis are way up!! And his are where they are suppose to be. It may be one of those had to be there moments, but the picture made me smile. I actually did pretty decent while on the slopes. I only managed to fall one time, which happened to be a pretty hard fall. My fall caused Barry to fall when he was helping me get my skiis back on, and then his ski went shooting down a small hill that he ended up having to go get. Pretty funny sight. But, we had a great time on the slopes.
While we were on the ski lift we noticed a tree that had several bras hanging from it. yes you read that right. It was the weirdest thing. It was just one particular tree and it had every color bra decorating it. You will see it in the was hard to get a great picture of it because we were up pretty high. We asked one of the restaurant workers about it, and she didn't have a good reason why people did it other than just tradition. Don't worry I left with my bra still on!! ha
We were worn out once we got home, and pretty much crashed as soon as we laid down. The first full day was an awesome day in New York!! I had a great time, and lots of memories were made!!

Trip post to be continued... See I told you it was going to be long

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